Skin Deep Chapters


Chapter Five

First off – Sorry about the picture size in this chapter… I’ve been trying for the past hour to post this and WordPress is being a royal pain in the behind. First off it kept crashing and now I’ve used explorer instead of my usual Firefox it won’t let me upload the pictures in their original size…
Secondly – it’s been 2 weeks or something since I last posted – I’ve been ill and then away for a wedding… anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Chapter Five

“How are you feeling?” Lily May asked in between exertions, these early morning
aerobic classes sure were a bitch.

“Right this moment?” Kim said, extremely conscious of the amount her boobs were
bouncing, “Knackered,” she replied.

“You know that’s not what I meant…” Lily scolded, starting her jumping-jacks.

“Hmm, I know, I just don’t know…” Kim
said, “The whole Kye and Ava thing… it’s just so… ugh…”

S2E3 - work out with Lily

“It’s been 2 weeks… what do you know about her?”

Kim thought for a moment about her friend’s question. What did she know about
Ava Fontelle, Kymani’s new girlfriend? He’d literally just turned up with her
out of the blue and announced they were together, ever since then Ava had been
a constant fixture at Kim’s home. If only Kye knew how much it pained Kim to
see him constantly embracing his new squeeze… and then there was today of course… 2 years. 2 years ago today I lost my mum…

“Hello…? Earth to Kimberley?” Lily said.

“Sorry, I was thinking… about Mum…”

“Ah, of course you are. 2 years, its gone fast, hasn’t it?”

Kim nodded. “It doesn’t seem any easier…”

Sighing, Lily stopped her jumping jacks, “Do you want to do something after

“Actually, I have plans,” Kim smiled knowingly.


“I have a blind date!”

“Wow! Really?”

S2E3 - work out with Lily3

“Yep! Count on cupid have set it up, I did this quiz thing and it matched me with
this guy, 80% likelihood of compatibility!”

“Well, I suppose anything will be better than Simon,” Lily winked, and she
stopped jumping.

“Come on! Don’t give up!” Kim laughed, jumping up and down.

Lily bent over, catching her breath. “Ugh, I don’t know how much more I can
take… I thought you’d have given up on this by now…”

“Given up!?”

“Well I figured you only wanted to get fit because of Kye and Ava… I thought
you’d come to your senses after a week!”

Kim scowled, “Well, you’re right I suppose – this was because of Ava… she’s so

“Slim?” Lily chortled, “She looks like skeletor!”

S2E3 - work out with Lily1

Kim laughed, “She does not! She’s bloody gorgeous and I wanted to lose weight
anyway, having someone like her around all the time has given me the motivation
I needed to get fit…I’ve lost like 7lbs…”

“You can really tell,” Lily said, bending down to gather up her gym bag.

“You’re leaving?!” Kim exclaimed.

“I am completely pooped,” Lily said, wiping her forehead on a towel, “and
besides, Molly stayed at her dad’s last night and I have to pick her up before

Kim frowned, really not wanting to think of Adam, Lily’s ex today.

“Ok, well I’ll speak to you later then?” she said to her friend.

“Without a doubt, I have to hear all about this blind date!”

S2E3 - ugh

It was a little after 8am when Kim got home to find Kye and Ava kissing in her
kitchen, she supposed the ex-model must have stayed overnight.

Kim was happy for Kye to have company over, but Ava had stayed every night
since Kye had returned from Sunset Valley to see his mother. Luckily, his mum
was alright, and had only suffered a minor stroke. Unluckily, Ava had been on
the hospital’s surgical team as an intern and apparently Kye had just ‘clicked’
with her.

S2E3 - beauty

A lot like I thought we’d clicked…. Kim was thinking bitterly as she watched them.
The couple continued their embrace oblivious as Kim helped herself to a glass of orange juice from the fridge.
Turned out there was an opening at Anne Arbor Memorial Hospital and so Ava had switched her internship. Convenient. Kim couldn’t decide what pissed her off more, the fact that Ava was here-constantly – or the fact that she was not only gorgeous but a genius too.

Unable to stand hearing the lovers giggling together and kissing, Kim got showered and arrived at work early.
Elite insurance was a busy place; there was always plenty to do and Kim liked it -especially today on the anniversary of her mother’s death. The last thing she needed was to be given time to dwell on her thoughts.
Sitting at her station, Kim checked her ‘Count on Cupid’ profile, there was a message from her mystery date.

S2E3 - dating site

Hi there,

looking forward to our date tonight, I’ll make sure I’m sat at the bar when you
arrive so you’ll know it’s me. Apparently I’m not allowed to tell you my name
or anything! I guess Anne Arbor is a small town and we’re not allowed to guess.

Anyway, I’ll be wearing a white shirt and an extremely nervous expression.

See you tonight – 8pm – Marty’s bar and club.

-Nervous guy.

As the morning progressed, Kim could feel herself getting bogged down with the
various different tasks that were expected of her. Not only did she still have
10 more phone calls to make, she also had to chase up a claim and Wang had
wanted a figure report on all the insurance claims Kim had dealt with since she
started work there 2 weeks previously.

Whenever Kim began writing the report her phone would ring – this wasn’t a bad
thing, it meant she could process insurance sales and make the company more
money, but Kim knew that Wang wouldn’t see it that way.

Sure enough, just before 12 noon, Wang appeared by Kim’s desk, her expression

S2E3 - watchingandwaiting

“Do you have that report I asked for?” she asked, hands on her narrow hips.
“Er.. I’m just starting it now,” Kim said, trying to sound confident – the truth was that Wang scared the crap out of her.
Wang raised her eyebrows. “You’re just starting it? Not good enough Carbelle… We took you on with the understanding that you were a keen and effective worker, that you knew how to prioritise. I expect that report this afternoon.” And with that she walked away.
Kim sighed. Ok, I can do this, she thought, I have plenty of time.
With that, for what felt like the hundredth time that morning, Kim’s phone rang.
Rolling her eyes and taking a deep breath, she picked up the receiver. “Good afternoon, Elite Insurance.”

S2E3 - you're shite

Time rolled by and it was soon 5pm.

Bang on the dot, Wang appeared, “Well?” she asked.

S2E3 - grr

“I’m sorry, it’s not finished…” Kim said, feeling like a teenager who’d forgotten their homework.
“Not finished?” Wang said the words as though they were foreign to her.
Kim hung her head, feeling inferior and waiting for boss to open fire.

S2E3 - Problem with critisism

give you one simple task and you can’t even complete that on time? If I’m
honest with you Kim, I don’t know that you have what it takes to succeed here…”

“Kim!” a voice called from behind her, “I’m so sorry, I’ve finished reading the
report you wrote…”

Crystal Rennock approached – Kim’s colleague from the neighbouring station. In
her hand was a completed figures report.

Crystal handed it to their boss. “My fault it’s late,” she said with a shrug
and a smile, “I was reading over it for Kim, she wanted to make sure it was
perfect…” Crystal gave Kim a sly smile.

S2E3 - I don't mind helping - crystal

the report on the desk behind her, Wang eyed Crystal with an contemptuous
expression, and folded her arms.

“So you have finished your report?”
Wang asked Kim disapprovingly.

“Um… Yes.” Kim said unconvincingly.

“Like I said,” Crystal interjected, “I was proof reading it for her – she
didn’t want to hand it in unless it was perfect.”

“I didn’t ask you, Miss Rennock,” Wang spat. “Next time I expect it on time,”
she said to Kim, snatching the paperwork from the desk and flouncing away from

As Wang Zute’s office door clicked shut, Crystal burst into giggles and Kim
couldn’t help but join her.

S2E3 - thanks for today crystal3

you so much!” Kim laughed, “Honestly, I was bricking it!”

Crystal chuckled, “It’s no problem – Wang is a total bitch, she always lays
into the newbies, she does get better, only slightly, but better…”

S2E3 - thanks for today crystal4

really owe you one,” Kim said, “I was barely even half way through that

“I know. Wang sets impossible tasks. I heard her laying into you this morning
and I’ve been pretty quiet so I did it for you… I hope that’s ok?”

“Are you kidding? I could kiss you!”

Crystal looked slightly shocked, “I won’t!” Kim said, “Obviously, but you’re a

S2E3 - thanks for today crystal2

no problem,” Crystal said, “happy to help….”

As the other staff members began to leave the office, Kim collected her
possessions and headed for the elevator.

“Kim!” she heard someone calling her name and she turned to see Seb – the guy
she’d met after her interview.

“Oh hi Seb,” she smiled warmly.

S2E3 -hot stuff1

hey,” he said with a smile, “I’m sorry, I’ve been meaning to say Hi again, just
not had the chance…”

“That’s alright,” Kim replied, “It’s been so busy here recently.”

Nodding, Seb took in her appearance. “Did you lose weight?” he asked.

Kim blushed, “Yeah…” she said, “just over half a stone…”

S2E3 -hot stuff

“Looking good,” Seb smiled and Kim felt her tummy flutter.
“Either get working, or get out!” snapped Wang from behind them.

S2E3 -are you coming Seb1

“Am I still alright getting a lift with you?” Seb asked Wang as she approached.
“You are,” Wang replied, “but get a move on,” she added.

S2E3 -are you coming Seb

thing, boss,” Seb said with a cheeky smile and he saluted her before heading to
his station for his things.

Wang eyed Kim with disapproval and Kim decided now would be a good time to head
off home.

S2E3 - thanks for today crystal1

Approaching her car, Kim saw Crystal again.
“Thanks again, Crystal…” Kim said, unlocking her Honda.
“No problem, and call me Crys.”

S2E3 - thanks for today crystal

Kim nodded, “OK, listen, we should go out sometime? Have a girly night or something?”
“That sounds brilliant,” Crys said, “I’ve not had a good night out in a long time.”
“Excellent,” Kim replied.

you Monday, Kim,” Seb called to her with a cheeky smile as he passed.

Kim smiled back over her shoulder, “bye!” she called with a quick wave and a

S2E3 - you like Seb

poked Kim on the arm. “What’s with you?”

“Huh?” Kim turned to her new friend.

“Seb? Please tell me you don’t like Seb?” Crys frowned.

Kim laughed, “Of course not – I don’t even know him!”

“Keep it that way,” Crys said sternly and Kim felt confused.

S2E3 - Be careful of Seb

do you mean?” Kim asked, startled at Crys’ abrupt tone.

“He’s bad news, he’s slept with half the office, so be careful.”

S2E3 - Be careful of Seb2

Kim shrugged, “We’ve just talked a couple of times…”
“Ok, well, like I said, just be careful…”
Kim nodded, “See you Monday?”
“Sure thing…” and Crystal got into her car.
Frowning, Kim did the same, and as the first few spots of rain fell onto the windscreen she headed home.


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