01 The First Degree – Yves Black

Yves Black


I sit in the back of the taxi and rub my hands together in an attempt to make them feel warm… I hate to get a taxi but hopefully after today that’ll all change.


It may be sunny out but it’s certainly deceiving, it can’t be more than 5 degrees.
Every March the Spring Festival comes to town in celebration of new life and love. Of all the festivals I think it’s my favourite. Who doesn’t want a fresh start? Who doesn’t want to leave the past behind and move forward? That’s what the spring festival is all about.


2 years ago today, I- Yves Black asked Maya Elizabeth Hart to be my girlfriend, and she accepted… and 2 years on we’re more in love than ever.


You know that person who you’d do anything to be around, the one whose presence makes you numb and emotionally overcome all at the same time? For me that’s Maya Hart – I love her and she is mine.
I’ve asked her to meet me at the festival grounds so we can spend our anniversary together – and I’ve got a little surprise for her too; I just hope she likes it.
“Thanks a lot,” I say to the driver, passing him a five simileon note, “Keep the change,” I smile and he nods at me in thanks.
I duck out of the taxi and make my way across the grounds towards the concessions stand – where I told Maya I’d meet her.


“Hey, Goth!” a voice reaches me from across the park.
I raise my hand in greeting as Fintan Quade waves at me.
Fintan and I go a long way back, and I have to say – he wasn’t always my favourite person… high school jock and bully – Fin would have had me believe that he was in love with Maya, when in fact it was all a façade to keep his father happy


Fin nods at me and behind him I see his wife, Bianca Quade and their toddler Owen who walks unsteadily beside his mother… it’s really bizarre how things turn out.


Fin and Bee move from my field of vision and suddenly she’s all I see.


Maya Hart, her brown hair is long and hangs in sofa thick waves over her shoulders, framing her beautiful face, she is slim and petite, her laughter reaches my ears like bird song on a summer breeze.
As I approach I see she is talking to a man I recognise… and loathe – Rueben Lake.


“Hey Evie!” he smiles as I approach.
“Hi Ruby,” I smirk and he slaps me on the back a little too hard for my liking.
“You got a car sorted yet?” he loves to bring up cars, I shake my head – I don’t have one, where as he’s got some sort of lameass 4×4.
I’m not sure what it is about Rueben that I dislike so much… The fact that he’s stupidly rich, his astonishing good looks… his perfect auburn hair… his bright green eyes and undeniable intelligence and wit? Oh… how about all of the above…
Then there’s the fact that Maya thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread… honestly – though I have no idea why.


“So, Maya’s just been telling me…2 years…” Rueben crosses his arms and smiles at me, “That’s quite a long time…”
“Sure is,” I placed my arm around Maya’s shoulders and she smiles up at me adoringly. That’s right, adoringly-in your face Rueben Lake.
“So, when’s the big day?” Rueben asks a sly smile upon his lips.


At first I have no idea what he’s talking about and then Maya giggles and gives him a little push, I realise he’s talking about marriage.
“Shhh!” Maya chuckles and I shake my head.
“We haven’t even discussed it,” I say, “We may have been together 2 years but we’re nowhere near ready for that…”
Rueben smiles, “I see, well, see you later May May…” he gives my girlfriend a small salute and smirks at me before he takes his leave.
“May May?” I cringe at Maya who shuffles uncomfortably.
“It’s his pet name for me…” she says almost shyly, “it’s just silly…”
I laugh, “Pet names… honestly… what a douche,” I kiss her hair, “Shall we?”
We set up a blanket under an apple tree and enjoy the sunny spring afternoon over cream scones and strawberry jam, watching the people around us as they too make the most of the bank holiday weekend.
As afternoon turns to evening there’s a sudden chill to the air and we decide it might be best to make a move.
We tidy away our things and head back to Becky and dad’s house. I made sure Dad, my step mother Becky and my baby sister Tori would be out this evening by paying for them to spend the bank holiday in Sunlit Tides with what little money I’d made from my latest book.


As we approach the front door I turn to Maya, gesturing for her to stop and she cocks her head to one side, eying me quizzically.
“Maya Hart…” I say with a smile, reaching into my trouser pocket and I fumble around.
“Yves, what are you doing?” Maya frowns.


“I want to give you something…” I say, trying to place my fingers around the box which seems to resist my touch.
Maya laughs nervously as I finally manage to produce the small black box which contains my girlfriend’s life changing gift.
Maya gasps, her eyes wide and for a moment, just a moment, I doubt myself… then I smile at her and slowly open the case, displaying the shiny object inside.


Quick note!
Told you I’d be back!
Not entirely happy with this chapter as it’s pretty rushed but I promise things get better, so please stay with me 🙂


11 thoughts on “01 The First Degree – Yves Black

  1. It was so great to see Yves and Maya again, and I like how it jumped into the future. I hope the shiny object at the end is a wedding ring, even though Reuben almost spoiled it at the park kinda. I wonder what Ruben’s deal is and if he is a threat to Maya and Yves happiness. Can’t wait to see where this story goes, but for now, im just happy to see Yves and Maya again. I’m so glad you kept his new hair on him. It amps up his hotness!

    1. Thank you, I know Yves is a pain in the ass but I sort of like that about him. He’s meant to be annoying to a certain extent and I have a lot of fun writing about him, which is why I wanted to include him in this story…Plus with his new hair he is pretty damn hot. 😀

    1. Thank you for reading – btw I absolutely love the pictures you created for your Six Degrees – they’re beautiful 🙂 Ji Sang and Claudia Moreno are just… wow…

  2. RIght now I wish I would have payed more attention to the facial expression of sims when someone is proposing to them, which would eventually enable me to guess if she is going to say yes or no *lol*

    1. I know, I haven’t really looked that closely to be honest… I’m looking forward to the The Sims 4 for the way emotions are depicted – will hopefully make for some awesome story writing 🙂

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