Skin Deep Chapters



Chapter Four


S2E2 - Interview Arrival

Despite wishing with every fibre of her being that Kye would get in touch, Kim heard absolutely nothing, and spent Tuesday torn between worrying about her pending job interview and pining for her room-mate.
Arriving at Elite Insurance, Kim approached the reception desk. The building was large and modern, it had a strange clinical-like feel to it.
“Hi,” she said, approaching the desk and telling herself she was confident and self assured, when in fact she felt completely the opposite.
“Can I help you?” the girl on reception asked, she was less than friendly.
Taken back, not expecting to be spoken to so abruptly, Kim felt her nerves rising.
“Erm… yes, well, I hope so,” she laughed nervously. “I have an interview today.”
The brunette behind the desk raised her eyebrows as though to say, ‘And?’
“My name’s Kim Carbelle, I think my interview is with Antony Bowen?”
The girl turned to her computer terminal and started typing quickly.
“Wait upstairs please.”
“Oh, Ok,” Kim said, “Thanks…” For nothing! What a miserable cow!
Turning to her right, Kim saw two elevators and approached them, her stomach churning. ‘Wait upstairs’ meant nothing to her, there were at least 3 floors to this building not including the floor she was on… as the elevator doors opened, she entered and pressed the button to the first floor.
Once the doors pinged open once more, she was greeted with the hustle and bustle of a busy business office.
Loud chatter reached her ears and phones rang from every corner of the room. Filing cabinets were opened and closed, somewhere near by a printer was reeling off sheet after sheet of paper… and Kim had no idea where to go, she slipped off her glasses and hid them in her purse – they were only for show and she suddenly felt extremely silly wearing them.
A tall, slender oriental woman approached her, she didn’t smile.
“Can I help you?” she asked, with the same abrupt tone as the receptionist downstairs.
“Kim Carbelle,” Kim said confidently and offered her hand, which the woman ignored, “I’m here for an interview?”
The woman eyed Kim’s outstretched hand with a look of contempt and said, “Sit,” whilst gesturing to a chair, and walked away.
S2E2 - Epic InsuranceWow, friendly bunch… Kim thought, trying to decided whether or not this interview was worth the hassle if these were to be her colleagues at the end of it.
“Kim?” – she hadn’t noticed a man approach her.
“Yes?” she said, unsure as to whether she should get up or not.
S2E2 - Future Boss“Hi, I’m Antony, we spoke on the phone?”
“Oh, hello!” Kim said brightly, getting to her feet.
He took her hand and smiled, finally someone normal!
“You found us OK then? That’s good,” he said, beaming at her, making her feel relaxed. “Gorgeous weather, isn’t it? Would you like to follow me?” he gestured for her to walk with him. “Sure,” Kim replied and they walked towards his office.
S2E2 - Future boss 2“Please, take a seat,” Antony said, as the glass door closed softly behind him.
Kim sat on the leather sofa in front of Antony’s desk; she grimaced as the material squeaked under her bottom.
Antony seemed lovely, he asked her about her family, her background and then went on to ask her what she knew about the company, the whole time making her feel less like this was an interview, and more like it was a catch up with an old friend.

S2E2 - Interview time
“So, I think we have enough information… I’m going to be honest with you, Kim… we’re pretty desperate here… we’ve been looking for someone for months and have had to resort to temporary agency staff to fill our slots… I’d love to offer you the job but I have to speak to my business partner, Wang first…”
Kim felt the butterflies she’d managed to suppress returning, but this time she was excited. “Oh, wow, great!” she beamed, “and of course…”

S2E2 - The job is yoursAntony showed her back to her seat in the office, and he spoke to the oriental woman for a few moments before taking her into his office.
Great, Kim thought, she’s Wang? His business partner?

S2E2 - Interview discussionThey seemed to talk forever, and Kim was aware of things in the office quieting down. Most of the staff members had left and it was growing dark outside, how long had she been here?!
S2E2 - Did I get it As if to announce its objection, Kim’s stomach growled loudly almost as though it was telling her to hurry up.
Wang was stood in front of Antony, eying him with a reproachful expression, and Antony was gesturing as though trying to emphasise a point. This did not look good.
The more Kim watched them, the more she convinced herself this was a no go.
Kim bent down and started rummaging in her handbag for her phone, maybe Kye had messaged her? Pressing a button so the screen lit up, she was disappointed to find she had no texts.
“Kim,” Antony said, they had finished their discussion.

S2E2 - Its yours

Kim stood up, “Yes?”
“We’d love to welcome you to Elite Insurance, that’s if you’re willing to accept the job?”
“Oh wow!” Kim could have cheered, “I’d love to!” she exclaimed.
“Excellent! Can you start next Monday?”
Kim nodded, “I can.”
Antony offered his hand and Kim shook it. The deal was made.
After going over her job description and signing some paperwork, Kim was ready to leave. It had been a long day and she was tired, but happy.
After using the restroom, she dried her hands and decided it was time to go home and curl up with some hot chocolate and an episode of Sex and the City, smiling to herself she left the toilets and gasped when she walked straight into someone.
“ooft…” came a groan from whoever it was.
“Oh! God–sorry!” Kim said, flustered and grabbing her handbag which had fallen to the floor.
“That’s OK,” came a man’s voice, “It was my fault, you OK?”
Kim looked up and was met with the gaze of a young man around her age, maybe a little older, he smiled at her, his blue eyes twinkling.
“Oh, I’m fine,” Kim smiled. He was pretty cute.

S2E2 - Run-in with Seb

The man eyed her for a moment, before offering his hand, “Seb,” he said by way of introduction.
Kim adjusted her handbag on her shoulder and then took his hand, “Kim,” she replied.
“Nice to meet you, I haven’t seen you here before? Are you new?”
Kim nodded, “Well, sort of, I had my interview today and was offered the job…”
“Wow, congratulations!” Seb beamed.
“Thank you,” Kim said.
“So I guess I’ll be seeing you around?”
Kim nodded. “We’re not paying you overtime to stand around and chat,” snapped a voice from somewhere behind Seb. It was Wang.
Seb, who had his back to their boss rolled his eyes and pulled a face, causing Kim to stifle a giggle, before he turned and said “Sorry,” and he walked toward his computer terminal, shutting it down.
Kim headed for the elevator, and as the doors opened and she got in, she turned to see Seb watching her, and as the doors came to a close he winked cheekily at her.

S2E2 - pervalicious


“I mean, he sparkles! SPARKLES!” Simon was saying, except Kim had no idea what he was talking about.
It was Saturday afternoon and having heard nothing from Kye, Kim had given in and gone on her second date with Simple Simon. Convincing herself that he wasn’t that bad, that was up until he’d opened his mouth.
“What sort of a sissy vampire sparkles? “ Simon asked, his eyes wide.
Ah, Twilight… he was talking about Twilight – again.

S2E2 - 2nd date

For someone who detested the film so much he sure does talk about it a lot…
“So, what sort of films do you like?” Kim asked, eager to get off Edward Cullen’s sparkles, which she happened to love.
“Oh, anything… really…” Simon said, “I like a good horror…”
“Horror.” Kim repeated, who hated horror. This was not going well.
“Yeah, have you seen Evil Dead? Bloody fantastic!”
Kim swallowed, no, she hadn’t, and had no plans to.

S2E2 - 2nd date2
“Er.. no I don’t think so…” she said.
“Really? Wow, you’ve missed out! If you like, we can ditch this place and go to my apartment? Watch it together?”
Kim couldn’t think of a worse idea…

S2E2 - Bored

“Listen, Simon,” Kim said, “You seem lovely and really nice… but I don’t think this is going to work out for me…”
Simon’s face dropped. “Oh…”
Feeling a little guilty, Kim got to her feet, “I’m sorry, I think I’m going to go…” and she backed away from their table. Simon got to his feet. “Er, I’ll walk you out…”
Once outside, Simon turned to her, his disappointment obvious.
“So what did I do wrong?” he asked.

S2E2 -I like you“Absolutely nothing,” Kim said, “Except that I love Twilight, the films and the books; I love anything out of the ordinary… I hate horror movies… and we have nothing in common.”
Simon nodded, slowly. “I guess we really don’t…”
“Sorry,” Kim apologised, although she wasn’t sure why.
“Well, thanks for being honest,” Simon said, shrugging.
“No problem,” Kim said, “I hope you find someone soon.”
“Likewise… hug?” he stretched out his arms.
Ah, why not? Thought Kim smiling at him and going in to hug him.

S2E2 - Sorry, I like kye
Simon squeezed her tightly and just as Kim was beginning to regret accepting his request she felt her phone vibrate.
Quickly, she broke their embrace and answered it.
“Kim? It’s Kye…”
“Kye!” Kim practically shouted his name, yes! “Where are you? I’ve been so worried! How’s your mum?”
“I’ll explain when I see you, I’m about an hour away…”
“Oh wow!” Kim couldn’t conceal her happiness, “I’ll see you soon then,” and she hung up.
“I’ve got to go,” she said and without a backward glance she left Simon standing there and dashed to her car.

S2E2 - waiting...

The wait was unbearable.
Standing at the window, looking out into the night Kim stood and watched for her room-mate’s return. It had been an hour and a half since his phone call. Where was he?
Just as Kim was about to leave her spot to put on the kettle for the third time, she heard a car come to a stop outside her house. It was him, He was here.
Clapping excitedly, Kim decided it was best to play it cool; she was so pleased he was back.
Watching as he got out of the car, Kye opened the boot and pulled out his suitcase, before approaching the passenger door and opening it.
A long slender arm appeared, as he helped someone else out of the vehicle
Kim frowned. Who was she? She watched him take her hand and steady her on the grass at the front of the house, the woman giggled as she almost toppled on her heel, Kye rushing to catch her.
She must be at least 5 foot 8, Kim thought, watching the pair as they approach the house. The woman’s hair was a light brown, her legs were long and slender – there were no curves on her – she could have been a model…

S2E2 - Who's that.It’s his sister, Kim decided, despite knowing she was kidding herself.
They were holding hands and talking, approaching the front door.
Kim dashed from the study, eager to welcome Kye home, keen to tell him how she felt.
I’m going to do it, she promised herself; I’m going to tell him how much I like him…
As she opened the front door and stepped out into the moonlight, her promises turned to dust… there he was, Kymani, all messy red hair and broad shoulders in a lovers embrace with the model, his strong hands wrapped around her tiny waist, his eyes closed and lost in the moment.
Who was Kim kidding? This wasn’t her knight in shining armour – this wasn’t her prince on his white horse – this wasn’t her happy ending… Kye had never had eyes for her.

S2E2 - The end sadface


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