Slight Delay!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the delay, I’ve been a busy bee writing a Halloween special… hopefully I’ll start posting it later this week.
I’ll get the screenshots taken for Yves’ First Degree by the middle of the week, promise!

I’ve been uploading loads more Let’s Play videos, learning more and more as I go and I’m having so much fun doing it. I’m wrapping up my Midnight Hollow Series this week and have recorded 3 vids today so I’m totally knackered but it’s all worth it.

I have 10 subscribers at the moment, which doesn’t sound a lot but I’m really pleased about it! My episodes are all down to around 10 mins to keep people interested for now, I figure half an hour a time is a long time to hold a person’s attention, and cutting down was recommended by a good friend of mine so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyhow, if you want to check out the videos for Midnight Hollow, you can see them here

Thanks for your support!



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