04 Mirror


If the demon could have moved, he would have covered his ears.
The child had been crying all morning, ever since the demon had devoured the boy’s parents.
Standing in the corner, the infant faced the wall. He knew, he knew what the mirror was. There are some things which cannot be hidden from children.
When the police arrived and found the boy they assumed neglect, he was an unwanted child.
The boy was taken into care… and the mirror? The mirror was packed up and placed in storage.
20 years later, all of the items belonging to the parents were put on sale, and the mirror changed hands once more.


Erica’s plans filled her mind, as she drove she let her thoughts evolve, escalate and envelope her. So this was risky; if the boys found out that the car had no petrol in and that it was done purposefully the whole thing would back fire… but this wasn’t going to happen. Erica wouldn’t let it. It was an honest mistake she told herself, anyone could do it – she’d been in such a rush to get out to them, make sure they were OK that she hadn’t thought to check the petrol. Yeah, that’s right. Of course it wasn’t her fault.


 Erica dismissed the feelings of guilt which lay in her  tense stomach. Part of her knew this was wrong, but any chance of being with Kane Treloar alone was well worth it. Erica imagined herself kissing him, his hands on her waist, in her hair… squeezing her breasts – she shuffled in her seat. In any case, the petrol station in Midnight Hollow would have petrol… she could stop off there and fill a few containers, hide them in the truck and then when she’d had her time with Kane she could say she forgot she had them there… that’d make him love her even more. Erica smiled as she imagined him holding her close, whispering breathily in her ear, “You’re fucking amazing,” he’d drawl. Erica sighed, yes, she was.



The road into Midnight Hollow was that of sharp corners and many dips, it took all of Erica’s concentration to drive safely and keep to the road – she didn’t like it one bit.


As she drove down the side of the hill and into the valley below she came close to veering off the road a couple of times and as she started to make out the town rooftops below her she became aware of blue lights in her rear view mirror. The cops. “Shit.”
Finding a safe place to stop, Erica pulled in and switched off her engine, she reached for the glove compartment and fumbled inside for her insurance papers and licence.


There was a light tapping on her window and she looked up, eyes wide she took in the man before her – he was all angelic blond hair and baby blues… he was stunning. Erica swallowed deeply as he gestured for her to wind down her window.


“Good afternoon,” the cop smiled kindly, “First time in Midnight Hollow?” his skin was pale and complexion perfect, his full lips pursed sexily and his eyes searched her face.
“Yes,” Erica mouthed, unable to find her voice, he was beautiful. “Well, sort of…” she added.


“Sort of?” the cop tilted his head to the side, she watched his eyes drop from her face, lower and squirmed as they travelled down her neck and flicked back up before they reached her breasts.


“Um.. I came here a few years ago,” she managed, “I forgot how bad these roads are…”
“I can see that,” the cop smiled, “My name is Soren Amos, I’m deputy here… what brings you to my town?”


“My name’s Erica Penright, my friends are here, their car broke down. I’m taking my brother and his friend to Twinbrook to collect a loan car…”


“I see, well, be careful,” Soren nodded at her, “The weather is supposed to get pretty bad…”
Erica smiled at him, “I will, thank you…”


Soren smiled and walked away from her vehicle, Erica watched his departing back in her rear view mirror – her eyes dropped to his backside and she swallowed. I really need to get laid, she thought.




5 thoughts on “04 Mirror

  1. Holy shit. The beginning once again gave me chills…this story is stupidly awesome, and i’m only 4 chapters in. It reads like a novel. I love this. I hope this story doesn’t end any time soon…Is it just me or is the cop too perfect looking? I have a feeling something might be off there, im not sure…

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