09 Mirror


Bad language!


Erica left the group chatting and headed upstairs to the bathroom, she was slightly unsteady on her feet due to the alcohol intake.
Reaching for the banister on the landing to support herself, she passed the bedrooms and let herself into the bathroom.


The bathroom suite looked old and grubby, a layer of dust lined the side of the bath and a ring of lime scale marred the toilet bowl giving it an unpleasant yellow tinge, not much of a housekeeper – Ewen’s aunt.
Erica used the toilet and after she washed her hands she pulled her fingers through her hair – it was tasselled and messy, she needed to brush it.
Frowning and removing her fingers from her untidy brown waves, Erica sighed.


“Ugh, what a mess,” she murmured, the floor boards creaked under her boots as she walked unsteadily to the bedroom and pulled out her hair brush from her rucksack.
Humming as she pulled the wire bristles through her tresses, she glanced at her reflection in the old grand mirror.


Sure, my hair’s a mess…I look good though, she thought, her top had loosened off slightly, exposing a small amount of cleavage, drawing the eyes to her breasts.
Once brushed , her hair hung thick and glossy. Today’s mascara had migrated under her eyes giving her an almost gothic look. I look sultry, she thought, sexy even.


Yesssss came a hiss from over her right shoulder, like a thousand voices whispering in unison.
Erica dropped her brush in surprise, had she really heard that?
“Ewen,” Erica chuckled, “Pack it in!”
Despite her original annoyance at Ewen’s presence, Erica couldn’t help but feel herself warming to him. There was something about the way he watched her, the way his eyes followed her around the room and his lips curled into a smile at her gaze that made Erica feel special.


Erica turned from the mirror and placed her brush back inside her bag, she pulled her hair over her shoulders and pulled down her top slightly, exposing the cups of her bra. Despite the warmth she felt so suddenly for Ewen, Kane was still ever present on her mind.
So Kane was into Hollie? Fuck that. I’m hotter.


Yessssss. Again, a whisper, a hiss.
Erica glanced over her shoulder as goose bumps prickled her skin.
“Fucking retard.” she said aloud and more confident than she felt.
Tucking her hair behind her ear she glanced back to the mirror and her breath caught in her throat, hanging there almost as though afraid to come out.
There – movement – behind the bed.


Turning so quickly she almost stumbled, Erica searched the dank room with her eyes. There was nothing.
“What’s wrong?” the voice boomed into the room, shattering the silence.
“Holy fuck!” Erica clutched her chest, her heart beating loud and fast in her ears.
Kane laughed, “Sorry! Ghost story scared you?”


“Oh my god Kane!” she gasped struggling for breath, “You scared the shit out of me!”
“What are you doing?”  he asked; his voice deep and raspy, his face flushed from alcohol.
“I needed to brush my hair…”


“Looks good,” Kane reached forward, pulling his hand through her hair and smiling at her.
A new feeling spread over Erica’s body, the goose bumps prickling her skin suddenly felt pleasurable.
“Thanks…” she whispered quietly, wanting to look into the green pools of his eyes but feeling coy and shy at his presence so close to her.
“No prob…see you in a few, sorry for scaring you.” he gave her a small smile, cocking his eyebrow as he did so and Erica felt almost as  though her legs might give way.


“Don’t worry about it,” she managed, feeling heat flow through her body.
Kane turned and left, heading to the bathroom and Erica stood for a few moments, revelling in the feeling of his hands in her hair.
After a few moments she turned back into the room, her mind on what she had seen before Kane’s interruption.
There was no movement, only her reflection on the wall.




4 thoughts on “09 Mirror

    1. I know, right? Erica’s pretty much in two minds as to whether she heard it or whether it was just a mixture of alcohol and her imagination, but I guess time will tell!

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