05 The First Degree – Yves Black



Over the next few days I mull over what Fin has said

As I think on it I realise there’s a strong possibility that I really do have trust issues and that if I can’t trust the woman I have every intention of marrying someday then really, what is the point in worrying if this break is permanent or not? If I’m going to marry her then surely I need to trust her first.
I’m undecided as to whether to take up Fin’s offer of Sunlit Tides or not.


I’ve looked it up on Google Maps and my god, the place is stunning and there’s plenty to keep me busy… it’s not as though I have a job tying me down to Maybury so I could just leave whenever… it’s just that I don’t see how it will help.
Stewing over this whole scenario five thousand miles from here isn’t going to be any different…
One way I’ve found to help me think is to walk.

Yves & Tori in stroller

I’ve always loved the outdoors and I spend every moment outside that I can, I even write outdoors, weather permitting.
Wednesday evening I’m out with Tori in her stroller.
I’ll often take her out, it seems she too loves to be outdoors and I enjoy spending time with her, bonding.

Yves Headshot One

Tori in stroller happy

“Euuvee, I’m tired!” Tori groans after we’ve been walking for some time, she’s been grouchy these past few days and I’m certain it has something to do with Maya’s lack of presence.
“You ready to go home?” I ask her, bending down to her level and she nods endearingly.
“Ok, let’s go home…” I smile, standing once more.

Tori and Yves

“YAYA!” Tori suddenly yells and I turn to see Maya stood in front of a grand looking house with some boxes.

Maya and Boxes

Maya turns to see me stood there and frowns. I hadn’t counted on seeing her and my stomach does some sort of weird back flip.

Maya Frowning

I nod in her direction and am about to turn the stroller round when Tori begins to bounce up and down in aggravation. I think she loves Maya more than I do.
“No, Tori, we have to go home…”  I whisper urgently over the sound of the groaning pram suspension.
“YAYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA!” Tori yells as loud as her lungs will allow and I cringe.
Maya approaches with a shy smile and that’s when I see Rueben stood on the porch of what I can only assume is his house… so who do the boxes belong to? Surely not Maya?

Maya approaching, Rueben in distance

“Hey Tori!” Maya smiles down at my half sister who reaches forward and grabs Maya’s sweater, exposing her ample cleavage.
“Whoa,” Maya pulls away, “Steady!” she chuckles, bending down once more after straitening her top. I gulp. It’s not lust, It’s not lust… I repeat the mantra in my head, over and over again.

Maya and Tori

Maya and Tori2

“That’s the last of the boxes!” Rueben calls from his porch, he gives me a wave and I nod in greeting.
“Hey,” I say, fiddling with the stroller handles.
“Hi Yves,” Maya smiles warmly and folds her arms across her breasts.

Maya with folded arms

“What’s happening?” I nod towards the house behind her.
“Oh… I’m moving some boxes…”
“Your boxes?”

Yves questioning

“W-what? No!” Maya scowls, “Why would you even think that?”
I shrug.
“For god’s sake, Yves! I’m helping Rueben, we’re friends.

Maya scowling

I snort. “Sure.”
“I don’t have time for this…”
Maya turns away from me.
“Yaaaaayyyaaaa!” Tori wails.

Tori upset

“See you later princess,” Maya leans forward and kisses Tori.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper.
Maya meets my gaze. “They’re his sister’s… she’s moving up here and he needed a hand… now stop following me around and try to move on…”

Maya and Yves

“What?” I cringe, “I’m not following you around!” I exclaim.
Maya shrugs, she doesn’t believe me.
“I’m not!” I shout at her departing back and she ignores me, much to my infuriation.


I watch her walk away and as she steps up onto the porch I see Rueben appear and put his arm around her, pulling my girlfriend into his broad muscular chest.
Leading Maya into the house, I can’t be sure, but when he turns and for a fleeting moment, I’m sure he smirks and winks.

Rueben and Maya



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