08 Mirror


A/N: Short one this time!
Strong language, subjects some might feel offended by. Sorry about that. 🙂
Updates should be back on schedule from now on!


“and yeah, apparently some copper shot him, and that was the end of that…”
Erica scowled, “The cop shot a guy just for running at them?”
“He was a loon!”
“So?! He wasn’t doing anything!”
“He ran at them with a kitchen knife, I’d say that was doing something…” Ewen shrugged.

Erica rolled her eyes.
It was getting late and now completely dark out – still raining and windy, the group had decided to have some drinks and stay up telling stories.


“So he ran at them, with a knife and they shot him?” Kane enquired.
“He kept talking about a house- a haunted house, he started being weird around town, telling people that they needed to fight their demons, that they needed to face their fears or else the demons would take them…”
Brett spat out a mouthful of his beer, “The demon’s would take them?” he wiggled his eyebrows.


“Not like that,” Ewen scowled.
“Pfft… I could do a demon,” Ettie smirked, “A hot demon…”


Hollie shook her head, “I don’t think so…”
“You telling me, some hot guy who just happens to be a demon tries to slip you one, you’d say no?”
“I would definitely say no…” Hollie raised her eyebrows, “That’s seriously fucked up Ettie.”
Ettie shrugged. “What, I like sex…”
“Even with a fucking demon?”
“That’s pretty screwed up, Ettie…” Kane smiled at her.

Erica stretched lazily, the drink was going down a treat, and now she was here with the group, she was having a good time. It wasn’t so lame after all, even Ewen wasn’t being as much of a freak as he usually was.

“Well, you guys wanted a story, I gave you one…” Ewen held up his hands in protest.
“We wanted a good story,” Brett took another swig of his beer, “That was utter shit.”
“Ugh, I’m going to the bathroom…” Erica got to her feet.


“Sure you don’t want me to come with you, hold your hand?” Ewen cocked his eyebrow in what Erica supposed was meant to be a seductive manner.
“Um… let me think…” Erica pretended, “How about no?” she felt herself smiling despite herself.
“Can’t blame a guy for trying, what if the demon comes?”

Erica shook her head, “I don’t believe in demons.”
Ewen shrugged and smiled, his eyes shone in the light from the fire.
“They believe in you…”


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