Skin Deep

Skin Deep Title 2.1


Here you’ll find my Sims 3 stories, starting with a series I’ve made called ‘Skin Deep.’
Although I don’t intent to include too much bad language, sex and violence in my stories, I really can’t promise anything… so be aware!!

OK, this blog contains some bad language. And a bit of sex. Sorry about that. 😉

Kymani Fugly was born in game when I was playing the ‘Dilute the Ugly Gene’ challenge. Suffice to say I managed it and have decided to use Kye as one of my main characters. (Hence the surname Fugly – original I know)

Kimberley Carbelle has lived in Anne Arbor all her life, she wants nothing more than to find a man who will look after her and be her knight in shining armor, but with her past constantly taunting her and her obvious need for affection, will she ever find her hero?

Kymani Fugly’s family are well known in Sunset Valley – Kye is sick of being the constant talk of the town and decides to leave for Anne Arbor, where he shares a house with Kim whilst he’s saving to travel, but will he ever leave or will something cause him to stay in Anne Arbor, giving up his hopes and dreams?

Watch this space!!


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