The First Degree - Yves Black

13 The First Degree – Penultimate – Yves Black



What can you do in three minutes?
Probably not a lot… Well, you could wash up… put some clothes out to dry… make a sandwich… or you could sit outside your bathroom door and wait for your girlfriend to finish a pee that could possibly change the rest of your life.

“Has it changed yet?” I call through the door.
“It’s only been 2 minutes! You have to wait!” Maya snaps and I sigh.
A moment later the door opens and I stare at her expectantly. “Well?”
Screenshot-472 Screenshot-471
Maya turns the white stick to show me her results. I don’t understand what I’m looking at. There are two windows – one round and one square – both have lines directly down the middle.
I shake my head, “OK? What does it mean?”
Maya rolls her eyes. “I’m pregnant, Yves… You’re going to be a father…”



“Remember, you can’t say a word…” Maya straightens the collar to my shirt and smiles up at me.
“You look so handsome…”

I cringe, I don’t feel it, I feel like I’d rather be at home on the Xbox, anywhere but stood on the porch of some rich douche bag’s house. It’s now 3 weeks since I found out the news, but it still feels as raw as ever…
“Why are we here again?” I sigh, peering through the window of Rueben Lake’s villa, searching for signs of movement.

Maya shakes her head, “because Rueben very kindly invited us to congratulate us on our engagement…”
I roll my eyes, “Pftt…”
“Jeez Yves, will you get over it already?” Maya snaps, “You live with me, we’re getting married and I’m pregnant with your child… what more proof do you need that I love you?”


I’m saved from a response by the front door being opened and Rueben Lake appearing with a glass of champagne in his hand.
“May May!” he practically squeals with delight and places a huge kiss on her cheek before nodding my way, “Hi Evie,” he smirks.

“Now then Ruby,” I force a smile.
We enter the house and I spot Fin and Bee with baby Owen  in the lounge. I didn’t know they’d be coming but I’m thankful for their presence there.


“Am I pleased to see you guys…” I whisper to Fin as I sit beside Maya on the sofa.
“It’ll be fine,” Fin winks at me, “We’ll just get drunk, don’t sweat it…”


Rueben appears and passes me a champagne flute.
“I’m not drinking tonight,” Maya smiles up at him and he beams at her,
“No problem, I’ll get you some juice…”


“Sa Sa!” Rueben yells up the stairs, “ARE YOU COMING?!”
Rueben turns to us and rolls his eyes. “Women!”he chuckles.
“Sa Sa?” I whisper to Maya, could it be that Rueben has finally got a girlfriend?


“His sister…” Maya explains.
I feel a tugging at my trouser and look down to see Owen peering at me.
“Piggyback!” he yells at me.


I laugh, “Sure thing, Mister!”
I grab the tot and carry him around the room, laughing all the while.
“Best get into practice…” Fin winks at me and I stare at him pointedly, I told him our news when I first found out but he’s the only person who knows. I haven’t even told dad and Becky.


Maya shoots daggers my way and I shrug, Owen smacks me repeatedly on the head. “FASTER!” he yells, almost deafening me.
“Finally,” I hear Rueben saying from the hallway, “Some things never change sis, you still take forever to get ready…”

I almost drop Owen in surprise when I turn, but catch him at the crucial moment.
There, stood next to Rueben – who has his arm around her waist, is Elsa.

“Everyone, this is Sa Sa, my little sister, Sa Sa… this is everyone.”
Elsa smiles around the room until her eyes fall on me, In my mind I’m screaming at her not to say it… not to give me away… “Yves?!”


7 thoughts on “13 The First Degree – Penultimate – Yves Black

  1. OMG Yay! Another wonderful chapter! I have a sneaking suspicion that the baby still isn’t Yves’s… hmmmm… 0_^ And Owen is too adorable for words!

  2. Maya is pregnant with Rueben’s child, she knew this and it was the reason why she contacted Yves. And now that Elsa is back in the picture Yves can go ahead and hook up with her. What a blow to Rueben and Maya.
    Of course this is just my wishful thinking. LOL.

  3. Uh oh. Of course Elsa is Rueben’s sister, I didn’t see that plot twist coming. This really is going to throw a monkey wrench in Yves Relationship with Maya, for sure. Great chapter!

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