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Sooo! As mentioned previously I’ve been working my butt off on a Halloween special story.
I only decided to do this about 2 weeks ago so I apologise if my writing comes across as a little rushed.
The style I’ve gone for is similar to Graham Masterton and Richard Laymon, my two favourite horror writers to date. If you’ve ever read any novels by these authors you’ll know that they don’t scrimp on the sex and bad language, and for that reason this story is almost certainly, without doubt, ADULT rated. If you’re easily offended by swear words, sexual scenes and drug use then I suggest you don’t bother reading, because there’s sure to be a lot!
I think that’s about all I have to say, so enjoy. Not sure how often this will be updated, probably twice a week. I have the story, still in the process of taking the screenshots, and some are going to be pretty tricky to get right!
Take care, W xx


“It is done,” gasped the priest, he wiped the sweat from his brow.
“The beast…i-is in the mirror?” she asked, her face pale in the flickering candle light.
Rain beat down on the windows and the wind whistled through the loft.
“Yes,” the priest confirmed, “he is trapped, he cannot harm us now.” A moment of silence, the woman collected her thoughts.
“What should I do with the mirror,” she asked glancing at it from the corner of her eye, hardly daring to stare into her reflection.
“Hide it,” said the priest, “The beast cannot hurt you now. Even better, destroy it.”
“But, the bad luck? Seven years worth?”
“Seven years of bad luck is bearable compared to what the beast will do to you.”
The woman nodded sombrely.


Erica Penwright absent-mindedly drummed her fingers on her arm as she stared blankly at the office document on her computer screen, what little inspiration she had had evaporated.


I could go…she thought, OK, so that utter bitch Hollie will be there… but then so would Kane.
Erica had been going over this issue for the past half an hour, deciding she would accompany her older brother on his road trip to Lucky Palms one minute, and changing her mind the next.


The worst that’ll happen is that Kane Treloar doesn’t speak to me… Eric mused, sitting back on her wooden chair, she frowned. Actually the worst that can happen is that Hollie has her way and sleeps with him… and I’m left alone with that loser Ewen. Why is it the guy I like sees me as a little kid and the guy I’m repulsed by wants to get in my pants?


Kane Treloar… he was so fucking gorgeous. Erica’s eyes flitted to the right of her computer monitor and took in the photograph placed there. It was taken this summer, Erica, her brother Brett and his best friend Kane. For Erica, Kane was her perfect man, his dark, tousled hair… bright green eyes… broad chest and powerful arms… Erica shivered. He’ll never go out with me.
How do I know though? I mean, how do I know he’s not thinking the same thing about me, RIGHT now? I don’t, and he could be… I mean, what if he’s waiting for me to ask him out?


Sitting upright Erica starred across the room at her discarded clothes which littered the floor; her suitcase had been packed and unpacked numerous times. I’m going, she thought, I’m going to go to Lucky Palms for Halloween, and by the time this weekend is over, Kane Treloar will be my boyfriend.
Erica leapt out of her chair and began stuffing her clothes back into the open suitcase on her bed, she needed to hurry, Brett was due to leave in 10 minutes or so.
After a few moments of stuffing and pushing garments into the confined space which served as her case, the sound of movement from outside caught Erica’s attention.


Exiting the room she made her way across the landing and peered out of the window.
Kane’s black Jeep had pulled up outside the house and she felt her heart drop to her feet.
Erica rushed back to her room and continued to stuff her belongings into her case.
“You’re coming then?” Brett’s voice from her bedroom doorway made her jump, she spun around to face him, her brother took in her messy case.


“Yeah.. I guess…”
“You don’t have to, sis…”
“I want to! I just… don’t really know Hollie that well…”
“You mean you don’t like her.”
Erica scowled and crossed the room, “It’s not that I don’t like her,” Erica protested, shutting her case and zipping it closed, “she’s just so… weird…”


Brett shrugged, “I don’t care, she’s fucking hot… I need to get me some of that…”
Erica rolled her eyes, “Whatever…” the thought of her brother getting with Hollie Demare was too disturbing to comprehend, also there was the fact that Hollie clearly had a thing for Kane; then, who didn’t?


“Knock knock!” Kane’s voice called up the stairs.
“I’ll be two seconds!” Brett called back, “Do us a favour sis and give this to Kane…”
Brett passed his sister a rucksack he was holding, “I just need to pack the rest of my stuff and we’re good to go…”


Erica nodded as her brother left the room, she wiped her sweaty palm on her tights.
Jeez, I’m such a fucking retard! Erica cursed herself, edging out of the room. I can’t even behave like a normal human being knowing that Kane is in the same breathing space as me…


“Hey little scrap!” Kane’s deep voice met her ears from the hallway below, “What are you creeping around at up there?”
Erica swallowed, feeling slightly sick. “Hey Kane,” she managed a smile, and descended the staircase. “Brett said to give you this..” Erica passed him the bag, blood rushing in her ears.
“Ah, great…” Kane opened the sack and fumbled inside, he pulled out a packet of pot. “Excellent… Gonna be an awesome weekend… shame you can’t come…”


His kind green eyes met hers and she felt part of her melt, “Oh, well actually…”
“What’s the hold up?” a petite brunette appeared in the door way, her dark hair cut short and her almond shaped eyes sparkling as they scanned the hallway, Hollie appeared behind her and stood closely to Kane who smiled warmly at her.


The lump which appeared in Erica’s throat felt the size of a goose egg.
“Nuthin'” Kane shoved the weed back into the rucksack, “We’re just waiting on Brett…”
The brunette girl nodded and glanced at Erica who smiled uncertainly. “Hey,” said the girl.


“Hi,” Erica responded, who was she? Erica had never seen her before.
“Oh sorry, this is Juliette,” Kane squeezed the girl’s shoulder, “She’s our fifth person…”
“Fifth person?” Erica repeated, the lump in her throat expanded. If Juliette was the fifth person, that meant there was no room in the jeep for Erica.


“Uh huh,” Kane smiled, “Ettie is one of Hollie’s friends – always wanted to go to Lucky Palms, haven’t you?”
Ettie looked up at Kane, her smile broad and displaying her perfect white teeth. “Sure have.”


“OK, I’m good to go, where’s your stuff?” Brett thundered down the stairs in his usual manner.
“Huh?” Erica played dumb, “I… changed my mind…” she whispered so only he could hear.


Brett glanced over at Ettie and turned to his sister. “Bad luck little scrap,” he messed up her already untidy hair. “Another time, huh?”


Erica nodded slowly, fighting back the tears she could feel welling.
“You wanted to come?” Kane queried, Hollie starred at her.


“Nah,” Erica felt unable to look at him, “Nah, I’ve got loadsa uni work to do…”
Kane nodded slowly, “Well you’re still welcome,” he smiled kindly, “You could always follow us in your dad’s truck?”


Erica shook her head, glancing up quickly and catching Hollie’s narrowed eyes fixated on her own.
“OK, well, see you Tuesday little scrap,” Brett gave her a friendly squeeze before grabbing his two bags and lumbering out the door with Kane who thumped him on the back.
Hollie turned to her, eyes still narrow. “Nice to see you, Scrappy…” she smiled with no warmth, “Maybe another time?”


Erica fiddled with the sleeves of her jumper. “Sure.”
Hollie smirked, turned on her heel and left the house, followed closely by Ettie- As soon as the door clicked shut Erica let her tears fall.



7 thoughts on “Mirror (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL)

  1. Well Kane looks super hot. I love her hair by the way, is it like a remake of one of EAs hairs? It looks similar to one but much better quality. ^ ^

    I miss updating. Wish I had the time. 😦

    1. Kane is gorgeous! Haha. As for his hair, tbh I’m not sure! I’ll look next time I’m in game. It might be a re-texture… I wish you could update more often too, I miss reading your posts 😦 x

      1. No I meant her hair. Sorry.
        And dont even say anything about that, Im here suffering. I want to update so bad, but I really can’t get any progress on what Im doing until I get a full day to myself which right now is impossible. 😦

  2. Well darn you for going and getting me hooked on yet another story. I put off reading this one for awhile because I was worried i’d be hooked. LOL. Ugh Now I gotta keep reading.

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