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Sorry it’s short… will update again early next week 🙂


Kye entered the apartment and spotted Claude channel hopping on the sofa.
“Hey dude,” he said.
“Hey,” Claude replied, “How are you feeling?”
“I meant about Kim…”
“Oh, well, whatever, you know? I don’t care…”


“Not what you were saying last night…”
“Well, she’s with that Si dude, so…”
“Did she tell you that?”
“No, she reckon’s they’re just friends, but whatever…”
“You took ages getting here, I thought something must have come up..” Claude said.
“Ah, yeah – I ran into the Wang chick, ended up having to take her to police…”
“Whoa, how come?”
“Ex-husband issues or something… I don’t know… it’s fine now though, they arrested him again and he’s going to be put away…”
“So now what?”
“Now I book my trip to Japan.”
Claude switched off the television, “Ok, lets go then.”
“Huh? I need more money yet, dude.”
Claude stood up and opened one of the drawers to the coffee table. He threw an envelope Kye’s way.
“What’s this?” Kye asked, catching the envelope and turning it over in his hands, examining it.
“Open it, it’s from your mother.”
Kye glanced at his friend questioningly, but did as he was bid.
Tearing the paper, he felt the thick wads of cash in his hands… there must have been at least $20,000.
“What the hell?”


“Your Mum’s been putting money away for you since you were born… I think she planned on giving you it in a few years, when you were settled, but since her stroke she’s felt like life’s too short to put things off, she wanted me to give you it now… but I had to be sure you were going to put it to good use, not spend it all on some girl you barely know…”
“Oh my god…” Kye could hardly believe his eyes, “this is everything I need, I can go to Japan!”
“So lets book your flights,” Claude said, giving his friend a huge hug.

Ekin had watched the pair leave their car and enter the police station as he drove past. There was nothing else he could do now and he knew it would be wise to lay low – it was obvious that they had seen him.
He lay on his motel room bed and stared up at the ceiling, once again he thought of home and his beautiful Kaji. Oh how he missed her… he longed to see her, to kiss her… they’d planned on children together… and what beautiful children they’d be… he knew they’d look just like her… thick brown hair and warm brown eyes… he knew she missed him too, but that she would understand… about this… this situation…
Ekin’s phone vibrated into life, interrupting his homesick thoughts, it was 1 am and only one person had this number.
“Listen, do not speak.” – Otan, “I am unable to act.”
So, he’d been taken into police custody.
“I need you continue on my last instructions, do you understand? Use the replacement.”
The line went dead.
Otan was detained, which meant Ekin needed to act on his own accord, follow Wang.
He stood up and flung the mobile to the floor where he stood on it repeatedly until it was nothing but shattered plastic and glass. Plucking out the sim card from the debris he strode over to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet.
Now for the car.
Stepping out into the night he kept his head low… the streets were empty.
Upon arrival at the warehouse he banged the door three times.
“It’s Ekin,” he said, his voice a low growl.
The motor whirred into life, retracting the door…



Kim collected her things from her locker, it had been another long day at work, but at least it was Friday, and the day of Seb’s leaving party.
“What time are we starting?” she asked Crys, closing her locker door.
“7:30 for 8 I  think…” Crys replied, “Wanna get ready at mine? We can smoke a doobie or something whilst we put on our faces…”

Kim frowned, alcohol was one thing, drugs were another thing entirely.
“Uh, I dunno about the ‘doobie’ but I’ll come to yours, need to pick up my stuff first though…”
“Sure,” Crys handed her a piece of paper, “here’s my address, ring me when you’re coming and I’ll pour us some cocktails…”
“Ok, cool, see you in a bit.”


Kim watched Crys saunter away – she liked her, she was a nice person and Kim supposed she was her best female friend… but there was always something just a little off with Crys… she was rebellious to the point of dangerous… she’d do anything for a laugh and  took nothing seriously.


“See you later, Kim,” Seb winked as he passed her.
Kim smiled at him, collecting her things together, “Yep, see you,” she said and she left the building.

“Come in,” she purred and she lay herself upon the bed covers, waiting for him – she only had an hour and she chose to spend it wisely.


As he approached she smiled sexily – this guy… he was strong, dark and silent. He’d not spoken to her once since they’d started this cherade, and the only sounds which escaped his lips were slight grunts and growls during their lovemaking… lovemaking? No, this was fucking.


The way he strode across the room toward her was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time – his predatory confidence undeniably sexy.
He grabbed her arms and pinned her roughly to the bed, his lips barring down on her own, his tongue deep in her mouth.
Standing, he removed his shirt – and she took in his form, his muscles… and his scars.


Part of her wondered about his past, who he was, his name, where he had come from… but mostly Crystal Rennock didn’t care, she lived for the moment and right now she was fucking the most beautifully terrifying man she’d ever met.


Once he was spent, he stood up; this was pure sex- there were no pleasantries here.
All he wanted was some release, and this woman, this beautiful creature provided this.
He ignored the feelings of guilt which were beginning to rise  – shrugging on his t-shirt and zipping up his fly- then made his way to the door.
“I’d love to know your name,” the woman called after him.
He turned, ever so slightly, her image appearing In his peripheral vision. Why not?
“Ekin,” he said, and he left the apartment.



2 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. OH.MY.GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay forget Otan, give me Ekin!!! Woman, did you make this man as well? You have mad skills with these Asian Sims. I’m in love for sure now…oh! The chapter was awesome, can you tell? :p

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