10 Mirror


Just to warn you… Adult content ahead, and a lot of weirdness. 🙂


“Spin the bottle is, like, SO lame.” Ettie giggled, holding the bottle and turning it so it span quickly in circles around them.


“It’s great!” Brett winked at her, “You never know who it might land on… who you have to kiss…”
Ettie giggled and all eyes were on the empty beer bottle as it slowed down, finally landing on Ettie herself. “Oh shit,” she giggled.


“Spin again,” Ewen encouraged, “Let’s see who it lands on…”
The bottle span once more, finally landing on Hollie who rolled her eyes in her usual sceptical manner.


“You have to,” Ewen said, eyes wide with delight, “It’s the rules…”
“Whatever,” Hollie stood up and beckoned Ettie forward who giggled in her girly way, placing her beer on the floor.


Erica watched as Hollie placed her long fingered hands on Ettie’s face and pulled her into her, kissing her deeply and passionately. It was uncomfortable to watch.


Glancing around her, Erica had to laugh at the boys expressions, each mirroring one another as the two girls before them connected, Ettie murmuring small gasps of pleasure.
Unable to watch, Erica pulled at the label on her beer bottle, that’s when she heard it, scratching.


It sounded like the trees outside as they scraped against the window panes, only it was coming from inside. Like nails on a chalk board, high pitched and ear splitting.
Erica looked at the boys who starred on oblivously. “Guys, do you hear that?” she asked them.


“Shh sis,” Brett didn’t look at her, his gaze firmly held by the two girls before him, “Don’t ruin this moment… please…”


Guys are so lame.
Erica listened some more, but heard nothing. Finally the two girls broke apart.
Hollie sat down and took another swig of beer, Ettie stood still, eyes wide. “Holy fuck that was the best kiss I’ve ever had…” she whispered.


Hollie raised her beer to the girl who stood starring into space whilst the guys whooped and cheered.
“Do it again if you like…” Ewen smirked and Erica felt slightly ill.


“OK, spin it again…” Brett shook his head, obviously scattering the thoughts that girls kiss had conjured within him.
The bottle landed on Hollie once more and she sighed, “My lips will fall off…”


As it spun the second time Erica heard Ewen muttering under his breath, “Please be me, please be me…” but when the bottle came to stop it landed on Erica.
“No,” she held up her hands in protest, “No, absolutely not.”
“You have to,” Ewen insisted, “It’s the rules… you’ll ruin it for everyone if you don’t…”


“I don’t care,” Erica said matter-of-factly.
“Come on…”
Erica stood up, “I’m not going to whore myself out just so you boys can get a stiffy,” she spat, stomping out of the room and outside onto the roofed porch.


It was true, kissing Hollie would get Kane’s attention, but it would be more for Hollie than for her; it just felt wrong- not to mention gross.
“You alright?” Kane appeared from inside, he leaned on the porch railing beside her.


“I’m fine,” Erica frowned, shaking her head. “I’m sorry, I just… I dunno…”
“You don’t have to explain it to me,” Kane took a swig of his beer and Erica watched as he swallowed, “You think if that bottle landed on me and then on Brett or Ewen I’d have kissed them?”


Erica smirked.
“Not a fucking chance…” he smiled at her and she wanted to kiss him for trying to cheer her up.
“That would be totally gross…” Erica smirked.


“Oh hell yeah,” Kane raised his bottle to her, taking another swig. “Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing you make out with a girl…”
“Kane!” Erica gasped.
He shrugged adorably and Erica was torn between thinking he was a pig and finding him insanely attractive. Did that mean that it didn’t matter who she kissed? It wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t Hollie, he’d still find her attractive? God he was hot.


“In a bit,” he winked at her and departed back inside.
After a few moments, Erica entered the house again. The smell of pot hung heavy in the air, Ewen had disappeared. Kane and Brett sat side by side on the sofa watching Hollie and Ettie make out. The bottle was nowhere in sight so Erica could only assume they were kissing off their own backs.


“Can I have some?” Erica pointed towards the spliff in Brett’s hand, he closed his gawping mouth.
“Sure,” he said, without taking his eyes off the girls before him.
Erica took a deep drag, allowing the taste and scent of the drug to fill her senses, she held the intake there for just a few moments before releasing it and taking another drag.
Almost immediately she felt it take effect, girls kissing? Whatever. Maybe she’d even join in? What the hell…? Kane seemed to like it and well… meh. It was just kissing.
“Don’t take it all!” Brett clicked his fingers at her and she smiled lazily at him, “Sorry bro,” she smirked, pulling her long hair back over her shoulders.
“How about I have a turn?” Erica said, standing and approaching the kissing girls.

Screenshot-605 Screenshot-606

“I’m done…” Ettie smiled and turned towards Brett, “Kissing is fine but I want a guy now,” she straddled him, kissing him roughly on the mouth. “Guys kiss with more… strength…” she murmured, “Women are too gentle…”
Erica starred at her brother who caught her eye and smiled at her, shrugging his shoulders as Ettie buried her face into his neck.
Clearly the crush he had on Hollie was easy to brush aside when another attractive woman was in the vicinity.
Why were guys so weird?


Erica looked towards Kane whose eyes were on hers, he was slouched slightly in his chair, but his erection was both obvious and prominent. Erica smiled and pulled Hollie towards her.


The blonde tasted of sweetness and beer, her kisses were light and feathery, her tongue warm and probing, Erica kissed her whilst her mind was on Kane – his desire, his want for her – it made her kisses harder, more urgent. Finally, she pulled away.
“Are you serious?” Hollie gasped, pulling Erica closer, “You can’t stop now…”


Hollie kissed her with more intensity, her mouth pushing down forcibly against Erica’s, her hands under her jumper, fumbling at her bra. “What are you doing?” Erica gasped breathlessly between kisses.
“Shh,” Hollie hushed her.


“Whoaaa, that’s what I’m talking about…” Ewen’s voice came from the doorway, she turned to see him stood there shirtless, beer in hand. Winking at him, she gestured for him to come over, barely able to believe what she was doing.


Ewen knelt beside them, touching Erica’s back as she kissed Hollie. “This is so fucking hot…” he whispered, “thank you, thank you…”
His words were nothing but meaningless babble as the girls kissed and time evaporated.
“I think that’s enough now guys,” Kane stood over them, his face flushed and his beer finished. Brett and Ettie were nowhere to be seen, it didn’t take a genius to work out where they’d gone.


Kane took Hollie’s hand, pulling her to her feet, “I think it’s my turn,” he said with a lopsided drunken smile on his lips.


Erica frowned… feeling a stab of jealousy in her gut. Fine, in that case…
Pulling Ewen towards her she kissed him firmly, licking at his lips and massaging his tongue with her own. “Whoa…” Ewen murmured, “I thought you hated me…”


“Shh,” Erica mumbled, kissing his neck as his hands explored her breasts, “Let’s take this upstairs…”
A voice in the back of her head was telling her to stop, that she was only trying to make Kane jealous and that this wasn’t worth it… but she couldn’t stop; Kane needed to see her as a woman and he needed to be jealous.
Taking Ewen by the hand she pulled him towards the stairway and started up the steps just around the same time she heard Kane say to Hollie,
“You’re gay?!”




4 thoughts on “10 Mirror

  1. Great chapter! Poor Erica…lol. Boys. LOL, that was so well written, I can so imagine that spin the bottle scenario actually happening, its like every red blooded males dream to watch to hot chicks snog like that. I like the little relevation at the end where she says she is gay. I guess that means Kane is available for Erica now lol

  2. Well that was the first time I liked Holly- for fooling the guys, that is, into believing they ever stood a chance with her *rofl*

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