Skin Deep Chapters


Chapter Two

After Kye had gone to bed, it wasn’t long before Kim decided to call it a day too.
Sunday morning came with bright blue skies and a warm summer sun, a little after 8:30am, Kim emerged from her room.
Listening at the bathroom door and satisfied there were no sounds coming from within, she stripped and entered the shower cubicle, letting the hot jets of water wash over her, eager to get on with the day, and eager to get to know her new house guest better.
Pancakes, she thought, I’ll cook him pancakes… that’ll be nice. Make up for my awkwardness yesterday. Yeah, I’ll do that… after 10 more minutes of washing and rinsing, she emerged from the shower and groped around blindly for her towel.
Drying herself off and stepping into her underwear, she wasn’t aware of the bathroom door squeaking open until it was too late.
“Argh!” she squealed, seeing Kye stood there, looking absolutely mortified.
“Crap! Sorry!” He said, backing away, “I’m really… sorry!” and he left the bathroom, leaving Kim stood there feeling exposed and embarrassed.


“Are you home?” Kim asked, slipping on her shoes quickly after getting dressed.
“Erm, yeah, what’s up?” Lilly-May asked.
Lilly-May, Kim’s oldest friend and constant source of advice had to hear about Kim’s embarrassing 24 hours.
“I’m coming over!” Kim said, still reeling from the morning’s events.

Kim entered her best friend’s house and promptly slumped into the nearest chair.
“Whoa,” Lily said, “What in the world is wrong with you?”
Rubbing her face, Kim groaned.
“Bad date?” Lily tried.
“I wish,” Kim muttered, “Can I have a coffee? A strong one?”
Nodding, Lily waved her friend through to the kitchen.
Various children’s toys littered the floor and Lily picked them up as they walked through the house. Kim passed her a headless Barble doll – “This past 24 hours…” Kim said as Lily took the toy from her, “Has been awful…”
“Uh huh,” Lily nodded and flicked on the kettle.
“Where do I start?” Kim sighed.
“How about with your date? How did that go?” Lily asked, leaning up against the kitchen counter.
“Oh, god…” Kim had clean forgotten about Simple Simon.
“It was awful,” she said, “He was some kind of sceptic or something… all he talked about the entire way through the movie was how vampire’s and werewolves were a load of rubbish… we were watching Twilight!”
Lily-May laughed, “So you neglected to tell him about your love of fantasy and all things otherworldly?”
Kim nodded, “Never again…” she said, “Worse still is that he thinks the date was fantastic and he wanted to see me again, luckily he doesn’t have my number.”
“Well, that’s something…”
Lily poured their drinks.
“Ugh,” said Kim, “And at the end there was this awful half’ kiss, half hug thing going on…”
Lily laughed again, “Only you, my friend, only you.”


Kim recalled yesterday’s meeting with Kye, and the awkward hug of her own.
“That’s not the worst of it, Kye arrived…” she said.
“Oooh!” Lily said, clearly excited, “What’s he like?”
“Absolutely gorgeous,” Kim replied, taking a sip of her coffee.
“So what’s the problem? Here’s your prince charming, ready to sweep you off your feet…”
Kim scowled at her best friend who nearly always mocked her for her want of a man to come along and save her from life and all its trials and tribulations.
“The problem…” Kim started, “The problem is that I almost ran him down with my car…”
Lily chuckled, “Excellent start!”
“And then, when he came to my house I thought he’d come to start on me because I nearly ran him over… so I acted weird… and shifty…”
Lily was still laughing.
“…and then! Then… I HUGGED him!! ME! Hugged a complete stranger! It was meant to be a welcome hug, but I was nervous and thought about it too much and hugged him for too long!”
Lily snorted. “Wow.”

“That’s not the worst of it… he doesn’t know it was me who nearly ran him down, which is good, but then this morning he… he saw me naked!”
Lily almost choked on her coffee, “What?!”
Kim rubbed her brow, “I forgot to get a lock on the bathroom door… he walked in on me getting out of the shower…”
“Well, not quite, I had my undies on… still, I am beyond mortified, how am I supposed to remedy this?”
Lily took a large gulp of coffee, swallowing, she sighed.
“Well hun, he’s probably more gutted than you…”
“In what sense?!”
“In the sense that he’s just moved here, he travelled 2 days to get to your house, and in less than 24 hours he’s almost been mowed down, inappropriately touched, and now he ‘s seen you semi-naked and dripping wet. Way-to-go my friend,” and she winked.
“Ugh…” Kim sighed, “Why me? Really?”
“Listen, you can make it all right, he hasn’t mentioned the whole car thing, so don’t worry about it, the hug, well, he was probably so exhausted that he’s forgotten about it…”
“And the seeing me naked thing?”
“Well, that’s not something he’ll forget in a hurry… not with your curves…” and Lily winked as Kim slapped her playfully on the arm.
“Just ask him out, break the ice, have a few drinks…”
“Ask him out?! That’s your answer?!”

Lily took another sip of her coffee.
“I don’t mean ‘ask him out’ like a date, I mean go out, tonight, take him out on the town, talk, drink, it’ll break the ice and you’ll get to know him better.”
“You think?”
“I know, and don’t worry so much, he’s probably not thinking about this half as much as you are.”
Kim wasn’t so sure.

Leaving Lily’s and feeling a lot brighter, Kim headed home.
Kye was in the living room when she arrived watching the game.
“Hi,” she said nervously and feeling utterly ridiculous.
“Hey hey,” he raised his beer to her, he seemed relaxed which was more than she could say for herself.
“Do you want another one?” Kim asked, pointing at the almost empty bottle in his hand.
“I can get it,” Kye replied, getting up.
Kim approached the mini bar anyway and grabbed herself a beer, getting one for Kye in the process. As she turned to give it to him she was shocked to find him stood behind her.
“Oh!” she said in surprise, “Sorry, here you go…”
“Thanks,” he said, clinking his bottle with hers.

Now or never, Kim thought.
“So,” she said, “Do you have plans tonight?”
“Oh yeah,” Kye said, “I’m going out, going swimming… might catch a movie…”
Kim felt her eyes widen in surprise.
“I’m joking,” he said, “I just got here, of course I don’t have plans.”
“Oh,” Kim said, angry with herself, “Funny… Well I was thinking we could go out? You and I? Have a few drinks?”
“Oh, sweet, yeah, that sounds brilliant,” Kye replied.



Kim checked her reflection in the mirror one last time before heading downstairs.
It was 8:45 and they’d planned to get to the club for 9ish.
Holding her white clutch bag close to her chest she peered down the hall for Kye who soon emerged from the kitchen,
“You ready to – whoa-“ he paused as he saw her, “You look…nice…”
Kim blushed, knowing he’d meant gorgeous but was too shy to say it.
“Thanks,” she smiled.


“I feel way, way under dressed,” Kye laughed, dragging his hand through his red hair.
“Don’t worry, you look great,” Kim smiled, “Shall we get going?”
Kye nodded and followed her out of the house.

Club Level 5 was the hottest place to be, and after a few drinks and a few shots, Kye and Kim were really starting to hit it off and began dancing.
A little tipsy at this stage, Kim was feeling a lot more confident in the company of her attractive companion, and she was aware that he couldn’t take his eyes of her, even though she did feel a little chubby in her dress compared to the other girls who were there.

“So how long have you lived here?” Kye called over the thumping beat of the music.
“All my life,” Kim replied, turning in time to the music, “It’s a lovely place.”
“Yeah,” Kye replied, “It really is, I can’t thank you enough for taking me in, you’re fantastic.”
Kim smiled, she knew he was drunk. “Thank you,” she giggled, and added “This is just the start of it!” with a wink. You go girl!
Kye smiled, “Oh yeah?” he said, leaning in close to her so she could see into his bright blue eyes. Kim laughed, “Another drink?” she asked.
Kye nodded and Kim walked over to the bar.
“Same again?” The mixologist asked.
Kim nodded and watched as he poured their drinks.
This is going wellll! She thought to herself, turning to face the room, a girl was talking to Kye, which was hardly surprising as he was the hottest guy in the place. Kim watched her talking animatedly to him and Kye was laughing at something she said and then looked up and pointed to Kim.
Looking up, the girl took in Kim’s appearance and grimaced, before shrugging and walking away. Kim chose to ignore her.
“Seems you’re quite the ladies man,” Kim said after getting their drinks and passing Kye his.
“Do you blame them?” Kye replied with a wink, and then laughing, “I’m just kidding,” he said.
Kim laughed and they began dancing again.
“Fankshh so much for tonightsh,” Kye said as they left the club, “I’ve reallysh enjoyed myself…”
Kim giggled as they staggered out of the club and into the dawn. It had to be a little after 4am, and the sun was just about to show itself. This was one of the only times Kim was thankful to be out of work.
Propping each other up they approached the taxi rank and practically fell into one of the stationary vehicles.
“Where to?” the taxi driver asked.
“HOME!” Kye yelled and then burst into fits of hysterics.
Kim giggled and gave the driver her address. Tonight had been the best night she’d had in a long time, and it had been just what she needed, Kye was excellent company and she was glad that Lily-May had suggested this idea.
Glancing up, Kim was aware of Kye watching her with those gorgeous eyes of his, she smiled shyly and he held her hand which sent shivers scattering all over her body, how was he doing this to her?
As the taxi pulled up outside their house, she paid the driver and they entered together.
“Wow I’m drunk,” Kye chuckled, practically falling through the door, Kim grabbed his arms to steady him.
“Me too,” she said and laughed.
“I mean it, Kim,” Kye said, “Thank you so much for tonight, last night? Today? I have no idea what time it is…”
“That’s OK,” Kim replied, smiling, “What are friends for?”
“Come ‘ere,” Kye hiccupped and pulled her close.
“I really didn’t think you’d be this cool, especiallysh after you tried to kill me with your carsh…”
Kim laughed, “Ah, so you knew that was me?”
“I know everythingsh…” Kye replied, almost taking out his eye with a misguided finger.
“Is that so?”
Kye nodded.
“You’re really very beautiful,” Kye said, without slurring for once, which almost made Kim feel he really meant it.
Kim looked at her feet and then met his gaze, “Thank you,” she said.

Kye smiled, and Kim suddenly felt awkward.
“Ima—I’m gonna go to the little boys room,” Kye said, and he poked her roughly on the shoulder, “But how about a night cap before… bed.”
“Oh!” Kim gasped in surprise, “That sounds great,” she managed.
Leaving Kye to it, she entered the living room and looked over her drinks cabinet for something to finish off their pleasant evening.

Tonight has been the beeeest! Kim sang in her head as she reached up for some cherry brandy and grabbed a couple of glasses.
I like him… I really, really, really like him… he’s so fine, and friendly, and utterly gorgeous… I’m going to tell him… I honestly am. Right now. Well, in a minute…
Pouring the dark liquid she then took a small sip of her drink and checked her reflection in the mirror.
I suppose I do look good… she thought to herself, checking her teeth and then rearranging her fringe, I’ll tell him, and then we’ll kiss! Oh my god, I’m going to kiss a gorgeous man!
Kye was taking a long time… she hoped he hadn’t passed out…
With that he appeared in the doorway, but his whole demeanour seemed different.
“What took you so long?” Kim asked, passing him his drink.
“I have to go,” he said, seriously.
Kim giggled, “Shh! Nutter! Drink!” she said, trying to pass him the drink again but sloshing it onto her arm.
He ignored her, “It’s my mum,” he said, “She’s really sick…”
Was he… he was… serious? “Oh my god…” Kim said, suddenly sober.
“I’m sorry,” Kye said, “I have to go, I’ve ordered a taxi…”
There was a beep outside and then Kim noticed his suitcase by the door. He was really going? Was this even real? Kim resisted the urge to pinch herself.
“Ok, well, erm… you’d better..” she gestured towards the door. It seemed strange to think that only moments ago they’d been holding each other in the hallway, and now this different person stood in front of her, no flirting in sight.
Without a backward glance, Kye left the house, and as she heard the taxi pull away, Kim placed their discarded drinks on the kitchen work top.
What was going on? Will he be back? Did I say something wrong?
Frowning, Kim went upstairs, but I like him, I really like him. How can I like him already? And now he’s gone? Without a care? He’s just gone?! Sinking to the floor Kim looked around her room and listened. Silence. Kimberley Carbelle, alone, again.
Feeling foolish for believing that things could look up for her for a change, Kim pulled her knees into her chest and cried quietly, and there she was thinking her luck had finally changed…


4 thoughts on “Two

  1. This is awesome so far! Kim is so adorable, but I have a bad feeling about Kye. I hope im wrong. I mean he is nice don’t get me wrong, but I think that something is going to happen between them and its not going to be good…hopefully im wrong, I like happy endings. LOL. Thanks for the link to the iphonetextgenerator. I made one in my story but had to make it myself and it didn’t turn out that well. HAHA.

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