Skin Deep Chapters


Chapter Six

Chapter Six

S2E3 - upset

Why am I even surprised? Kim thought after getting changed, she’d thought she had the house to herself; it was quiet when she’d got home and she’d gone straight upstairs to get changed before heading downstairs to watch a chick flick; however it soon became apparent that she wasn’t alone.

S2E3 - snuggles

“Oh, you’re both still here…” Kim said, spying the lovers cuddling on her couch.
Kye didn’t even look up as he starred into his girlfriend’s eyes. “Yep,” he smiled, drunk on love.
Why the frigging hell did they have to spend all their time here? I mean, Ava has a penthouse suite for god’s sake! Why couldn’t they go there?!
“Um, alright, well I’m going out shortly…” Kim said.
“Sure, sure,” Kye replied as Ava whispered something at him. He laughed in response.
Rolling her eyes, Kim headed back upstairs to get ready for her date.

S2E3 - Ava and Kye arguing4

Having been distracted by Facebook, Kim was late getting ready, and her nerves were getting the better of her.
Kim headed back downstairs for a sneaky vodka and coke to calm them whilst getting dolled up for the night ahead.
“I just don’t understand you!” she heard Ava’s raised voice from the kitchen.
“What are you talking about? What difference does it make?” Kye retorted.
Uncomfortably, Kim slid past the couple and took refuge in the living room. What was this all about?
“You know full well what difference it makes…” Ava said, crossing her arms.

S2E3 - Ava and Kye arguing3

“No,” Kye said, a disparaging tone to his voice, “I don’t know, so tell me.”
Ava laughed, “Oh forget it, I’m going home…” and she began to walk away.
“Ava…” Kye protested.
“Just fuck off!” Ava yelled, and even Kim was shocked by her outburst.
“You’re over reacting…” Kye said, and Ava laughed humourlessly.
They exited the house and Kim watched them from her vantage point by the door.
S2E3 - Ava and Kye arguingKye was trying to talk her down but Ava appeared to be having none of it, her face a picture of anger.
Kim felt she should move before she was spotted, but in that moment Ava spied her and started gesticulating wildly at the door where Kim was stood.
“Whoa,” Kim muttered, and she headed upstairs to get changed, wondering what all that was about.

S2E3 - Intheclub

It was quiet in town for a Friday night, with only a few couples littering Marty’s, Kim supposed it was a little early to be in a dance club at just 8pm.
Straight away she spied a man sat at the bar, and he was wearing a white shirt, but she was unable to see his face.
As she approached she touched his shoulder to let him know she was there, “Hi nervous guy,” she smiled, but her expression faltered once she saw his face.

S2E3 - clubargument7

“…Adam?” Kim couldn’t believe her eyes – please tell me my blind date IS NOT Adam Sabine – my best friend’s ex husband.
“Oh god, Kim…” Adam’s face fell with obvious disappointment and Kim felt her anger rising.
“Please, please tell me you’re not nervous guy?”
Adam looked down at his drink on the bar. “That’s me…”

S2E3 - clubargument5

Kim grabbed his drink from him and downed it in one, not caring if she was being rude.
“You’re drinking?” she spluttered, tasting vodka in his glass.
“Well we are in a bar…” Adam said, shrugging.
Kim leapt from her stool so quickly that it fell to the floor, a couple on the dance floor turned to look and she smiled apologetically at them as she retrieved her seat.
“I can’t believe you!” she said angrily, snatching her clutch purse from the bar top.

S2E3 - clubargument6

“You say it like I planned this!” Adam protested, still seated – “I had no idea who I was meeting tonight, jeez, if I’d known it was you I’d never have come,” there was something about his expression Kim didn’t trust…
“I don’t give a shit,” Kim seethed, “I’m going home and I don’t care if I never see you again…”
Kim turned to leave. “Don’t go –“ Adam got up from his stool, “I need to talk to you…”
Kim laughed without feeling, “I have nothing to say to you, Adam Sabine, NOTHING.”
Adam approached her, “Well maybe I have a lot to say to you, Kim.”
Kim laughed again, was he for real? “You’re drunk….” She said.
“I’m not,” Adam replied, “I barely touched that drink…”

S2E3 - clubargument4

“Oh really? Well there’s a first…”
“How many times do I have to apologise to you?”
“You think you can apologise and everything will be ok?” Kim asked, her throat ached and her fists were balls at her side, the anger coursing through her veins.
“Of course not-“
“Good! Because you can’t!” she was shouting now. “I hate you, Adam Sabine, do you understand that? You’re here, enjoying a merry old date… while…” she stopped, part of her telling her to leave, that this was not worth the pain.
“Enjoying? Enjoying a date? Ha!” Adam laughed, “Hardly! You know why I’m here? Why I even bother with that stupid dating website? Because Lily left me, Kim, she left me – because of you… I haven’t got a wife, I hardly see my children… because of YOU.”

S2E3 - clubargument3

“Oh. My. God.” Kim laughed spitefully, “Are you serious?!” she fought every ounce of her being not to punch him in his big fat mouth. “Because of me?! No, no no.”
Adam eyeballed her contemptuously. “It’s because of You,” Kim went on, “Everything that’s happened is because of you, you and your drinking…”
“I’d had one drink that night, Kim…”
“Oh fuck off!” she screeched, “One drink? You’re serious?!” she stopped herself. It was time to leave.
“You know what, Adam? Just go to hell. Go to fucking hell, you deserve nothing better!”

S2E3 - clubargument2

And with that she turned on her heel and hurried out of the club – so quickly she didn’t hear Adam murmur – “I’m already there…”

It wasn’t raining, it was pouring. The summer sky was crowded with pregnant clouds, littering the ground below with huge globules of water, slapping down onto the roads and pavements causing pools and streams of water coursing down the concrete footpath.
Kim was soaked and sobbing; her Manolo Blahnik’s were sodden as well as her feet, causing her to slip uncomfortably as her naked soles moved around insecurely in her strappy heels.
Standing pointlessly under a shrub hoping it might provide her with some shelter from the onslaught she hung up on yet another unhelpful cab company.
There were no taxis. Not one, for at least another hour.

S2E3 - No taxi

With no coat, no umbrella and no ride home, Kim was freezing and stressed to the max, and now she’d have to walk 2 miles to get back to her house.

S2E3 - walkinghome

Wiping her face on her arm, Kim started the long walk home, with nothing but her thoughts for company.

Of all the people…
Kim would have laughed if the situation weren’t so dire.. What is going on with me? She thought bitterly, First the whole Kye thing, and now a date with Adam Sabine?! After everything he’d put her through? She turned the corner and started to cross the bridge, she knew she must look a total mess.
Pressing on, Kim made no attempt to stop the tears which flowed freely from her eyes… This is going to take forever, she thought as she almost cockled over on her heel.

S2E3 - what are you doing1

A blue Volkswagen pulled up beside her, which Kim recognised immediately. Kye. Great – just what she needed when she was in such a state.
“Hi,” she couldn’t look at him, not with her make up all over her face and her hair flat and soaked to her scalp.
“What are you doing?” Kye chuckled, he hadn’t seen how upset she was. He drove along at her pace, creeping along the curb.
“Walking,” Kim said, “What does it look like?”
“In the rain?” Kye shut off the car engine.
Ah crap, he’s getting out.

S2E3 - what are you doing

He approached her smiling, and then he saw her obvious distress.
“Whoa- what’s wrong?” he grabbed her shoulder as she looked down at her sodden feet.
“N-nothing…” she sobbed, even now his touch sent little shocks of pleasure coursing through her body, she felt her lip quiver as she was overcome with emotion.
“Tell me…” Kye whispered, lifting her chin to meet his gaze.
Kim laughed, the sound feeling alien to her ears, forced. “How long have you got?” she asked.
“As long as it takes,” he said, searching her green eyes with his,
“C-can we go home?” Kim asked.
“Of course…”

S2E3 - Just take me home

Once they were home and safe, Kim showered and removed her smudged make-up.
Feeling slightly silly, she let herself into her room and was ready to call it a night, despite it still being fairly early.
“Kim?” Kye was outside her door, “Can I come in?”
Kim frowned, she really wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about it, “Sure,” she said anyway.

S2E3 -Face of concern“Tell me what’s wrong…” Kye asked her, placing his arm around her shoulders.
Kim took a deep breath – here goes…
“2 years ago today my mum was killed,” she started, her voice broke and she swallowed, shrugging off his arm she walked away from him, trying to find the right words.
“I miss her every day,” she said, giving in and letting her tears fall once more. Kye nodded, but said nothing, so Kim continued.
“It was a Wednesday night and she’d always go meet her friend and have a meal out in town… this particular night they stayed out late and didn’t realise the time… Mum ended up having to rush home because she had work the next day… as she left the restaurant she was mowed down by a drunk driver… she was badly hurt, but didn’t die instantly…” Kim wiped her eyes on her arm… “Well, she sort of did… she was brain dead instantly, but her body lived on… she never regained consciousness….” Kim paused, processing the memories that were flooding back after that fateful night, “I had to pull the plug…” she said, “I had to kill my own mother…”
Kye starred at the floor, “I see, I’m so sorry…”
“Tonight I went on a blind date…” Kim continued, “I was really looking forward to it… but he was there…”
“The man who killed my mother… my best friend’s ex husband…”
“He was the drunk driver?”
Kim nodded, sobbing, “Yes.”
“Fucking hell…” Kye swore, “Sorry…” he added.
Kim laughed, “Don’t apologise…”
Kye approached her and pulled her into a hug, He smelt of citrus and spices, warm and inviting… Kim savoured his scent as she inhaled deeply.

S2E3 - Loving hug

Kim cried into his shoulder for what felt like eternity and he stroked her back, soothing her, but saying nothing.

S2E3 - chemistry

Pulling away from him Kim chuckled and Kye regarded her with surprise. “I’m sorry,” Kim giggled, “Just that I’ve not really spoken about that night… to anyone… and here I am snotting all over your shoulder and spilling my guts… we barely know each other.”

S2E3 - You're beautiful

Kye smiled and moved her hair away from her eyes, shocking her into silence at his unexpected touch.
“It’s OK,” he said, “You can talk to me…”
“T-thank you,” Kim said, feeling suddenly shy, lost in the depths of his azure eyes.
Kye searched her tear stained face for a moment, and once again brushed her hair away from her cheeks. “You’re beautiful,” he said.

S2E3 - What are you saying

Kim smiled, “I don’t feel it,” she replied.
He tucked her hair behind her ear, and suddenly his lips were millimetres away from her own.
Kim stared intently at him, savouring his presence so close to her, examining his face up close and mapping every blemish, every pore, and every ounce of his expression.
As she was about to move away he reached for her and pulled her closer.
In that moment the events of the evening- Adam Sabine- the club- the house – the town –the whole world… everything – it all melted away. None of it mattered, all Kim was aware of was the warmth of Kye’s body pressing onto her chest, the scent of his skin and the feel of his breath on her face..

S2E3 - The Kiss


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  1. Well, that fucking sucks.
    Kim has got some freaking temperance if she didn’t smash the closest glass into his face, haha.
    I know I would have :<
    Anyway, this is so good!
    The sets are far beyond amazing, and the character uniqueness!!! *isspeechless*
    Oh. and Ava is so ugly. I know that's horrible to say, but it goes with her personality. *Vomits*

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