Hey hey all,

I’m currently having a crisis.
I’m just not feeling it! I know where I want The Black Legacy to go, but getting there is something else all together and is proving to be incredibly frustrating.
I write for pleasure, and I love it – usually – but just recently updating this story has become something of chore, exactly the opposite of what it should be.
It’s doing my head in because I HATE to start something and not finish it.
I’m going to take a break for a little while, I want to start something fresh and come back to Yves and Maya at some other point in the future.
I’m really sorry to do this at this point and I PROMISE I will re-visit this story but it seems obvious to me that my writing will suck if I force it.
I’ll have something new and fresh for you soon.

Thank you for reading and for offering your support!

W xx



7 thoughts on “A.W.O.L

  1. It happens when you write in installments, writing is hard, and is a process of editing and constantly revising, but when you have to write something for installments it becomes harder to continue unless the story has been completely fleshed out, then again it defeats the purpose of writing in installments. lol.

    Don’t feel bad. Like you said, put it to rest, and come back later with fresh ideas.

  2. Hey, don’t stress to much about it. The more you try to force yourself, the more you will hate working on it…
    So, thanks for letting us know. Be sure I will be lurking, and take all the time you need- maybe you will get the hang of it once again. Fingers crossed here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Writing a legacy does become a chore eventually. That’s why most people go with the flow of whatever there Sims do, and write about that. If you’re not feeling it, and still want to do it, see what your Sims do in free will, or read some other legacies for some good inspiration, motivation. You never know, Yves might end up accidentally making out with a Plantsim who just so happens to be the owner of a new cat he adopts from the bakery… Yeah… you’ll think of something.

  4. Don’t worry dear! Like everyone else said, you gotta love what you do, and you can’t force yourself into it or you’ll grow to resent it. Sometimes a break is what is needed to get the idea’s flowing again. With that said though, I’m still glad you will be writing. I’ll read anything you write. ๐Ÿ™‚

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