The First Degree - Yves Black

11 The First Degree – Yves Black



“Well! Don’t leave me in suspense!”
I’m barely out of the test vehicle before Elsa is upon me, grabbing my arms and jumping around… “Come on, tell me, tell me!”
I frown.


“Oh no…” Elsa searches my face, “Oh, never mind Yves… it’s all good practice… we’ll get you booked in again…”
“Well done Mr. Black,” the instructor appears from the passenger side of the car, “You’re the first this month to pass with no minors!”


I glance at Elsa who narrows her eyes, I duck her blow. “YOU PASSED?!” she practically screams and I hunch up as she throws her arms around me. “Yves! NO MINORS?! OH MY FREAKING GOD!” her arms still around me she jumps up and down on the spot… practically crushing my rib cage. “You’re my first!” she laughs, “My first pass!”


I glance over her shoulder at the driving instructor who winks at me before pointing over at the office. “I’ll see you inside in a few moments…”




I’m on my fourth glass of wine and everything is extremely fuzzy.


“You just can’t let people drain you…” Elsa slurs, gesturing with her almost full wine glass which threatens to slosh everywhere.


“Negative people attract negative events…” she’s saying and I nod like some sort of delinquent.
“You promise me you’ll remember all this once you’re back home?”
“I promise…”
“OK,” Elsa smiles at me, “I’m going to miss you so much!”
“Me too, “ I frown, I mean it, Elsa is a breath of fresh air.


“I got you a present!” Elsa says, and she leans over to her hand bag.
“Wha-? I haven’t got you anything…” I say glumly, why didn’t I think to get her something? We’ve become so close in the time we’ve been together… I should have thought to get her a gift…
Elsa shrugs, “Don’t worry about it, this is nothing exciting… I just thought it might be useful…”
I take the package from her and rip it open, a DVD and a CD fall out onto the floor.


“Yoga with Carl Jenson,” I read aloud, and I smirk at the picture on the case, there’s Carl, sat in the lotus position with two women either side. “So you can practice when you’re home,” Elsa smiles at me.
I pick up the CD, it’s blank.


“It’s me,” she explains, “I mean, it’s the meditation we practiced together, I recorded it for you…”
“Oh my god, thank you so much,” I beam at her, “This is fantastic…”
“Now you have no excuse,” she smiles at me.
I stare at her for a few moments, her eyes sparkle in the ambient light… and then suddenly it’s all happening too fast…


Elsa leans forward, her hands in my hair and she kisses me passionately, her lips covering my own, her tongue in my mouth, her nose rubbing mine… I pull her up into my arms so we’re standing and  I kiss her  back, matching her forceful integrity and then it’s as though I wake up and I pull away.


Elsa stares at me, gauging my reaction.
“Elsa… I…”


Elsa grimaces, “I’m sorry, too much wine…I should go,” she says.
“No, really, you don’t have to…”
“Nah, I should… sorry Yves, I made a mistake…”

I take in her appearance for a moment, her long red tinged hair, her curves and long legs.
I’m on a break. Who am I kidding? Maya doesn’t want me… she wants some loser… Rueben… I have this beautiful woman before me… and she wants me… she kissed me… and I’m saying no?


“Elsa,” I grasp her arm and pull her towards me.
We don’t say anything more. I place my hands through hair long hair and onto the back of her head, pulling her into me… I kiss her passionately, forcefully, so hard that my face hurts and my jaw aches.


After what feels like an eternity we break apart for air and stand before one another, starring into each other’s eyes… breathing heavily.


“Just tonight?” Elsa says, searching my face, her eyebrows furrowed.
I nod. “Tonight…”
We dive towards each other; I pull at her dress as she pulls at my belt, unclipping it.


The dress lies discarded on the floor, naked baring our underwear Elsa pushes me backwards onto the sofa and straddles me, kissing my lips, and then nibbling my ears… cupping my face in her hands… the breath omitting her lips escaping in quiet moans of pleasure… and then nothing else matters… the whole world just fades away.




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