Game Crash :'(

I can’t believe it! My game crashed and I had to reinstall The Sims, meaning I’ve lost everything! Luckily I finished the story but I haven’t got any of my old sims anymore 😦
I’d grown pretty attached to them all and this really, really sucks.

*Curls up into the foetal position*


5 thoughts on “Game Crash :'(

  1. wow Im sorry weathie 😦
    So you lost the sims you had working with the story? That’s sad, I know how it feels to lose your sims after being attached to them.
    I used to experience lots of loses with my game before, because it would crash constantly and I had to do re-installing and all that. I know back up all my sims files, and I do a folder titled: savedsims. Just like the one in the game folder, I have it on a junkdrive just in case. I hope you are able to get your game started again soon 🙂
    Don’t get discourage!!

    1. Thank you! I’ve followed your advice and started making copies of my sims.
      Unfortunately I’m going to have to try and make Kye and my other Skin Deep Characters from scratch, it’s just so hard because I know they won’t look the same 😦 Luckily, Kim was saved via the sims 3 website, as I uploaded her ages ago so at least I still have her! Game is now reinstalled and up and running 🙂

      1. Im glad I can take something good out of my painful experiences with crashes and offer it to you girls.
        I have now become a backup junkie, if I dont make a backup Im not happy. I have backups of everything!!! this game sure makes you a careful person.

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