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World Used – Glendalough – http://www.cstylessims3forum.com/t2343-glendalough-a-peculiar-world-for-ts3-by-neuroticrobotic

Bad language is bad! Caution to those easily influenced and the morally inept! 😉

Dawn arrives, cold and blustery.
The northern wind is strong and icy, it whisks leaves from branches and sends them spiralling out of control, they skitter and scatter – scratching windows and skidding across pavements and roads.
Sleep seems to have all but evaded me, my eyes sting with hot tiredness and my head aches with exhaustion, but there’s something else – hope. Hope, that today may be different… I have something now, something to seize, something to focus on and to direct myself towards… that something is Maya Hart.
Miss Lane must have left early this morning, she’s not in my room when I check… I suppose she’ll have needed to go home in order to get ready for work.
I shower quickly, brush my teeth and make my way to Maybury High. – I’m there before 8:30.
I haven’t even thought about how I’m going to obtain my first object, Chaska mentioned that each needs to be of greater value than the last… I suppose I should start off with something easy to begin with… but what? Maya hardly speaks to me, she’s not going to let me get close enough to her to take something from her.
I drag my feet through the school corridor, which is surprisingly quiet. With every step I feel heavier, muddling over my task, my objective. Suddenly the whole situation seems incredibly ridiculous.
A witch in the woods with a pet toad, a spell which will solve all my worries and problems? I must have dreamt the whole thing – it must be some sort of odd concoction my subconscious worked up in order for me to be able to deal with my many issues…
I turn the corner to see Maya stood with her friends laughing and chattering and suddenly my doubts are dispelled. So it might be a con, or I might have made the whole thing up but when I see this girl everything else melts away, she is beautiful.

“Ach-oo!” she sneezes again into a white tissue and smiles at her friends, “Wow, I don’t know what’s come over me…” she scrunches up the tissue and places it in the dustbin to her right.
“Come on,” says one of her friends, “We’ll be late to class…”


“Go on without me,” Maya says, readjusting her handbag, “I need to speak to the office about changing class…”
I watch as her friends depart with a small wave and it’s then that I approach her.
“Hey,”  I manage a weak smile, my stomach lurches as her eyes meet mine and she returns my smile.
“Hey, Yves…” she says, tucking her brown hair behind her ear, as she approaches my heart flutters in my chest, her smile is so broad and beaming… but she passes me and rounds the corner without so much as a backwards glance.


I sigh, what did I think was going to happen? That Maya Hart, of all people, was going to stop and have a nice chat with me?
Head down, I begin my traipse to the classroom but as I pass the dustbin something catches my eye – the tissue.
A tissue, that would do? Maya’s used it, touched it… it would be perfect for my first object.
I glance around me, there’s not a soul in sight.
Even as I reach into the bin I can’t believe I’m doing it, this is insane… not to mention a little disgusting.
“What the hell are you doing?”
A voice from behind makes me jump and I drop the dirty hanky back into the bin, spinning around I’m confronted with Fintan Quade.


“I… dropped something…” I stutter, backing away.
“Whatever dude,” Fin pushes me backwards and I trip, landing on my backside, “I saw what you were doing, what are you – some kind of freak?”
Standing up I attempt to walk away but as usual the football player is faster and in my face once more.
“What is it with you? You have some sort of sick obsession with my girlfriend?”
I shake my head.


“Stay away from her you fricking goth.” he pushes me again and I feel a rush of anger, “If I catch you near her again, I’ll kill you… hear me?” I walk away and he doesn’t follow me, “I’ll fucking kill you!” he yells, his voice echoing down the corridor.


I don’t see Maya for the rest of the day.
My classes are uneventful and monotonous.
I enter the art classroom and stand before my easel, it’s my final lesson of the day – and my favourite.
Everything about this lesson relaxes me, the scent of paints, the coolness of the room – even the deep, slow tones of my art teacher.


I’m lost in the moment, my brush on canvas when I’m suddenly aware of the smell of enticing vanilla and the sound of a voice I recognise – Maya.
“…you’re switching from Geography to Art?” Mr. Argrave enquires over the top of his wire-rimmed glasses.


I watch as Maya nods and I swallow – What’s she doing here?


“That’s a…rather drastic change this late in the term, don’t you think?”
Maya shrugs and tucks her hair behind her ear, “Geography isn’t really my thing…” she smiles at him and I don’t know how he avoids melting on the spot.
“Ok, well, you’ll have a lot of catching up to do…”
Maya nods and finds a spare easel in front of me, she turns and smiles at me slightly before bending down and unpacking her bag.
I watch as she pulls out a pencil tin and then a fine looking pen, she unscrews the lid and begins her work.
I continue my painting at a slower pace, mesmerised by the fluid motions of her left hand as she draws upon the blank canvas, the gold and blue pen catches the light every so often and glimmers.
I’m not sure how long I’ve been stood, hypnotised by her line drawing but the bell alerts me that it’s time to leave.
“Excellent work today!” Mr. Argrave calls to the class as his pupils scramble to tidy up, eager to finish their day.


“See you tomorrow, Yves,” Maya smiles at me and I’m so shocked that she’s spoken that I drop my paints onto the floor. “Shit…”  I say under my breath and I watch as Maya exits the room, oblivious to my clumsiness.
“I hope you’re going to clear that up,” Mr. Argrave calls to me from his desk.
I nod and grab some paper towels from a nearby dispenser in order to mop up the gloop.
Once I’m finished I carefully place my belongings back into my school bag, and that’s when I see it.
A blue and gold pen lies on the tiled floor a few feet in front of me, it’s fallen out of Maya’s bag in her haste to get home.
It’s strangely heavy in my hand and was obviously expensive to buy.
The casing is pale blue with an gold paisley pattern covering; the top unscrews to uncover a golden nib – a name engraved in tiny italics reads – Maya Elizabeth Hart.
“Have you lost something, Yves?” Mr. Argrave calls to me.
I stand up a little too quickly and discreetly hide the pen up my sleeve.


“No, just finished tidying,” I smile, “See you later Mr. Argrave…”
I leave the room feeling a little lighter.



3 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. I cringed so bad when Fintan caught Yves wit the tissue. oh my god.. I absolutely love this story so much, the way that you describe things is brilliant too, i can’t wait until chapter fourteen, so see how Yves manages to get the other items he needs!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve just started reading ‘Doors’ and I love it so far! Haven’t caught up with it all yet, but your writing is wonderful, you’re quite the wordsmith!

  2. Fintan is such a jerk, and needs a smack down. I hate bullies. Team Yves here! I also liked the part with the tissue, and I liked when he found Maya’s pen. Heading to next chapter now. 🙂

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