05 Mirror



Erica let Officer Amos pass in his patrol car, he gave her small wave as he descended into town.
Trembling, she started up the engine and she felt a little uneasy …


I can’t believe I just got stopped by the hottest cop I’ve ever seen, she thought.
He was simply -stunning and he’d told her to be careful, like he cared. Erica knew he was just being nice, but wow. Also, she’d been certain he’d been checking her out- undressing her with his eyes; he was even more stunning than Kane.


 Immediately Erica felt a little guilty. It wasn’t like she was a slut who’d just sleep with anyone- she had been in love with Kane since she was thirteen and he’d defended her against some bullies, but officer Amos- wow. That was complete lust. To be with a guy like him would be… spectacular.


As Erica pulled into town she had no idea where she’d find Brett and the others, she peered around her at the dark buildings and the quiet streets, hoping for another sighting of Officer Amos but he was nowhere to be seen. On queue her mobile phone lit up and began to buzz in the hollow of the car door.
Finding a safe place to stop, Erica exited her vehicle and stepped out onto the road side.


“Where are you?” Brett asked.


“Just got into town, where are you guys?”
“At the motel…”


“Which one?”
“There’s only one motel in Midnight Hollow, it’s next to the garage… if you can call it that…”
“OK, I’ll see you in a minute.”


Erica pulled up into the hotel car park. It was as dark and dingy as the rest of the town.
“Thank fuck you’re here,” Brett was on her almost as soon as she exited the car, “This place is fucking creepy as hell…” Brett shivered and Erica smiled, “Not like you to be freaked out…” she said.
Brett shrugged, “You haven’t spent the night here,” he went on, “All the townies are fucking mental…”


Erica took in her surroundings and watched at a slim doll faced woman passed them, she smiled wistfully. Her eyes huge like golf balls, her fake nose thin and inhuman.


“See what I mean…” Brett hissed in her ear.
Erica nodded.
“You’re here!” Kane strode towards her and Erica’s heart was in her mouth as he pulled her into a hug, “You find the roads as scary as I did?”


Erica smiled, “They were a doddle,” she lied. Kane smiled at her.


“I’m starving, do you mind if we get something to eat before we head off?” she asked, looking past Kane towards the hotel behind them.


“Sure, but the food’s not great…” Brett explained.
They entered the building and Erica spotted Ettie, Ewen and Hollie sat in a booth together. Ewen stood as they approached. “Hey Scrappy,” he smiled and Erica cringed as he sat beside her, blocking her in next to the window. How she detested being called ‘Scrappy’ by people who didn’t know her. It was her brother’s nickname for her… and she allowed Kane to use it… no-one else.


“Took you long enough to get here,” Hollie chided after they’d ordered their food, “We were here in less than 3 hours when Kane drove us…”


Erica shrugged.
“Erica’s car isn’t as powerful as my Cherokee,” Kane explained with a smile, “I’m just glad she got here, we need to be in Lucky Palms by tomorrow or else we’ll miss the Halloween party…”


Hollie shrugged. “Thanks for coming then… I guess.”
“It’s no problem…” Erica said.
The food arrived – Hamburger and chips and no sooner had Erica begun to dig in the rain started. It hissed against the windows and the wild wind shook the trees outside, bending and twisting their branches.
“We really need to get moving,” Kane said as two fire trucks passed the hotel, lights and sirens blaring.
“OK, I’m done,” Erica wiped her mouth on her napkin, “Shall we go…?”


“Are you all going?” Ettie enquired as Brett and Kane got to their feet.
“Yeah,” Brett replied, grabbing his coat from the back of his chair.
“Oh,” Ettie frowned and pouted, Erica resisted the urge to roll her eyes.


“You’re really going to leave us alone with this pervert?” Hollie gestured towards Ewen who scowled at her, “I’m not a pervert…!” he protested and Hollie shook her head, “Maybe you guys should drive and leave Erica here with Ewen, I’m sure she won’t mind…”


Erica frowned, “Are you kidding?” she laughed despite herself, and Ewen looked crestfallen.
“Wow, guys, what’s the big deal?” Kane asked, “We’re only gonna be gone a couple of hours, we’ll be back before it’s dark…”


“I really don’t want to stay here with Ewen,” Ettie said to Kane, “Can’t Ewen go with you guys and you stay here with us girlies?”


“Yeah, we’ll look after you,” Hollie winked and Erica felt a cold dread grip her gut.
“If that’s easier…” Kane caved and Erica sighed. This wasn’t how she’d planned this.
“Isn’t the loan car in Kane’s name?” she asked desperately, “On his insurance?”


“That’s true dude, you gotta come,” Brett said, “We can’t get the car without you coming,” Erica was aware of the urgency in his voice, was Brett as aware as she was that both Hollie and Ettie had a thing for Kane? That’s gotta hurt, considering Brett had had a thing for Hollie for god knows how long.


“Ok, listen,” Erica said, smiling as kindly as she could muster, “How about Kane and I go to pick up the car,” she felt the hope fill her veins, this was it. “and Brett stays here with you guys?”
“Are you sure you don’t mind driving all the way to Twinbrook on your own?” Brett asked.


“Of course not, besides, I’ll have Kane with me, it’ll be fine.”
“I’ll look after her dude,” Kane insisted, reassuringly.


“As long as you’re sure…” Brett asked.
“I am, it’ll be fine.”
Erica avoided the gaze of the other two girls, she could feel their eyes on her back as she walked away, normally she’d have cared more about causing shit, but if it meant her having some alone time with Kane… well, she couldn’t care less.



Author’s Note.

My computer is a total ass.

This part has literally taken me ALL afternoon to sort out.
I’m going to have a strong vodka and sit down to watch the Walking Dead as we speak.
I apologize if some of the pictures look half arsed – at one point I was actually death glaring my monitor in an attempt to get my computer to do what I wanted.
In case you’re wondering – it doesn’t work. 🙂


3 thoughts on “05 Mirror

  1. Oh darn it… I was going to use that mind control, but never mind!! LOL
    Can I just NOT like Kane? I don’t know if I’m being a snob, but he doesn’t seem reliable to me one bit. Erica would have been better off with her brother. Hehehe.
    Hope your comp stops acting up. ^^

  2. I just don’t know what to expect of Erica and Kane… on their own! Can’t wait to read more of this :D.

    And then… hmmm, that trick with computers doesn’t work?! Okay, that explains a few things, hmmm… LOL *goes hurriedly to apologise to her laptop for treating it so rudely earlier* LOL

  3. Hope your computer is behaving itself. Computers are so stressful aren’t they. Grr…Can’t wait to read more, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen soon. Can’t wait!

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