07 Mirror



The wind blew and buffeted the group down the road, freezing rain splattered their faces and stung their eyes as they approached the huge house at the very end of the deserted road.
Golden street lamps wobbled precariously and somewhere nearby a door or gate thumped against its frame.

“It looks like there’s no-one home,” Kane said as they marched up the steps to the front porch. The porch light swung and squeaked from its place above them and a rocking chair rolled backwards and forwards on its feet as though cradling some unseen inhabitant.
“Yeah, she’s away at the moment…” Ewen stated, testing the front door. It didn’t budge.
“Great,” Ettie sighed, “We can’t get in…”
Ewen pulled aside the doormat, “Sure we can,” he smiled at her and pulled out the front door key, he inserted it into the door and the mechanism unlocked.


The house held a musty, damp smell. It was warm and inviting yet looked as though it had been unused for some time.
“This place looks abandoned…” Kane ran his finger over the hallway table and rubbed the dust between his fingers.

Ewen shrugged, “It’s not.. I guess she’s just on holiday – Aunt Mimi goes away a lot these days.”
Kane nodded in recognition and Hollie slumped down onto the sofa, sending plumes of grey dust flying into the air. Ettie sneezed. “This place gives me the creeps.”

“Thanks,” Ewen cringed.
Erica couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him, he was trying his best and everyone was less than grateful, she knew how that felt. Approaching him she gave his arm a little squeeze.

“Thanks for this,” she smiled at him and he beamed at her. So maybe he wasn’t so bad… he just wanted to be accepted, right?
Screenshot-500 Screenshot-501 Screenshot-502

“Well,” Brett unzipped his rucksack, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding somewhere to dump my shit, and then I’m getting wrecked…”

“Don’t you wanna save the alcohol and weed for the party?” Kane enquired, eyebrows raised.
Brett shrugged. “Face it dude, the chances of us getting to Lucky Palms are next to nothing. We have no phone signal here,” Erica checked her phone, Brett was right. “We may as well make the most of a bad situation.”


Ettie sighed, “This sucks,”
“Could be worse, Brett is right,” Hollie said and Brett beamed at her. Erica felt sick. It was like some bad teen movie, everyone fancied everyone else. It was like some sort of fucked up, mentalistic love hexagon.


Erica sighed and picked up her bag, leaving the others in the sitting room she traipsed upstairs to the landing, it was incredibly dark – a grandfather clock stood facing her, it’s loud tick-tock all that could be heard barring the wind and rain. Erica approached one of 3 doors and turned the knob, displaying the room within – she gasped.

Before her stood a grand mirror, it’s wooden frame shaped into an intricate and delicate design – it was beautiful.


Approaching it, Erica took in her reflection, she looked tired but otherwise quite well, her hair was windswept in an alluring sort of way and her eyes sparkled, she smiled and reached forward to touch the glass.


“Don’t do that,” Ewen appeared from nowhere and held her hand away from her reflection. “You’ll mark it,” Ewen smiled at her, letting go of her hand.


“Sorry, it’s just so beautiful…” Erica smiled at his reflection and he smiled back, “Yes,” he replied, “It is.”




4 thoughts on “07 Mirror

  1. Mirrors can be really spooky sometimes, especially if you leave the chapter there O.o :o. Now I can’t help but wonder whether Aunt Mimi really is on holiday.

    I loved the first pic :D.

  2. I hate mirrors! I dont have one in my room, I have one tall mirror in my closet and thats it. Bathroom, but I try to avoid that one hahaha only to put make up on. I don’t like mirrors around the house for no reason at all. I have been to houses that have mirrors in the living room etc, it looks pretty but no thank you. There are tons of movies in which mirrors play a very important part and not in a good way.
    I hope nothing bad happens to Erica, but I see this going like the Hotel California song. I also said this in the last chapter. LOL.

  3. Uh oh. The mirror comes into play. *Shudder* I have a feeling i’m going to be scared of mirrors after reading this story. I’m so in to this story right now, i’m going to cry when i’m out of chapters to read.

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