02 Mirror

Mirror title

As mentioned previously, strong language follows. If swear words hurt your brain I suggest you don’t continue 🙂


They hadn’t even seen it coming, stupid fools. Trapping a demon in a mirror, did they not realise that all they had done was trap him in another realm? It had been easy, no sooner had they mentioned destroying his prison he had used the strength he had stored to manifest – using the shadows for his form and their reflections as his energy he manifested and pulled them in, simultaneously – and they had been delicious.


“Have you ever been to Lucky Palms?” Leanne Wickston queried, Erica could hear her clattering around in her kitchen over the telephone speaker, Leanne was clearly cooking again.


“Nope,” Erica responded.
“Well, I have,” her best friend went on, “and it’s lame.”


Erica paced her room, so she’d cried a little and phoned her best friend for a girly chat, Leanne had a way of making her feel better.
“I doubt that,” Erica protested, “The way Brett goes on you’d think it was the greatest place on earth…”


“Well of course Brett would think that, Brett would also think that spending the night in a public toilet which didn’t flush was amazing so long as he had the chance of sleeping with Hollie Demare…”
Erica sighed, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”


“You know I’m right, now stop whinging and find something awesome to do until I get to yours at 8.
These cookies I’m baking are going to be pretttttty fucking amazing. So don’t eat anything.”
“Uh huh, OK…”
Erica hung up and pushed her filled suitcase from the bed, not caring as it spilled its contents all over
the floor, she lay on her bed and starred at the ceiling before closing her eyes.



All the demon knew was that he was becoming weaker.
Nobody looked into him for years, he was packed up and stored. Forgotten.
Until one day.
“It’s perfect!” the woman clapped her hands, smiling at her husband. The demon took in their forms. He was weak. “It’ll look gorgoeus in the nursery,” she exclaimed.
“I’m so pleased you like it,” her husband pulled her into a hug.
“I love it, Marshall.”
The demon watched as they kissed one another. Soon.


When Erica awoke it was getting dark, at first she wasn’t sure what had woken her… until she heard the wind whistling through her opened window.


Huge droplets of rain splattered against the panes and Erica felt goose bumps on her shoulders and arms. Where did this crazy weather come from?
Sliding off the bed and crossing the room, Erica shut the window and heard a dull buzz from her vibrating mobile on the night stand. The name on the screen read “Leanne.”

“Hey,” Erica said, clearing her throat.
“Whoa, you sound rough!”
“I fell asleep.”
“In this weather? Jeez girl it is wild out there!”
“I know…” Erica glanced out of the window and watched the blustery wind toss leaves into the air and batter the swaying trees menacingly.


“I’m phoning to cancel you,” Leanne said and Erica felt a knot of disappointment in her gut.
“Ah, OK,” she said, Erica understood; Leanne lived a couple of miles away and would have to drive to Erica’s house, in this weather that would be reckless and stupid.
“The chicken coop blew over and the chickens are all running wild,” Leanne explained, “Someone has to catch the poor buggers before they get blown away so I gotta run.”
“No problem, maybe see you tomorrow instead?”
“Sure thing.”


Erica hung up, this weekend was gonna suck.
No sooner had Erica hit the disconnect button, her phone was buzzing in her hand once more, this time it was a text message.

(You may have to click on this as wordpress hates me and won’t resize it 😦 )


Fucking Ewen, he was such a creeper. Ever since Brett’s 18th birthday when Erica had been dared to kiss him he’d been practically stalking her. It wasn’t as though he was unattractive to look at – Ewen was just… such a dweeb. He thought he was funny when he wasn’t, and he followed Brett and Kane around like a lost puppy, he’d do anything to be part of their group. It was obvious he looked up to the two of them. Erica rolled her eyes and chucked her phone onto her bed. This wasn’t the weekend she’d expected… the first time her parents had gone away in months and here she was, left utterly alone and bored out of her mind.


In that moment there was a sudden fizz, then a pop as the house was plunged into darkness. “Holy shit!” Erica jumped – the electric was out.
Turning quickly, Erica looked over at her computer – she hadn’t saved her work and now it was lost. “Fucking fantastic!” she cursed, slumping onto her bed and holding her head in her hands. This really was turning into the worst weekend ever.



Authors Note – I appreciate the bedroom has changed! This is due to the fact that the lot which I wanted to use as Erica and Brett’s house was a total pain in the arse and whenever I went into buy mode on the game it took about 5 minutes to load, suffice to say I changed houses! 🙂
Next update should be Friday 1st November 2013 🙂


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