03 Mirror



Saturday morning dawned, and with it more wind and rain.
Erica starred out of the window as she woke, her neck ached from sleeping awkwardly and her head hurt. “Ugh,” she groaned. Once again, her phone began to buzz.


“Hello,” she answered groggily.
“Little Scrap, it’s Kane,” said the voice on the other end and Erica was awake in an instant.
“Kane!” she smiled, her heart in her mouth, “What’s up?”


“We have a bit of an issue…” Kane began.
“Uh huh?”
“My truck, sort of broke down and we’re stuck in Midnight Hollow…”
“Oh, that’s lame…”


“Yeah, it really is… it’s going to take a few days to fix so your bro sort of wondered if you’d come out here and pick us up?”
“You’d be doing us a massive favour… me a massive favour.”
Erica went over his words in her mind, she didn’t want to drive out to Midnight Hollow, the place gave her the creeps… but then, Kane wanted her to…


“I dunno, you won’t all fit in my car…”
“Nah I know, we just need you to pick Brett and myself up and drive us to Twinbrook so we can hire a car… Apparently the garage here in Midnight Hollow don’t loan, they don’t even have any parts – have to order everything in…”
“Come on scrappy, you know I’ll owe you one – I’ll make it up to you…” his pleading voice was enough to make her squirm. He’ll owe me one, just not in the way I want him to…
“I’ll make it up to you too!” Came a voice in the background, it was clearly Ewen.


“Shut it dickface, she’ll never come if it’s you doing the making up!”
Erica smiled, “I don’t know, Kane, I have a lot of work…”
“Please? I promise to keep Ewen away from you…” Erica could picture his pout, his pleading puppy dog eyes.
Erica sighed and closed her eyes. “Ok, I’ll come to Midnight Hollow.”



“Oh wow, you moved the mirror!” The demon watched as the father stepped into the bedroom.
“I think it was freaking Ren out,” the mother took his coat and hung it on the back of the bedroom door, “He kept crying.”
“Aw, well I like it in here.”
The mirror was positioned by the bed, the demon also liked it in here. He could see everything.
“Oh, by the way,” the woman began to unbutton her husband’s shirt, “I think we need to set some traps, I heard some weird scratching…”
“Huh? Scratching?”
“Yeah, you know, like rats or mice…”
“Oh, OK.”
The woman kissed her husband, and the husband starred into the mirror.


Erica showered, dressed and packed her things, she text Leanne to let her know what was going on and hastily packed her father’s truck.


The road to Midnight Hollow was a long one, it sucked to have to go there at all – Erica had only been there once and she had hated every minute – from the creepy Victorian houses to the weirdo oddball inhabitants; the less time spent in that god forsaken town the better- however – that’s where Kane was and so that’s where she needed to go. Erica would do just about anything for her and if he knew just how much Midnight Hollow gave her the heebie jeebies he’d think she was a total dork.


I just want to get him on his own…Erica tapped the steering wheel to the beat of Katy Perry’s latest number, If I get him on his own I’ll make him notice me, she mused and smiled at the thought of the underwear she’d purposefully packed, she’d show that skinny bitch Hollie how it was done.


Getting Kane on his own was going to prove difficult though, especially with the two other girls there who clearly had eyes for him, Erica would do it though. Maybe. Hopefully. No, she would, she could do this!


Erica amused herself by planning as she drove, her thoughts filled her head, whirling and bumping into one another, she wanted him so badly.


Without realising how far she’d driven, the petrol light blurred out at her from the dashboard, she pulled in at the next petrol station and filled up the tank.
As the pump glugged away she spotted a truck being towed into the lot, it was a 4×4 not dissimilar to Kane’s Jeep Cherokee, and that’s when the idea occurred to her. What if she got to Midnight Hollow and her car broke down too? What it there wasn’t enough petrol in the tank to get them to Twinbrook, could she do that? The idea of being stuck in Midnight Hollow was not a nice one, but it meant being close to Kane and she could make something happen; this could work.


Erica removed the pump from her car and replaced it in the holder, the petrol gauge was less than half full, Erica smiled.


3 thoughts on “03 Mirror

  1. This IS creepy. The whole demon thing gives me the chills. I have a feeling that bad things are going to happen in Midnight Hollow. Despite the fact she packed skimpy underware. LOL

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