Skin Deep Chapters

Chapter Fifteen – Part One – Penultimate Episode.

OK, so as you may or may not be aware, my computer recently spazzed out on me which caused me to lose my beloved sim babies.
This was pretty damn annoying as I’d planned on this story being a lot longer… but I can’t really continue it at the moment. 😦
This is the first of a two part chapter which will then round up Skin Deep.
The second part will be up tomorrow.
Thanks for reading guys.


The night was clear and warm, the air smelt of cheesy chips and cigarettes.
A taxi pulled up outside the club and a man opened the door for his date, it was Seb.
“Hi Seb,” Kim smiled.
“Oh hey, Kim, we’re getting off…”
“Good luck,” Kim smiled.


Wang, who was about to get into the taxi stopped and turned to face her.
Suddenly, Kim was being hugged. “Thank you,” Wang whispered, and then, “I’m sorry for being a bitch to you.”
As they broke apart, Kim nodded and smiled, “It’s not a problem, I hope everything works out for you.”
Smiling, Wang got back into the taxi, “Take care,” Seb said, shutting the door.
“You too,” Kim replied.


As the taxi pulled away from the curb, Kim watched it disappear into the night – glad that at least someone’s problems were over…
Standing alone on the pavement, Kim starred up to the heavens.
Blue clouds littered the sky, blankets to the stars. Kim thought of her mother.
Kim’s life after the passing of her mother – it had been empty, she’d gone through the same routines every day… and then suddenly with the arrival of Kye everything had been turned upside down in so many ways… had this been what she’d needed all along? It was no use going through life expecting things to happen… you had to make them happen.


A knot in her stomach, Kim rang the doorbell again.
Perhaps she should have phoned? Still, it had been spare-of-the-moment, her coming here. It hadn’t been her intention when she’d awoken this morning.
There was a slight chill in the air, summer was almost over, and it was strange to think that in just over 3 months it would be Christmas.
The sound of a key in the lock broke into Kim’s thoughts, shattering them.
As the door opened she was met with the face of Adam Sabine, a very confused face.


“Hey Ad,” Kim smiled at him, ignoring the negative feelings which were threatening to surface.
“Kim… Hi…” Adam said uneasily.
“Can I come in?” Kim asked.
“Sure, sure…”
Adam stepped aside and let her in, “Go through, Lil’s in the living room…” Adam said, shutting the front door behind them.
Kim walked into the lounge where Lily was sat with the twins.


“Kim!” Lily stood up abruptly, knocking over one of the boy’s teddy bears, causing him to cry loudly.
“Sorry honey, sorry,” Lily said quickly, passing the bear back to Declan who immediately stopped crying and instead started chewing on the bear’s ear.
“Hey Lil,” Kim smiled, “I decided we needed to talk…”
Lil nodded. “I’ve missed you,” she said.
“Me too, I just needed time…”
“I know…”


“You’ll always be my best friend,” Kim started, “Always. I’ve just been hurting so much these past years… and I suppose it all had to come out eventually… my feelings, I mean… I was bottling them all up, hiding I guess… wanting some knight in shining armour to come and help me… but it wasn’t going to happen… I had to be my own knight…”
“its true Kim, that’s what I was trying to tell you… you weren’t seeing things clearly…”
“I know,” Kim agreed, “I understand all that now… I know you were just trying to help… in your own, weird lop-sided sort of way…”
Lily smiled


“Adam?” Kim turned to her best friend’s partner, who she knew was lurking in the hallway.
“This is incredibly hard for me, I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over what happened… but I’m sorry. I was being selfish, thinking only of myself. I can’t imagine how hard this entire scenario has been for you…”
Adam starred at her; she supposed he was lost for words. “That’s all you’re getting though,” Kim laughed.
He smiled, before grabbing her and pulling her into a tight hug.
“Argh!” Kim’s groan was muffled by his chest.
“Thank you so much,” he said, although she could barely hear him through his strong arms.
Awkwardly, Kim patted his back.
As he pulled away, Kim saw tears on his face.
“Sorry,” he muttered, and quickly he left the room.
Lily laughed, “He’s such a softy. What’s brought this on if you don’t mind me asking?”


Kim sighed and picked up Declan. “I just realised that life Is too short… someone told me that everyone comes into your life for a reason, no matter how big or how small… and I suppose we choose who we want to keep in our stories… and I choose to keep you, Lil.”
“Sounds like a wise person to me,” Lil said.
Kim sighed, “I have an ulterior motive for being here…”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah… I sort of mucked things up… well, I didn’t… my other friends did… and I need your advice…”
Lil gestured to the sofa, and once they were seated she said –
“Go on,”
“Well, in a nutshell, Simple Simon turned out to be not so simple at all… he became my best male friend, but then it’s all gone to shit and we can’t see each other anymore… and I fell completely head over heels for Kye… but now he’s turned into an utter dick and started flirting with one of my…” what exactly was Crys? Because Kim was pretty sure she wasn’t a friend…”My colleagues.” She decided.


“Do you still like him?”
“I think so… I just… saw another side of him which I didn’t like…”
Lil nodded, “and why can’t you see this Simon anymore?”
“Ugh… he… sort of told me he was falling for me and that he wanted to be more than friends… but that he knew I was in love with Kye so he respected that…”
“Wow, that sucks…”
“What do you think of Si?”


“I like him, a lot, he’s lovely and understanding and… different to anyone I’ve ever met… he has… layers… a lot of them. I think I know him and then he says something profound and unexpected and I feel like I don’t know him at all…” Kim smiled, “And he’s so good at making me feel like I’m not some messed up weirdo… he lost his dad when he was young and he really gets my issues… he’s introduced me to some really mad films which I wouldn’t have dreamt of watching a few months back…”


“Ok, I’m going to stop you…” Lily said, chuckling, “You know how you could have answered my question?”
Kim shook her head.
“You could have just told me that you’re in love with him.”
“Well, let’s face it… you are, right?”
“I’m not! I like Kye!”
“Uh-huh… sometimes I could just give you a good slap!” Lily laughed, “You fail to see what’s right in front of your face!”


Kim frowned. “But…”
“You’ve spent the last month obsessing over Kye when this perfect guy comes along and you can’t even see that he’s perfect…”
Was it true? Had Kim really been so shallow? As soon as she had seen Kye she’d known she’d liked him, he was hot, with his gorgeous red hair and piercing blue eyes… Simon hadn’t stood out to her like that.
“Oh my god…” Kim stood up, “I’ve been chasing the wrong guy! I’m such an idiot!”
“Well, I didn’t want to say that, but yeah, seeing as you’ve said it, you are!”
“I gotta go!”


“Let me know what happens!” she heard Lil call as she dashed from the house.



Kissing her was delicious.
He kissed her neck, her earlobe, he kissed her shoulder blades, her breastbone… every inch of her and he listened as her breath escaped in quiet little murmurs of pleasure – but the entire time his eyes were closed and his heart was shouting, screaming. Kim.
Finally opening his eyes, he took in the features of this beautiful woman laid before him, but she wasn’t the one he wanted, she wasn’t the one for him.
Crystal Rennock smiled up at him, searching his face with her eyes. “What’s wrong, baby?” she asked.
“I…” he started.


“I can’t do this,” he slid off the bed and retrieved his pants from the floor.
“What?” Crys propped herself up on one elbow, “Where are you going?”
“I have to see Kim…”
“I already told you, she’s with someone else, she doesn’t want you…”
“I need to hear it from her,” Kye said. He’d been a fool. He’d wanted Kim since they first went out together when he arrived in Anne Arbor. The tickets were booked for Japan and he was to leave in 2 days, he could cancel them if she wanted and he would.


“I’m sorry, Crys,” Kye said, shrugging on his t-shirt and hunting for his shoes, “But I’m in love with her.”
Crys laughed, a mean, patronising laugh, “Whatever…”
Kye ignored her, “I’ll see you…around,” he said, and he exited the apartment.

Whatever else she may be -Crystal Rennock knew her roots, with her obvious daddy-issues and low self esteem but her difficult past had made her resilient if nothing else.
Crystal took comfort in the fact that she could have any man she wanted, but not this time.
Seducing Kye had been easy… she’d known he’d liked Kim… and vice versa, but she wanted to know, needed to know that she could have him if she wanted – and she’d been right… almost.
One thing it seemed Crys hadn’t counted on was that sex was one thing and love was another – and in a fight against lust and the heart, the heart always won.


A little fed up and feeling a familiar itch she knew only a man could scratch, Crys replaced the telephone receiver.
Once again, Ekin arrived, and once again he pinned her to the bed starring down at her without expression.


He groped her breast roughly and she gasped at the feeling of both pain and pleasure combined.
Ekin’s phone buzzed angrily in his trouser pocket, he stopped touching her.
“Don’t stop,” Crys purred, “Ignore it…”
Ekin ignored her, leaving her pouting on the bed as he answered his call. There was only one person it could be.
“I am out.”
“Do you know the whereabouts of Wang?”


“At home,” Ekin decided to say as little as possible for fear of this woman finding out his reasons for being in Anne Arbor.
Silence, and then Okan sighed. “She is not.”
Ekin too was silent. Wang had been at home last time he’d checked… last night.
“I have reason to believe she has left…”
“You are wrong. Her lover is still in Ann Arbor.”
“Do not tell me I am wrong, Ekin…” Okan spat, “I am never wrong… it is you, who is wrong… again.”
Ekin swallowed.
“Find my wife… or I will find yours…” and the line went dead.
Crystal put her arms around his broad shoulders, caressing his skin, she kissed his neck but he shrugged her off.
“What’s wrong baby?” she watched him dress and sat back huffily, “Where are you going?”
“I must go,” Ekin muttered under his breath, to no one in particular, “I must find her…”
Crys sighed, “What is this? Men leaving me for other women… You for some randomer, Kye for Kim… Seb for Wang-“
Ekin stopped in his tracks… “What did you say?” he turned.


“Nothing,” Crys sulked, “Just leave…”
Ekin strode towards her, “Tell me what you said…” he was positively frightening.
Crys shrank back from his wild gaze… “Men… they leave-“
“About Wang?” he interrupted impatiently.
“Wang? And Seb? He left me for her…”
“Where are they?”


“Um… they left…” Crys said, confused, “My friend, Kim knows…They’ve gone back to Wang’s home town… Ta-“
“Takobe City…” they both said in unison.
“How did you-?” Crys queried, eyes wide.
“Kim? Lives at Oakwood Drive?”
Crys nodded, “Why?”
Ekin ignored her, and turned on his heel leaving Crys alone, confused and completely unaware of what she’d just done.


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