11 Mirror

So sorry for the huge delay guys, I’ve been so busy recently and had to take a break from Mirror and The Six Degrees.
Back now and hoping to update as often as I can.
Hope everyone is well!
Suppose this isn’t really a Halloween special but meh


Jus’ sayin’.



The way Ewen kissed her felt weird.
It wasn’t bad, no, it was just intense…deep and meaningful. Not what Erica had expected at all.


As they lay in bed, him a top her she couldn’t help but wonder what had come over her.
Nothing like this had ever happened before. Ever. Ewen was suddenly extremely attractive, his tanned skin, his kind eyes, his passionate kisses. What had changed?


“I’ve waited for this forever,” he whispered to her as he pulled away her thong – she could feel the rub of his shaft on her leg, hard and thick, he kissed her neck.


It was hard to know what to say, Erica closed her eyes and murmured slightly.
“Are you OK?” he gasped as he stroked her cheek, “We don’t have to do this…”
“I’m OK,” Erica whispered, “I just feel, weird…”


Ewen moved away from her, “What’s wrong?”
“I don’t really know you, and I feel- I feel like this has happened a little too fast…” Erica starred up at the ceiling, the rain had stopped and the full moon shone through the bare window, shadows of a tree stretched like bony fingers across the pale white ceiling.
“I’ve waited this long,” Ewen propped himself up on his elbow and drew small circles on her arm, “I can wait longer…”


Erica turned to him, “I don’t get it…” she said quietly, “You’re such a jerk, but- you’re not…”
“Oh thanks!” Ewen chuckled, “I’m not a jerk. I just – don’t know how to behave around you. You make me nervous.”


“Whatever,” Erica crinkled her nose.
“You do! Why do you think I hang around with your bro and Kane? To be closer to you, of course…”
Erica smiled.
“Come on, let’s go to sleep,” Ewen stroked her face, “I expect nothing from you, Erica. I just want to be near you.”



It was hungry. Ravenous.
The cold icy prison which contained it was getting too small. It was growing but needed more sustenance, the old woman had quashed it’s appetite for a little while but now the familiar dull ache of hunger was returning.
The small group which inhabited the house would provide enough nourishment to make it strong enough to leave this world; to move amongst the living and feed off their sins. The excitement this caused was making it difficult to be still, difficult to not make itself known.
When the pretty blonde appeared in the doorway shortly after the lovers fell asleep it knew she was to be its first in 2 months. Females were always the easiest, immediately their attention was drawn to themselves, their mirror self, their reflection.
The sadness which exuded her body in waves fed it. It sucked her in like spaghetti and licked its cold thin lips in anticipation. The girl was so interested in her reflection, in the way it seemed to move in an inhuman way, she didn’t see the fog envelope her ankles, she didn’t feel the icy grip around her bones and by the time she felt the tug it was too late – when she turned to run it was upon her – tight, skin piercing grip squeezing her ankles as it dragged her across the floor, into its realm and never to be seen again.



It was around 4am when Erica felt an urgent need to pee, sitting up in bed it took her a moment to remember where she was, but as her senses adjusted she remembered. Midnight Hollow, Ewen’s Aunt’s house.
Looking over to the bed she saw him laying there, naked and toned in the moonlight, his chest rising and falling with even breaths as he slept.


Dragging her sluggish legs across the room she cringed as the wooden floorboards squeaked and groaned under her weight – then she saw movement out of the corner of her eye – the mirror.


Holding her breath she turned, ever so slowly to see the reflection there and saw her own pale face.
A small gasp escaped her lips as she took in the figure which stood there – features elongated with huge dark eyes, long spindle-like fingers and sharp jagged teeth grinned back at her in the darkness.
The face laughed silently.
Erica could make no noise, no longer move and felt cold fear spread rapidly over her body – the figure continued to laugh noiselessly. Behind it something moved from under the cast iron bed; black, shapeless, it slunk forward – like smoke or fumes omitted from some unseen fire. Slowly, it crept towards her feet, recoiling and gather again, slowly turning and becoming black, long nailed hands.
That was when she found her voice.



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