Chapter Twelve


Kimberley Carbelle rubbed her face roughly, anything to wake herself up.
Today she’d felt like hell, literally all day… maybe going out on the town on a work night hadn’t been such a good idea after all… Crys sure knew how to party.
Dressed in Si’s baggy hoody and a pair of denim shorts she made her way downstairs and slumped onto the sofa.
Kye hadn’t come home again last night, god knows where he’d been, she knew he’d been in though thanks to the dirty laundry he’d left her to wash.
Why do I even care? Probably spent the night with Ava… Kim thought, flicking on the television and scrolling down the planner to find something worth watching. You’d think he’d at least make sure I was OK after the whole Wang thing…
“Knock knock!” a voice called down the hall.
“In here!” Kim shouted to her visitor.
“Heeeey,” Si said, “wow you look rough…”


“and how is it that you don’t?” Kim said, lobbing a scatter cushion at her friend.
Simon ducked, “Argh! I wasn’t drinking!”
“Really?! You mean I made an arse out of myself and you remember it all?”
“Yep,” Simon nodded with a smile.
Kim wanted to throw another cushion but didn’t have one.
“I apologise for anything I did or said that was inappropriate…” Kim said, frowning.


“You’re cute.” Simon chortled, “but you don’t have to apologise, you didn’t do anything.”
“Thank god… I didn’t even have Crys to ask, she didn’t come into work today…”
“Oh, yeah, she spent the night at Freddie’s, he text me…”
“Wow, she’s a fast worker…”


“So is he… Can I get a drink?”
“Sure…” Kim started to get up  but her head hurt so she flopped back down.
Simon laughed.
“Stop mocking me!” Kim exclaimed huffily.
“Sorry, but you’re pretty funny, Smurfy. I’ll get my own drink, want one?”
Kim nodded, rubbing her temples.
Whilst Si was getting their drinks Kim set up the DVD, she’d decided on Edward Scissorhands, she’d seen it a billion times and still loved it, but it also meant she didn’t need to concentrate too much.
Simon returned, placing their drinks on the coffee table.
“Ready when you are,” he said.


Kim pressed play and sat back.
“Heard from Kye?” Si asked as the film started.
“No, not a peep, he didn’t even come home…”
“Well, I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I think I saw him at the club last night…”


“Yeah, he was with some dude I didn’t recognise…”
“Oh…” Kim felt disappointed, why hadn’t Kye come over to say ‘Hello’?


“Don’t feel too down, he looked pretty wasted, he probably didn’t even know you were there…”
“Yeah…” but still Kim felt like she’d missed out, the thought of Kye out on the town… possibly meeting other women… it made her feel hollow inside – the same feeling she got when she saw him with Ava.
“You really like him, huh?”
Kim nodded, feeling foolish.


“I just know we could have a fantastic relationship…” Kim said, “I can see us together… for a long time… but he’s travelling and it’s not going to happen…”
“You don’t know that,” Si said, picking up his drink from the coffee table, “Why don’t you just tell him how you feel?”
“He’s with Ava, besides, I’m pretty sure he knows…”
“Tell him, what do you have to lose? He’s travelling… if he’s not interested then you’ve not lost anything.”
Kim nodded. “I suppose,” and she yawned. “God I’m knackered…”
“Come here, lie down,” Si said, opening his arms and shifting his position.
Kim smiled, Si was good to her.


Nestling into his lap she smiled up at him, “How did we go from two crappy dates to being practically best friends?”
“World works in mysterious ways…You’ve not heard from Lily?”
“She’s tried a few times, I feel like I just need space, you know? I feel as though everything I’ve done over the past 2 years has been such a lie. I’ve been standing still, waiting for something to change, someone to help me, but it hasn’t happened. Now I’m angry with myself, and with Lily. How could she do this to me? She wants to try again with the man who killed my mother? It’s ridiculous…”
“Have you ever thought that maybe it’s you that needs to change?” Si asked her, eyes on the television screen, “that maybe you need to make the changes you want instead of waiting for someone else to do it? You seem as though you’re aching for something major to happen in your life and are unsatisfied because nothing is happening… you can change that, you know?”
he paused, wondering if he’d taken it too far – if he’d said too much.
Kim said nothing.
“Kim?” Simon said, looking down at her.
Kim’s eyes were closed and her breathing was deep and even, she was asleep. Simon moved her fringe away from her eyes lightly and smiled, then he went back to watching the film.


Kye entered the house and dumped his overnight bag in the hallway, he could hear the television on in the living room so he made his way in to ask if Kim fancied a drink.
“Hey hey,” he said, entering the room, “oh…”
“Oh hey…” some guy was sat in front of the sofa with Kim laying asleep on his lap, it was then that Kye realised it was the same guy Kim had kissed in the club the previous evening – had he spent the night?
Kye’s stomach sank to his feet. “I’m Si,” the guy said.
“Kye.” Kye replied, “Er… is she OK?”
“Yeah,” Si laughed, “Just hungover to hell.”
Kye nodded. “Right… You’re watching Edward Scissorhands? A bit lame isn’t it?”
“Oh, I don’t mind it,” Si replied, “Kim’s fave movie…”


“So, are you two…” Kye gulped, “together?”
Simon laughed, “Oh no, we’re just friends…”


“Want me to wake her?”
“No, no, that’s alright, I’m heading back out…”
“I can go if you like?” Simon offered, “I don’t mind if you wanted to talk to her or something…”
“Nah, it’s fine… later…”
And Kye left the house once more.

Kye walking to car

“Dude, change of plan, I’m coming to stay with you for a few more days…” Kye crossed the front garden and headed towards his car whilst speaking on the phone to Claude.
“How come?” Claude asked.
“Ugh, just seen Kim with that dude from the club… seems like a bit of a douche to me…”
“Ah… that’s lame, man…”
“Yeah, well, meh… after I’ve broken things off with Ava too…”
“You did it then? How did that go?”
“Ah crap, well, we’ll find you someone else…”
“See you in a bit…”

Kye walking to car2

Kye hung up and was about to get into his car when he saw an attractive brunette crossing the road and heading towards him.


“Heeey,” she said, her hair was messy and she had remanents of yesterday’s make-up smudged under her eyes, Kye vaguely recognised her.
“Sorry,” she stretched out her hand, “My name’s Crys, I’m Kim’s friend from work…”
“Oh, hi,” Kye vaguely remembered seeing her in the club with Kim the previous evening.
“You must be Kye,” Crys said.
Wow, she’s really cute… and confident…


“That’s right,” Kye said, smiling.
“Did you have a good night?” Crys asked, sheilding the sun from her eyes with her hand.
“Yeah, thanks, did you?”
“Yeah, it was lovely…”
“Kim’s inside with Si…”


“Ah… maybe I’d best not interrupt them then…”
“Ah well, see you later,” Crys said.


He watched her walk away from him, toned legs and round bottom… he’d tap that all right.
Smiling to himself, he got into his car, turned on the stereo and set off into town centre to meet up with Claude.

Ekin Masu followed the white Volkswagen Beetle as it slowly pulled off the road.
He’d made sure when he’d punctured the tyre that it was a small enough tear in the rubber to cause the air to dissipate slowly enough to be unnoticable when the car began it’s journey, but large enough to ensure that the pressure was down before Wang got to town centre.
Smiling grimly as he watched her get out of her car and examine the tyre, he hit the speed dial on his hands free kit.
“What have you got?” The voice of Otan Zute exuded from the car speakers.
“It worked.”
“Where we planned?”
“Yes. The turn just before town…”
“Good, make sure there’s noone around and then do it.”
The line went dead.
Ekin unclipped his seatbelt opened the glove compartment – he reached in and pulled out the Glock.
He wiped his sweaty forehead on his arm.
The pistol was heavy in his hand, he’d not had to use it for quite some time… it was not a possession he took pleasure in. Retrieving the suppressor, he attached it to the end and slowly wound down his window letting a warm breeze into the car.
It certainly was quiet out, peaceful almost – a beautiful summer’s day. Ekin thought of home, he missed it. The summer in Takobe was something else… shame he wasn’t there to enjoy it. He raised the Glock.


Kye’s red hair flew around his face in the warm breeze – it sure was getting long – time for a haircut…
Arm out the car window, he tapped his hand on the car door to the beat of Justin Timberlake’s latest number.
Women, pah! He thought, were they all mental? Ava didn’t take it well – the whole break up thing… and Kim… so she is with that Si guy… he seems like a total douchebag…sooner I get out of this shithole the better…
As he slowed to take the corner he caught sight of a woman sat at the side of the road, an obvious puncture in her car’s wheel…Wang? He thought, pulling in and shutting off the engine.
As he opened the car door the woman looked up – yes it was Wang alright.
“Hey!” He called, smiling, “Car trouble?”



Ekin’s finger was on the trigger – all he had to do was squeeze and then some bastard had appeared out of nowhere, ruining the entire thing.
Watching as the man approached his boss’ wife, he lowered the gun.
Two options – Kill them both or phone the boss for instructions – Ekin did not want to suffer the wrath of his boss, but it looked like it was unavoidable.
“Is it done?” Otan demanded before the phone had finished it’s first ring.
“We have an…issue.”
“A man.”
“Who is he?”
“I do not know.”
Ekin looked up just in time to see the couple break apart. “I think he could be the one.”


Otan swore loudly in his native tongue. “Cheating bastards…” he muttered, “They need to suffer…”
A car passed by and Ekin waited for instructions.
“What are they doing?”
“They’re getting into his car.”
“Copy the plates, follow him.”
The line went dead. Ekin sighed. Would this never end?


Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now–

The CD player roared into life as Kye started the engine, causing the both of them to jump, he quickly turned it off.
“Sorry,” he said, “So, you’re just going to Seb’s, right?”
“Yeah, that’d be great…”
“No problem…”
Kye pulled out onto the road.
“Did that jerk not even bother to offer you any help?” Kye asked, watching the Mercedes Benz disappear into the rear view mirror.
“I thought there was no one in there?” Wang said.
“There was definitely someone in there…”
When he got no response from his passenger, Kye looked over at her quickly.
Wang’s face was pale.
“Wha-what’s wrong?” he asked, glancing at her quickly and then focusing back on the road, “are you ok?”
Wang swallowed noticeably. “Otan…” she whispered.
“That’s him?”
“No, it’s one of his men…”
“What do you mean?”
“Otan… is…very powerful…” Wang explained, “He has many connections… and he pays well… I think he is following me.”
Kye’s eyes flicked up to his rear view mirror; sure enough, there was the Mercedes, 2 cars back.


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  1. Great chapter, and I just cannot get to like Kye, -__-
    I have tried but I’m sticking with Si. Hope it all turns out for the better. I’ll be back here on that date!! hahaha.

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