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Author’s note – The chapters which follow will undoubtedly be longer than those previously posted – this is mostly because I’m an inpatient git who has been working on another story involving, Yves, Maya and some other characters who I can’t wait to share with you – H x

“Are you always this way with your dad?” Maya asks me as we turn left at the end of my street and head towards the woods.
“What way is that?” I ask, pulling up the zip of my hoody and hunching up against the chilly October air.
“So…abrupt,” Maya says, trotting to keep up with my pace.
I shrug.
“Slow down, you gangly git!” she huffs.
I glance at her, eyes wide and she giggles musically.
I walk slower, too slow so she sighs and barges into me, chuckling.
I lose my balance and fall off the curb into the road.


“Sorry,” she giggles, “but not really…”she adds goofily.


I smile, she’s so cute. I don’t think I’ve smiled this much in… ever.


As soon as we’re in and amongst the trees I feel I can relax, we traipse through the leaves and berries towards the lake, when I stop suddenly and hold my arm out to tell Maya she should do the same.
“Wha-?” I wave frantically, gesturing for her to be quiet, peering around me she gasps.


Standing before us is a small roe deer, sifting through the leaf litter with her nose, obviously searching for berries or some such.
We watch her for a few moments and Maya grabs my arm. I feel a warm tingling sensation at her touch, she’s holding her breath. The deer suddenly looks straight at us, and darts away into the trees.
Maya releases her breath. “Wow,” she manages.
“I see them a lot,” I say, “But I never get tired of them…”
“That was beautiful… I’ve never seen one up close before…” she smiles.
“Really?” I enquire, “You only live over there,” I gesture towards the grand house on the horizon.
Maya shrugs, “I just never really bothered looking for them I suppose…”
I raise an eyebrow at her, wondering how she could live somewhere so fantastic and fail to notice how beautiful it can be…
“Are we fishing or what?” she brushes past me and heads down the bank towards the lake, I follow her departing back.



“Ugh…” Maya stretches.
“What’s wrong,” I ask, adjusting the fishing rod.


“I never realised fishing was so… boring…”
I smile… “Well usually I’d have caught something by now…” I say, it’s true, but just typical that I haven’t caught a thing whilst trying to show Maya how great a hobby it is.
“Well, I’m fed up…” Maya grumbles.


I feel a cold flick on the end of my nose and look up into the sky; the rain drops splatter onto my face, heavier and heavier by the second.


“Argh!” Maya jumps up, “I haven’t got my umbrella!”
I pull in my line and start unscrewing my rod. “Come on then, let’s go…”
I pack my things away grumpily.
“I’m sorry,” Maya smiles at me uncertainly, watching me place my equipment into my backpack.
“What for? It’s not your fault it’s raining…”


Maya shrugs, “No, I know… but I thought I’d enjoy this more…”
“We didn’t catch anything,” I say, “If we did… then you’d enjoy it… its brilliant when you have a bite… reeling in that fish… it’s a lot of fun…”
Maya shrugs, “Maybe next time?”
I’m surprised she wants a next time… I thought this would be a onetime thing and I feel my heart flutter. I nod and smile at her.
The rain comes down harder.
“Argh!” she squeals, “Hurry!”


We run through the woods, slipping on wet leaves and slimy rocks, back up the bank and back to civilisation.
It’s dark due to the cloudy sky, and the cold wind chills us to the bone.
My hat is soaking and Maya’s dark hair is plastered to her face, we run down the street laughing and giggling like children, darting through the front door of my house and slamming it behind us.
“Wow, where have you two been?” Dad takes in our dishevelled appearance and soaking clothes.
“Fishing,” Maya manages, still catching her breath.


Dad chuckles, “You’re meant to use a rod, not go in trying to chase them!”
I roll my eyes but Maya giggles prettily.
“Come on, you must be freezing…” Dad says kindly, “Come through and sit by the fire…”



“… and I haven’t ridden since,” dad is saying, “He sure was a feisty one, that Henry…”
“He was a thoroughbred?” Maya asks, staring at him intently and sipping her mug of tea.
“Yep, and beautiful too… gorgeous brown coat and black mane… just very feisty…”


“I have a horse similar to that,” Maya laughs, “he’s a character…”
I can’t believe how easily Maya talks to my father, it’s like they’ve known each other forever… I love watching her, listening to her laugh, seeing her smile… the way her eyes sparkle and her nose crinkles…


“Wow, is that the time?” Maya looks over at the clock on the mantelpiece, it reads 8:00. “I should go…”
“It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Miss Hart,” Dad smiles at her kindly. I don’t want her to go…
“Thank you for having me…” Maya smiles back at him, “And thank you for the chilli! It was lovely.”
Maya stands and turns to me, “I’ll see you Monday, Yves?”


I nod and she takes her coat from the arm of the sofa.
“Bye then.”
I wave awkwardly and watch her leave.
Sitting in silence, I stare at the crackling fire.
“She’s lovely…” Dad says.
I nod.
“Are you two…?”
I stare at him, “…No…”


Dad nods, “Shame…”
I start to get up, “Please,” he says suddenly and I hesitate, “I really want to talk to you…”
“I can’t…” I say and I stand. Dad stares sadly at the floor and coughs a couple of times.
I leave him there alone, silhouetted by the fire.


Next update – Sunday, 30th June 2013


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