Skin Deep Chapters


Chapter Three

Just a short one this time – this chapter and the ones that follow all ended up being longer than I anticipated so I’ve had to break them up a little. (also my other half just arrived home so I have to get tea on  (;´・`)>


“I just can’t believe he’s gone, it’s honestly like he was never here…” Kim sighed.
It was the following day after Kye’s departure from Anne Arbor, and there had been no news from him.
“So you don’t know if he’ll be back?” Lily asked who had come around on Kim’s request, bearing fish and chips to help cure her best friend’s hangover.
Kim shook her head, but soon wished she hadn’t, the feeling of queasiness was back due to her alcohol intake from the previous evening.
“He’ll be in touch, don’t worry…” Lily said reassuringly.


“Ugh, that’s enough chat about me, what’s going on with you? How are the twins?” Kim asked.
“Oh, fine,” Lily said, beaming, “Playschool today, thank god. I love the little beggars, but my they do take some looking after…”
Lily-May’s twin boys, Declan and Dylan certainly were handfuls, Lil’s oldest child, Molly was 11, and the twins were coming up for 2. Definitely well into their terrible-two’s, the toddlers didn’t let a day go by without causing their single mother some sort of grief.
Lil’s ex partner, Adam was no longer on the scene; he didn’t have a lot to do with the twins but did take Molly every other weekend.
“Heard anything from Adam?” Kim asked, sipping her drink.
“Pah! Are you kidding?” Lily asked, “Of course not, he just appears every other weekend like clockwork… I have no idea what he’s doing these days, he parks outside in his car and waits for Molly. Last time I didn’t realise he was there and I think he was waiting for about an hour whilst we all watched Toy Story – he didn’t even bother coming to the door, he just sat there brooding… still, probably for the best…”
Kim nodded; half wishing she hadn’t brought up her best friend’s ex. “Well, he always was a weirdo…”
“You’re telling me!”


Kim’s mobile, situated on the coffee table suddenly vibrated into life.
Jumping up so quickly she kicked the table leg, spilling her coffee, Kim grabbed the phone.
“Argh, it’s a number I don’t recognise!” she squealed.
“So answer it already!” Lily said.


”Hello? Hello?” Kim said quickly.
“Hello, Kim?” a man’s voice.
“Yes, Kye? Kye are you OK?”
“Erm… no… not Kye… this is Simon?”
“Simon…” Kim wracked her brain… Simple Simon?! From her fail date? How had he got her number?!
“Yeah, hi, I hope you don’t mind, I got your number off Count on Cupid? The dating site?”
Ah crap.. Kim thought, I hadn’t thought of that.
“Oh, yeah! Hi!” she tried to sound pleased to hear from him, whilst rolling her eyes at Lily who was giggling on the sofa. The last thing Kim wanted was to talk to Simon when her head felt like It had been run over by a steam roller.
“So,” Simon said, “I was thinking, I really enjoyed our date the other day…”
He paused, waiting for her response.
“Oh, yeah,” she said finally, “Me too…”
“Great!” Simon said enthusiastically, “Because I was thinking we could do it again sometime soon?”
Kim eyed Lily, who smiled and shrugged at her. “Wow… er. Yeah, that’d be great!” Kim tried to fake her keenness, not feeling too confident it was working as Lily started giggling again.
Simon, however, failed to notice.
“Really? I mean… Great!” he sounded genuinely happy, “How does tomorrow sound?”
Kim frowned. Tomorrow sounded terrible. Kye could be back tomorrow.
“I can’t do tomorrow,” she said…
“Ok, Thursday is good for me? Or Friday? I can do Friday?”
“Erm… I’m sorry I think I have plans then too…”
“Oh…” and now he sounded disappointed, and Kim was starting to feel a little guilty.
“Listen,” Kim said, “Can I get back to you?”
“I’m sorry, I’m just so busy at the moment….”
“It’s OK,” Simon said sadly, “I’ll hopefully speak to you soon then?”
“Yes, definitely…”
“OK, bye then…”
As she hung up, Kim groaned. “Ughh! I feel terrible!”


“Don’t,” Lily said, “He’ll get over it, its better this way then leading him on…”
“I know,” Kim put the phone on her coffee table once more. “It’s just that I still am kinda leading him on… I mean, how can I go on a date with him when all I can think about is going out with Kye?”
“You really have got it bad, haven’t you?”
“Ugh, no,” Kim sighed, “Not really, he’s just the first guy in a long time that I’ve liked from the word go… and Simon, well he’s not really anything by comparison…”
“Well, just stall for a few days,” Lily said, “and if you hear nothing from Kye then go on another date with Simon, what’s the worst that can happen?”
Suddenly there was the sound of a phone rumbling into life, this time it was Lily’s.
“Hello?” she said as she answered it, “Yes, this is she?”
A pause. “He did what?! Ugh, I’ll be right there…” and she hung up.
“A sorry sweet, Declan poured green paint over another kids head and is calling him Shrek; I have to go to the playschool…”
Kim laughed, “Gotta love those kids!”


Kim pulled her best friend into a hug, “Thanks for today,” she said, “What would I do without you?”
Lily laughed, “Just doing my job,” she said.


Kim spent the rest of the day tidying her house, and reading. Trying to find anything to take her mind off Kye, but still he kept creeping in, her subconscious taunting her with images of his smile, his eyes and his presence in her now empty home.
As the day gave way to night, Kimberley Carbelle did something she hadn’t done in a long time; she went outside and stood on her front lawn starring at the stars.
“I miss you…” she said into the warm summer night. The stars twinkled at her, winking in and out from under the wispy purple clouds.


“It’s been 2 years,” she whispered, “and I’m still no further on…” A warm breeze made her fringe flutter and a wind chime clinked into life, its spasmodic tones floating eerily away into the night.
“Give me a sign,” she asked the night’s air. “Please, give me a sign…”


Kim felt hot tears fill her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.
Standing still for a long time, she listened to nothing but the chimes tinkling together and the warm summer wind rustling the leaves, she willed for something to happen, something to let her know that she was on the right track.
After a while, sure that nothing was going to occur, Kim turned on her heel and headed for the house, when her phone started to vibrate.
Hardly daring to hope, Kim studied the number on caller id. It was another number she didn’t recognise, but it was local – not Kye.


“Hello?” she said
“Hello? Kimberley?” A man’s voice, “Kimberley Carbelle?”
“Hi there, this is Antony Bowen, from Elite Insurance…”
Ugh, call centre.
“Sorry, this isn’t a good time…”
“Oh, OK… I’m sorry to disturb you, but I won’t keep you long…”
Kim resisted the urge to hang up, “Ok…”
“We’ve received your C.V; you applied for a job with us on our help desk?”
Kim thought back, of course she had! It had been such a long time ago she’d forgotten… and she’d applied for so many jobs recently she’d forgotten where she’d applied to…
“Oh yes!” she said, “Sorry! Of course!”
“Well we’ve read through your personal criteria, and I have to say, we were impressed! We’d love to see you in person, if you’re still interested?”
“Oh, definitely!” Kim smiled.
“Great! I know it’s short notice, but does tomorrow sound OK to you? 3pm?”
“Sounds perfect,” Kim said.
“Excellent, we’ll see you then, then!”


After hanging up, Kim looked up to the sky once more and smiled at the moon – “Thanks Mum,” she whispered, before heading back inside.


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