Skin Deep Chapters


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Kim held the gate open for some guy who was exiting the building as she arrived, she smiled at him as he walked past and he ignored her.
“Yeah, no problem…” she muttered, the cheek of some people…
Kim approached the call box and pushed Cry’s number, she answered almost immediately.
“Come on up,” and with that the apartment door unlocked.
Kim’s bag vibrated as her phone rang, the number was with-held and without thinking she answered it.
“Hello?” she pushed the button to the elevator.
“Kim? Oh my god, you’ve answered…” it was Lily, “Please, don’t hang up…”


Kim sighed, but said nothing as the elevator doors closed in front of her.
“Are you still there?”
“Kim, listen, I’m sorry about the other day, I love you and I miss you.”
Still, Kim said nothing.
“I know you’re upset and angry… I know you feel like I betrayed you-“
“You did betray me, Lily, you betrayed my trust and I don’t think I can forgive that…”
“I understand… but I want you to know that I am here for you, I’ll always be here for you and whenever you’re ready to talk about this I’ll be waiting.”
“OK, that’s all I wanted to say. Good bye Kim.”
Then the line went dead.


“Whasssssup!” Crys yelled as the elevator doors opened, she held a full cocktail glass in each hand and had a huge smile on her face, which was near enough all she had on.
“Jeez Crys!” Kim didn’t know where to look. “What are you wearing?!”
Crys winked, striking a pose and one of the apartment doors from across the hall opened.



“Would you mind keeping it dow-oh!” a young man emerged and immediately went beetroot red, taking in Crys’ appearance and lack of attire.
“Sorry,” Crystal pouted, sickly sweet, passing Kim her drink.
“Honey, what are you-“ a blonde appeared behind the man and scowled when she saw the two women in the corridor.
“We’ll be quiet…” Crys winked, taking Kim’s hand and leading her into the apartment, wiggling her bottom as she did so.
Crys kicked the door shut with her heel causing it to slam and then started giggling hesterically.
“Oh my god, Crys! What are they gonna think?!” Kim groaned.
Crys snorted, “Who cares!” she pranced over to her iPod dock and pressed play, music started blaring out into the room.
Some sort of RnB reached Kim’s ears – not her style of music at all.
Crys danced around the room whilst Kim stood clutching her cocktail and feeling very uncomfortable.


“DRINK!” Crys yelled over the music, so Kim did.
“What is this crap?” Kim gestured to the iPod.
“Nelly!” Crys yelled back.
Kim took a large swig of her cosmo, she was gonna need it.


“Hey little Porsche, I wanna try ya
Crazy baby girl, there ain’t nothing like you
Hey little Porsche, so right I had to get ya
B-b-back it up, let’s roll, roll, roll, roll”

The two girls sang in unison, yelling the lyrics, Kim was feeling a lot more relaxed thanks to two cosmopolitan cocktails and a vodka and coke and suddenly Nelly wasn’t so bad after all.
“So, tell me,” Kim took a sip of her drink, “What’s the deal with you and Seb?”
“Ugh… we went out for about 2 months… I really liked him… and he cheated on me.”
“Oh, that sucks,” Kim said.
“That’s not the best of it,” Crys laughed bitterly, “Guess who he cheated on me with?” she slurred, the alcohol obviously having an effect.
Kim already knew the answer was Wang…
“Wang!” Crys laughed, “WANG!” and she burst into hysterics.
Kim sipped her drink uncomfortably, “How long ago was this?”
“Ages ago,” Crys said, taking a huge mouthful of her cosmo, “I guess it’s a bit of a sore point… he was a total dick… we slept together and I thought it meant something… turns out I was wrong. I’ve been pissy with him ever since. Last time I saw him out we had a massive argument in the club and I got him kicked out…” she laughed again.
Kim was suddenly not so sure that taking Crys to Seb’s leaving do was such a great idea…
“PICTURE TIME!” Crys yelled suddenly, downing the rest of her drink, “Make love to the camera!” she giggled as Kim posed and she pointed her smart phone Kim’s way.


“You’re looking fineeee my girl! Work that body!”
Kim giggled, “Your turn!”


”Wow, Crys…” Kim eyeballed the iPhone’s viewer, “That is hot!”
“Of course it is,” Crys winked, approaching her friend to look at the pictures “OK, one more of the two of us, I need to upload these to Facebook… gotta make those ex boyfriends jealous!” Crys smiled.
“Seriously? What are we? Teenagers?”
“Shut ya face and get over here!”


“Nice,” Crys said with a cheeky smile, and she proceeded to upload the pictures.
“Right,” she grabbed her purse, tucking the phone into one of the side pockets, “Let’s get this show on the road!”


Arriving at the Elite Insurance building, Kim straightened her dress – she was feeling very tipsy and really did not want to make a fool out of herself in front of her colleagues.
The room was dotted with colleagues and strangers alike – a sound system had been hired for the evening and music bounced from its speakers, bass pounding and throbbing in Kim’s chest and reverberating around the room.
Naturally, Crys had taken forever to get ready, meaning the girls were over an hour late and so the party was already well under way.
“More drinks incoming!” Crys said, dancing over to the make-shift bar.
Kim looked around her, smiling in acknowledgement at a few of her colleagues and mouthing hello… where was Seb? It was his party after all, yet he was nowhere in sight.
Kim spotted him – sat alone in the staff room.
Brushing past the many bodies in her path, excusing herself – she entered the staff room and shut the door, blocking out the pounding drum and bass number which was currently playing.
“So, your last ever day at Elite insurance!” Kim said with a smile, “You must feel pretty good right about now…what are you doing in here all alone?”
Seb shrugged, and Kim was suddenly aware of how down he looked.
“Oh, what’s wrong?” she asked.
Seb sighed, “What’s right?”


“As bad as that?”
Seb nodded, his face in his hands, which were shaking.
“Spill,” Kim said, placing her hand on his shoulder, comforting him.
“I’m nervous…” Seb said, “So. Damn. Nervous.”


“Because tonight is the night?” Kim asked.
“Yeah… I just feel like something… bad is going to happen…” Seb frowned, “I feel like everything is going too smoothly…”
“Where’s Wang?”
“Getting her stuff together, a taxi comes to collect us at 12 midnight…”


“Where are you going again?”
“You won’t breathe a word?”
“I promise…”
“Takobe, Japan.” Seb beamed, “its Wang’s home city…”
“Wow, that’s amazing…” Kim beamed at him, “I’m so pleased for you guys…”
“I know, well, it will be if Wang can get away from her bastard of a husband… I’m just glad he’s still banged up – by the time they release him we’ll be long gone…”
“It’ll be fine,” Kim said, “If you need me to do anything, I will…”
“Thanks,” he smiled at her.
Suddenly the staff room door burst open and Gary, one of their colleagues appeared, “Come on it’s time for a speech!” he shouted.
“Sure thing,” Seb smiled and winked at Kim and left the room.

At around 11:30 it was time to take the party to the club.
It was busy, and Kim had lost count of how many drinks she had had.
Wang had arrived safely and was currently dancing with Seb, most of her co-workers were shocked to see her so relaxed, but knowing what she did Kim found it incredibly sweet to see her boss unwinding, now free from her controlling husband.


“Oh my god!” Crys squeaked, “That’s Charlie!”
“Charlie?” Kim queried.
“Yeah, he used to work with me! I need to see him! Be right back!”
Kim watched her friend saunter off towards the bar, leaving her alone and unsteady- whether due to alcohol or her heels, Kim wasn’t sure.
Watching Crys flirt was entertaining, she was such a confident person, it intimidated Kim a little.
Suddenly she was plunged into darkness as someone covered her eyes with their palms and she gave a little peep of surprise.
“Guess who…”
“Um…” Kim had no idea, these hands obviously belong to a man, and she could smell aftershave and a slight hint of mint, as though their owner had recently brushed their teeth – the hands went away and she turned to see Kye stood behind her.
“Oh my god!” she squealed, “Hello!”


“Heeey,” he said, he had obviously had a couple of drinks.
“How are you? I’ve not seen you in ages… Your hair! It looks brilliant!” Kim beamed at him, maybe it was the alcohol in her blood stream, but resisting the urge to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him until her lips ached was almost unbearable.


“I’m great,” Kye replied, “This is my best friend, Claude,” he gestured to an attractive man stood next to him who took Kim’s hand and planted a kiss on her knuckles.


“Hello,” Kim said, “Nice to meet you.”
“Hi, Likewise…” Claude smiled, “Drink?”
“Oh, that’d be lovely,” she replied, “Thanks.”
Claude nodded and headed to the bar.
“Where have you been?” Kim asked Kye, she wanted to be mad at him, she really did, but he looked like an angel, his eyes shone bright blue and she melted.
“Around…” he said, “Listen I’m really sorry about… the whole Ava thing..”
“Oh, pah!” Kim made a gestured with her hand, waving his apology away even though his lack of contact had hurt her beyond words.
“No, really, it was bad of me,” Kye went on, “Ava and I aren’t together anymore anyway…”
“Oh… I’m sorry…”
“So, how’s Si?” Kye enquired.
“Fine I think,” Kim said, “Haven’t seen him in a while.”
“How was your date?”
“I came home on Wednesday to find you snoozing in his lap…”
“Wha-? Oh… that wasn’t a date… we’re just friends…” Kim blushed.


“Sure…” Kye said ostensibly, “A friend whose crouch you use for a pillow? That must be a good friend…”
“Er… we are just friends…” Kim suddenly felt defensive.
“Yes, I believe you…” Kye said, although it was obvious that he didn’t.
“Are you… are you jealous?” Kim asked him, eyes wide.


He wouldn’t meet her gaze, which only infuriated Kim more. “Get over yourself…” he muttered.
“Heeeeeey!” Crys squealed, “This place is Buzzzzz-ing!” she sang.
“Sure is,” Kye smiled lopsidedly at her, he looked like he wanted to slobber all over her.
Kim felt nauseous.


“Wanna dance,” she wiggled her bottom, seemingly oblivious to Kim’s pain.
Did she not realise what this was doing to Kim? If she did it seemed like she didn’t care… and Kye – well… the less said about that, the better.


“Do I ever,” Kye said, and without a backward glance he left Kim standing alone feeling like she’d been slapped in the face.


A few songs later, Crys and Kye were still dancing, their moves getting raunchier by the second, and Kim was left making awkward small talk with Claude.


“I’m just gonna go to the loo…” Kim said, gesturing toward the toilet door.
“Sure,” Claude said, “I’ll take your drink…”
Kim made her way past various people and to the toilets. Tonight was supposed to be fun, however so far she was having about as much of that as a squashed turd.
After using the fascilities, Kim dried her hands and checked her face, satisfied her make-up was where it should be she left the toilets.
“Kim!” a voice called to her, and she turned to see who it belonged to.
Simon stood before her, he looked…good.
“Si!” Kim laughed, “How are you?”
“Great, better for seeing you…”


“How long have you been here?”
“A couple of hours… how goes the party?”
“It’s alright… except for Kye…”
“Kye’s here?”
“You guys haven’t made up?”
“I have no idea what we’re doing…”
Simon frowned. “What’s he said?”
“Not a lot… he’s started being… weird…”
Simon said nothing.
“Do you think I should just tell him how I feel? I mean, I sort of know I should, but then, I don’t want to complicate things…”
Simon held her gaze for a few moments. “You’re asking the wrong person…”


Kim laughed. “I am not! You give me the best advice ever, I mean; you’re my voice of reason!”
Si shook his head, “I’m sorry Kim, but I can’t do this…”
Kim’s eyebrows furrowed, she searched his face which was devoid of emotion.
“I’m falling for you…” Si said, “I know our dates through the agency were lame, but ever since we’ve met up off our own accord I’ve been unable to get you out of my head… I can’t be your friend, Kim. I’m sorry but I want more than that.”
Kim’s heart pounded in her ears, she was frozen to the spot.


“It’s OK,” Si said, “I understand that you’re in love with Kye, I get that… I don’t expect anything from you… I’m just sorry that I can’t see you anymore…”
“But…” Kim started, although she had no idea what to say. Was this what life was about? Always being abandoned by those you care about? Her mother, Lily, Kye and now Simon? Was nothing permanent anymore?


Simon walked backward, away from her, he was smiling, but it looked forced – wrong somehow.
“I’ll see you around, Kim…” Si said, turning, and Kim nodded slowly, hopelessly.


Heading back to the bar Kim made her way over to Claude who was still at the bar nursing her drink and looking thoroughly bored.
“Thanks,” Kim said, taking a seat next to him.
“No problem,” Claude said, and he yawned.
“Wow, as good as that, hey?” Kim smiled.
“Ugh, I’m so bored… I don’t know what’s got into that boy…” he gestured to the dance floor.


Once again, Kim felt her stomach drop to her feet and her throat felt tight with pent up emotion.
Their embrace was that of pure lust, their eyes tightly shut as their lips were locked. Kye’s strong hands were all over Crys’ body, and her arms were placed firmly around his neck.
Kim downed the rest of her drink. “Well,” she said, “I’m going home.” How she wasn’t crying she didn’t know, but she’d had enough.
Placing her empty glass on the bar, she was vaguely aware of Claude saying something to her, but she chose to ignore him, and left the club.


2 thoughts on “Fourteen

  1. (Sorry I haven’t been around with the other posts)
    Kye, haha, them mutton chops. Can’t do much about feelings, so I’m stuck with Kim. As in, what the heck is wrong with people coming into lives and leaving on sudden urge. Pffft. Kim doesn’t need people. She needs a cat. Or a panda. Or both.
    So far, Kim’s happier single >:3

  2. Okay so I get Kye likes Kim but he is leaving or something, so he doesnt want to get involved too deep…but WHAT THE F?????????????????? He is not good for her, not now.
    I wish Kim could like Si as more than a friend. Is hard for someone to be “just friends” with the person they love, especially if they just started falling for them.

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