03 The First Degree – Yves Black


I suppose I feel a little better, albeit not much.
It seems Maya and I settled our disagreement the usual way… with sex – basically meaning we didn’t settle it at all.
It’s now Friday and Maya’s still staying with her parents. I’m trying to remain positive, but when I have no idea what her issue is it’s fairly difficult.
How am I supposed to be an optimist about this? It feels like we’re no further forward and I still have no clue as to why Maya is behaving so irrationally. I mean, if it’s not a proposal she was expecting then what’s the big deal?
In a last ditch effort to show how sorry I am (Despite not knowing exactly what it is I’m supposed to be sorry for) I decide to take my girlfriend out for a meal, and not just that – I sold the car and… I…I bought a ring.
Just because we’re engaged doesn’t mean we have to get married straight away – I mean, plenty of people have long engagements and remain perfectly happy.
I wouldn’t say I feel great about it, but Maya is the one, right? I mean, Maya Hart is definitely the future Mrs. Black… so what does it matter?
I stare at her over our candlelit dinner, as always I’m amazed by her natural beauty.


“Is it good?” I ask her as she cuts into her salmon and she smiles up at me.
“It’s divine,” she says, and she leans forward, “try some,” she says. I catch a sneaky peek at her perfect breasts as she bends over the table.
The salmon is divine, but all I can think about is getting her out of her dress… first I need to think about this proposal.


“Maya,” I say, continuing to watch her slice into her dinner.
“Uh huh,” she takes another mouthful of her meal, delicately patting her mouth with her napkin.
“I’ve thought long and hard about this…situation…” I say, I’m not sure how to say this.
“So have I…” Maya places her fork onto her empty plate and stares at me seriously.
“I love you – you mean everything to me…” I say, reaching into my trouser pocket.
“Yves…” Maya says, “I-“


“I’m going to ask you something,” I continue, pulling my hand out of my trousers and concealing the box under the table.
“Will…” I begin.


“I…” Maya starts at the same time.
It takes me a moment to deduce what she’s said… her words a miss-match of my own… and then it dawns on me…
“…What?!” we both cry in unison, our expressions a perfect match.

Note – I don’t want to upload the next part straight away… I’m sorry for the short chapter – I’ll have another update on Sunday – Promise! 🙂 ❤
In other news, in case you didn’t know – I’ve started some Let’s Play Vids on my youtube channel and would really appreciate you guys checking it out if you haven’t already…


Thanks guys – until next time 🙂


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