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I could almost forget everything, when I’m out in the woods… It’s like the rest of the world melts away.


There’s something about being one with nature, being away from other people and enjoying the countryside which relaxes me. I’m not antisocial, as such… I just enjoy my own company – plus the majority of people I know happen to be complete douche bags.


I don’t really know where I’m going… the leaves crunch and twigs snap and crack under foot as I traipse through the woods under a crescent moon.
A barn owl is screeching somewhere nearby… a cold wind whisks leaves into the air and they hiss and crackle against one another.


I’m not sure how long I’ve been walking, the cut on my forehead has stopped bleeding and my feet ache… plus I’m cold, so I suppose I must have been out here about an hour or so.
I can see Hart Manor on the horizon, the lights on inside, warm and inviting. Smoke emanates from the chimney top and I shiver as I think of a comfortable, warm fire.
I hear a noise behind me as some foliage is crushed by a heavier being and I turn to see who might be there.
The clearing behind me lies empty; the gap in the trees enables moonshine to cascade down into the glade. A small pond sits before me bathed in silver light… but there’s not a soul around.


The dell is so pretty that I approach it and sit myself on the large granite surface which overlooks it. I stare down into the depths. I wonder who would miss me if I were to slip into the pond, just fall down and let the water take me. It’ll be cold; very cold… lying there in the water, letting its icy reaches fill my mouth, my throat… my lungs. I reach down and touch the silver surface.


“You’ll fall…”
My heart skips a beat and my balance almost fails, I manage to steady myself.
“Whatcha wanna do? Kill yourself?”
“Who’s there?” I stand up, wiping my cold, wet hand on my jeans.
A woman emerges from the trees, she’s cloaked so I can’t see her face, only her long silver hair is visible.
“I should be asking you the same thing,” she says.
I don’t respond, I begin walking away.
“Yves,” she calls, and I stop dead. How does she know my name…?
I stare at her and I think I see her eyes but I can’t be sure, they seem to be mocking me.
“Come,” she beckons, I stand… almost as though my legs are not mine own – controlled by this woman… Suddenly I’m following her into the woods – powerless and completely unto her command.


5 thoughts on “Five

  1. I started reading Skin Deep when you were about halfway through and have been reading your work since then. I have a bad habit of reading without commenting. It’s not one I am usually willing to try and break, but I will for this! Your sims are very aesthetically diverse, something I greatly admire; your stories are original, which is refreshing. I am in love with this pond. I would give Yves a hug, but I doubt he would appreciate that. :p

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I try to make my sims look more realistic… I find the majority of legacies start with an unbelievably good looking founder and it’s just not the way the world works, not everyone is fantastically good looking… and thank you for the comment on the storylines, I try – it’s so difficult to keep things original when so much has been done before so I really, really appreciate your comment. As for Yves, well you never know, he might enjoy a hug..! Once again, thank you! Your comment has made my morning 🙂

  2. Oooooh mysterious. I wonder who she is. Hopefuly not a bad witch lol.
    I agree with Viola the pond is amazing. Your sceneries are very pretty Weathie. Good job on that!! Can’t wait to see who is this woman ^ ^

    1. Thank you! I do enjoy landscaping and scenery but i’m always in such a rush to write half the time I can’t be arsed so I download stuff instead… the pond is all mine though 😉 thanks for reading ❤

  3. I agree with the rest of the comments. That pond is beautiful. No wonder he found it so peaceful. I liked the mystery vibe you have going on in this chapter. As always, this is very well written. And I agree with the statement about most legacies. You are so right, most of them do start out with a super model, and the real world isn’t like that. I do think Yves is handsome, but not in the traditional way. He’s unique though, but still pleasing to the eyes. I know myself in my legacy I tried to make my founder average. I think she is cute, but not beautiful. Anyhoo, sorry for the long comment, going to head to the next chaper now!

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