Just a note –
So the characters might look a little different – this is because I reinstalled the game and got different default skins etc… some pictures from here on were taken before my reinstallation and some after… so it’s kind of hodge podged together to be honest… also, I can’t find the lot I used as the house for Yves and his father because I’m a total dumbass who forgot to save it… so the final scene in this chapter has no pictures. Lame…!

Finally, she sets the poker down and sits back in her wing backed arm chair; she leans heavily on the arm rest and stares at me nonchalantly.


“You want to be loved,” she says finally, cutting the tense atmosphere with her raspy tones.
I peer at her from under my thick fringe – her face is pale and I can’t make sense of her expression but I understand her words make up a statement rather than a question.


“Whatever…” I manage, taking a small sip of my drink and burning my tongue in the process.
“If not love, then it’s to be accepted…” she goes on, rubbing her chin as though trying to fathom me out. “Do you know what makes you more pathetic?”
I close my eyes; I don’t need to be insulted.
“The fact that you wouldn’t have gone through with it… The fact that you wouldn’t have got much further into that pond before you ran out like a little lost puppy with his tail in between his legs.”
The fire spits beside me, and a toad chirrups in delight as Chaska begins to gently rub his warty head.
I don’t have the energy to respond; to fight my corner, because I know she’s probably right.
“So what do you want?” the witch asks me.


I shrug.
“Sure you know,” she continues, “You want Maya to love you and you want your father to be a father…instead of a drunk.”
I take another sip of my drink.
“I’ve seen your future, Yves…”


I meet her gaze.
“Two little girls,” Chaska goes on, “Maya as a mother and you as a father…a happy relationship… and your father? Curtis Black will become the father he never was, a better father than you ever even imagined he could be.”
I stare at her in disbelief.
“Maya… and… me?”


Chaska nods, “She’ll love you like she’s never loved a man… and your father will be a million times the parent he is now… but you have to let me help you.”
I pause, Chaska is right; I do want to be accepted… I want Maya to love me, I want my Dad to love me… and she can help me – things will go back to how they were before and everything will be OK.
I frown, it sounds too good to be true – which means it probably is.
“…and the catch?”


Chaska cackles and the toad croaks in response.
“Always a catch,” she smiles, “I need 3 items, all belonging to the object of your desire…”
“That’s right, each needs to have more worth than the last… You have 2 weeks to close the deal, or things will stay as they are… forever.”
“I already gave you my first kiss… isn’t that enough?”
Chaska shakes her head, “No. I needed to show you what could be… this is the real deal. After the third item has been added to my cauldron, the spell becomes complete – and permanent.”
I nod, “What sort of items?”


“Anything belonging to the girl, possessions will probably be easiest… but hair is good… or skin…”
I frown, “And when you have the items everything will be OK?”
“Everything will be better than OK, Yves,” Chaska strokes the toad’s belly and he puffs his chest out at me, “Everything will be more perfect than you could ever imagine.”


The front door is unlocked, I slowly turn the handle – it’s always been a little on the stiff side and omits a strangled squeaking sound when turned.
I creep inside and the scent of stale alcohol and musty damp walls meets my nostrils, the house needs cleaning top to bottom.
I gently close the front door and unzip my jacket, slowly removing it from my body and hanging it upon the clothes peg, as quietly as I can muster in order not to disturb Curtis.
I hear my father grunt in his sleep from his bedroom – his door is slightly a-jar and I see him turn, snoring like a slumbering ogre.
“Yves?” A voice calls from the living room as my foot is on the first step of the staircase, distinctly feminine in tone, it causes me to jump.
I peer tentatively around the door and see Rebecca sat up, bleary eyed from under a blanket on the couch.
“Hi…” I whisper, I suppose she must have stayed to keep an eye on my father.
“You ok?” she asks, pulling her blanket up to her chin.
I nod, she looks cold.
“Good, night then, Yves.”
I’m about to leave the room when it strikes me that I should probably give up my bed for her, she’s being kind enough to stay… when I suppose I should be the one looking after that wreck, not her.
“Oh no, it’s fine,” Rebecca shivers despite her protests.
I cock an eyebrow at her, I know she’s just trying to be polite.
Approaching the sofa I hold out my hand for her blanket, she’s fully clothed underneath, that’s how cold she is.
“Are you sure?” she asks me, sheepishly. I can’t help but feel extremely uncomfortable – my teacher is sleeping at my house… soon, in my bed.
“I’m positive,” I say, if a little begrudgingly. Why the hell did that loser have to have a relapse? Doesn’t he know that he’s ruining everything?
Ms Lane slides off the sofa, “Thank you so much, Yves,” she smiles and I shrug.
As she leaves the room I stare at the couch before me. It’s lumpy and uncomfortable to sit on… to sleep on? I’m sure it’s a million times worse.
I stare up to the heavens as if to find some solace there, ‘it will all be over soon.’

Ps – I can’t get over how cute Yves looks with the new skin I downloaded…! If you like it you can get it here – http://navetsea.blogspot.co.uk/ (it’s the first skin on page one)
The eyes are from the superb Let Them Eat Burnt Waffles – all the eyes here are gorgeous but I picked Mouseyblue’s left over eyes N24.
– H x


10 thoughts on “Twelve

  1. I like the way Chaska looks. She looked good before–creepy, and she still is, but more subtle. I like it. 🙂 Yves looks awesome with his new skin and eyes. He’s adorable. Hmmm…Ok so Chaska’s proposition sounds way to good to be true. I have a feeling that its not going to turn out the way he thinks its gonna. And I think its sweet that Ms. Lane stayed over, I wonder if there is something else there as well. Can’t wait to read more. Love this story. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I sort of wanted her to look a little more subtle… you’ll see why later 😉
      Yves is adorable, it’s such a shame he’s such a whiny dweeb… he really needs to pull his finger out of his ass and stop wallowing in self pity. Thank you for reading and I’m so glad you’ve got the Gallagher Legacy up and running again 😀

  2. Good for you, you loser Yves. Lol jks, witch is going to come back and take your kids, good job.
    ❤ good work, Weathie, getting your stuff back. Let's hope for less crashes from expansion packs :_:

    1. Lol, Yves is a loser… totally. Sometimes when I’m writing I wish he was real so I could give him a good slap, the total noob.
      Thanks, it was pretty tricky getting my stuff sorted and I’m missing some of the lots I used and stuff, but I’ll get by. I really hope EA get their act together with stuff like this… or someone comes up with some sort of Mod which gives you the option to track CC you’ve used. That’d be pretty awesome. Also some sort of back up mod to enable saved games to be easily recovered. I dunno. *wafflebabblechunter* Ooh, a pug!

      1. Haha! I so agree with you on that one, wafflebabblecchunter now please! xD
        Anyway, ❤

  3. I hope he is not getting into any deeper shit… the perfect image of happiness is an illusion, I hope he can realize that before is too late. With a spell things will really never be perfect. 😦

    1. Yves is just a selfish boy who wants his problems fixed for him, instead of facing them himself, the time will come when he will HAVE to wake up and smell the roses, and not a spell in the world will help him then… 🙂

  4. I can´t get over him falling for her promises AGAIN – argh! And he is claiming to hope for nothing? Kid the truly hopless are not so easily baited >.<

    Great update *lol*

    1. Yves is pretty desperate. He pretends to be hopeless when in fact he just wants his fairy godmother to flutter down and correct all his problems for him… he doesn’t realise the only person who can solve his many issues is himself… thanks for reading 🙂

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