Skin Deep Chapters


Chapter One



S1E1 - awkward date 5
“Wow… that film, was.. interesting…” Simon was saying, Kim however was keen to call the end of their date.
“Um, yeah,” Kim replied, checking her watch, it was almost 7pm, and Kye had said he’d be arriving around half past… she’d have to hurry In order to get home in time, that’s if she ever got away from simple Simon…
“Vampires, pah!” Simon went on, “and werewolves? Seriously? Who believes in that crap?”
Kim couldn’t be bothered to argue the point, this date was over.
“Well,” she shrugged, trying her best to be pleasant, “I guess that’s that!”

S1E1 - awkward date 2

“Huh?” Simon looked puzzled, “You’re leaving?”
Kim smiled and shrugged, “Yep, but thanks! It’s been fun…”
Simon beamed at her, oblivious to her lack of enthusiasm. “It has, hasn’t it? I’ve never been able to open up like this with anyone! You’re such a good listener!”
Kim swallowed and fought back the urge to roll her eyes. I’m a good listener because I can’t get a word in edge ways… she thought, but instead of speaking her mind she just smiled sweetly. Yet another fail date. Where was her happy ending?!

S1E1 - awkward date 3
Sure, Simon was nice to look at, but he’d spent the entire date banging on about conspiracy theories and his lack of interest in anything remotely different. He’d told her straight away how normal she looked, and how he liked that- somehow it had come off as more of an insult than a compliment.
Was he still talking? He was still talking!!
Kim cleared her throat audibly.
“So, anyways, like I said,” she interrupted him, “I have to go, but this has been good, so thanks…”
“No, thank you!” Simon said enthusiastically and he leaned in… to kiss her? Crap!
Kim smiled and moved away from her over-eager date, turning their ‘kiss’ into an awkward hug.

S1E1 - awkward date 1

Simon stepped away looking a little disappointed and Kim started to back off.
“I’ll definitely call you..” he smiled. Please don’t.
“Great!” Kim said, “Really…great!” and with that she turned on her heel.
“Kim! Kimberley!”
Turning around and cringing, Kim managed to turn her grimace into a smile at just the right moment. “I haven’t got your number!” Simon shouted across the street.
A few shoppers turned to look.
“I’ll text you!” Kim called back across the street, and Simon gave her the thumbs up, walking backwards and narrowly missing falling over an old lady walking her Yorkshire Terrier.
Kim resisted the urge to laugh, doofus she thought.
Checking her watch again, Kim was startled to see it was now 7:20, and with a 15 minute journey home there was every chance her new housemate would be there before she was. “Crap!” she cursed, walking quickly to her car and unlocking it.
Starting the engine and reversing into the street, a few drivers beeped at her for pulling out without checking her mirrors.
“Dang, sorry!” she waved her hand by way of apology, checking her back mirror to make sure it wasn’t anyone she recognised.

S1E1 - streetwise

Just as she turned back to focus on the road, she saw a muscular man step out into the road and she slammed on the brakes to avoid knocking him down.
“Jesus!” she cursed, beeping her horn, she scowled at him and yelled, “Look out, jackass!”
S1E1 - streetwise2

Shaking her head, at her terrible day, Kim arrived home and was pleased to see there was no one waiting for her.
Removing her jacket and slinging her keys onto the kitchen worktop she flicked on the expresso machine, a hot drink would be exactly what her new housemate would need after 2 days travelling.
S1E1 - Polly put the kettle on2

Looking at the clock again, it was now 7:50. Kye sure was late…
Jittery, Kim checked the machine… it seemed to be taking forever…
S1E1 - Polly put the kettle on
ugh I’m nervous, she thought, tapping her foot on the kitchen tiles. Kim took a deep breath as the cup in front of her was filled with hot steaming liquid.
it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine it’ll be- crap!
The noise of a car engine being shut off alerted Kim to her new housemate’s presence.
Pulling down her dress and smoothing her skirt she approached the front door and after taking a deep breath, she opened It to greet her new roomie.
“Hiiiiiieyyyy…” she smiled, but her smile soon faltered and her greeting tapered off as she recognised the man stood on her doorstep.
How had he found her? It was the man she’d nearly knocked down with her car! What was he doing here?!!
S1E1 - Meetings
“Kim?” he asked.
Kim looked around her uneasily. “Who wants to know?” she asked, narrowing her green eyes suspiciously.
“Erm…” the man looked a little uncomfortable. Good! Kim thought, “My name’s Kye…” he said, “Kye Fugly,,, I’m sharing the house with Kim Carbelle?”
Kim blushed. Oh crap.
“Ooooh,” she tried to sound casual, “Erm.. that would be me. Kim, I mean, Kim. I am Kim.” Wow, smooth. I really didn’t imagine you to be this hot… she thought, and now here I am making a complete and utter idiot out of myself.
“Nice to meet you, roomie!” and, for reasons unknown to even herself, Kim did something completely uncalled for. Kim Carbelle hugged a complete stranger.
S1E1 - Awkward hug
Kim felt Kye’s whole body stiffen as she hugged him… and even as she did it she could have cried. What am I doing!? She thought, Ok, that’s enough hugging… let go. Let go… LET GO!!
Kim released him and blushed again. What on earth had gotten into her?! Nerves were making her insane, and inappropriate, and insanely inappropriate, and inappropriately insane! Yes, you get the idea.
S1E1 - Did you run me over
“Ok,” Kye said, looking very uncomfortable, “So, can I come in?”
Blushing an even darker shade of red, Kim stepped to one side. “Um… sorry, of course…” and Kye brushed past her and into the house.
Stupid girl, stupid stupid girl!
“I made some coffee…” Kim said, gesturing to the kitchen.
“Oh, thanks, but I’m pretty beat…” Kye stretched.
Why do my legs feel like they’re about to give way? Kim thought, “Ok, well I’ll show you your room then?”
Kye nodded, “That sounds great.”
Heading upstairs, all Kim could think about was the fact that his eyes were probably all over her ass. This would be OK if it wasn’t for the fact that she’d eaten half a pizza today, and a Chinese yesterday, and an Indian the day before. These facts all made her incredibly conscious that her ass was probably a lot larger than it should be.
As they approached the bedroom door, she stopped with her hand on the door handle.
“Ok, so please don’t judge too harshly,” she said, “this is my mom’s house and although I managed to paint the walls I didn’t get chance to replace the carpet, so it’s a bit… grim.”
And with that she opened the door.

S1E1 - bedroom

“Wow,” Kye stepped into the room, “This is lovely!” he said.
Kim smiled, glad to see he was happy.
“The carpet’s fine!” he chuckled.
“It’s just old… that’s all…” Kim shrugged.
“It’s great, thanks.”
Kim smiled and Kye stretched.

S1E1 - Tired

“So…erm,” he looked around him.
What does he want? Kim thought, I offered him coffee! What more does he need?
Kim starred into his gorgeous blue eyes, waiting for some kind of sign as to what he needed when it dawned on her, “oh!” she laughed nervously, “You’re tired!” she edged towards the door, “Sorry, I’ll just…” she gestured to the exit, “I’ll just….” And as she shut the door behind her, she sighed and said “Go.”Dumbass.


One thought on “One

  1. Aww it was adorable how awkward she was around him, granted he is cute, and I can imagine how unnerving it would be to have a hot new roommate. I’d always be worried about what I looked like. HAHA. I just caught up with your other story and figured I get started on this one too. Loving it so far!!

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