Catch up


The rain has finally stopped, a million stars twinkle at me as I make my way down the street towards the woods, I should have thrown myself in the dell long ago. This life isn’t for me.
It’s clear now, the spell either didn’t work… or it worked just fine and wore off.
My dad’s sudden turn around and then relapse is surely no co-incidence… and Maya’s sudden interest in me… well, it had to be the spell… or because of her grades… maybe a little of both? Who cares… she’s with that douche Fintan now…


I trudge into the woods, slipping on soggy leaves and smooth stones I make my way to the lake.
I don’t care that the water will be cold. I don’t care that once I’m in there, I won’t be able to change my mind, I just go for it.
Would anyone really miss me anyway? My dad sure as hell won’t – the only thing he ever misses is a bottle of Jack… and I daren’t even think about Maya – it’s not as though she’s thinking of me is it? I mean, right now? I’m barely on her radar… we’re on different planets and she’s way, way out of my league… she’d laugh if she knew how much I think about her.


I’m up to my waist in the murky depths when I see her and hear her familiar raspy tones.
“What in the hell are you doing?”
It’s Chaska.


“Oh, leave me alone…” I say, continuing my descent into the lake. My feet are like ice, thousands of tiny needles pierce my skin – my hands feel raw, aching and chilled to the bone.
“Are you really going to kill yourself?”
“What do you care? What are you even doing here?”
There’s something different about the witch – her skin seems less… putrid and her eyes… still shining, have less intensity than before – the rest of her face is hidden.
I’m aware that she’s stood on the surface of the water, which is extremely odd… her presence doesn’t so much as cause a ripple or a reflection upon the mere.


Chaska shrugs. “I don’t care… but I can think of a few people who will…”
“I doubt that…”
I snort, “Maya doesn’t care about me. Your stupid spell was a failure…”
Chaska shakes her head. “I don’t think so…What about your father? He’ll miss you…”
“No… my dad’s a drunk…”


“Is he? Last I heard he was giving up alcohol…”
“How do you know?”
Chaska shrugs. “I just do…”
I shiver.
“Don’t do this, Yves…” Chaska says, “Why give up when you’ve already had a taste? Why give up when you know how things could be… if you just come with me?”


I’ve stopped moving.


“I can make it all happen again…” Chaska whispers… her voice crackles like tissue paper and Goosebumps spread quickly over my body, a shiver prickles down my spine.
Chaska points at me and I rise, slowly out of the water, my jeans are heavy and water clogged, I can’t feel my feet.


“What are you doing? Let me down!” I stare around me, watching the lake as I rise above it.
“You’ll thank me later,” Chaska winks, a grim smile adorning her dark features.

Next Update – Sunday 7th July 2013

I know I said I’d make the chapters longer, and this one… well… isn’t.
That’s because I had one of my random epiphanies this morning and am going to have to re-write some of the story.  You know what they say – the first draft of everything is pretty shit. – H x


3 thoughts on “Eleven

  1. Just had a major catch up! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, I’ve been busy with school and love etc. I’m so glad she managed to convince him not to kill himself, I’m sure Maya cares about him, even if she doesn’t show it on the surface. Gah can’ wait to see where this goes.

    On a side note, would you mind notifying me on my forum when you release a new chapter? I’m pretty forgetful and am likely to forget to check up on the story. Thanks :]

  2. This is far from shit as it could get! But we all are hardest on ourselves. I liked seeing Chaska again, even though she gives me the creeps a little. I love this story!

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