13 Mirror

Sex stuff.

Bewbs and things.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂



“We’re back!” Brett called into the quiet house, pulling off his coat and putting the books he’d found in the library onto the kitchen work top. “Where are they?” he frowned at Ettie who shrugged.
“Kane?” Erica called, only the wind answered her call.
“I guess he went for that walk,” Ewen shrugged.

“Hollie?” Brett called out, “Do you want a beer? We’re starting early!”
“Where the fuck are they both?”
“I’m going to get a bath,” Erica murmured, tucking her book under her arm and heading upstairs.


Entering the bedroom she placed the book on the bed before going through her case for some clean underwear and clothes. The scraping noise was barely audible at first, if Erica hadn’t heard it before she’d have thought nothing of it. As the sound became more noticeable, she froze in place – skimpy Basque in hand she turned her head ever so slightly so she could see the full length mirror in her peripheral vision, and as something ran across it she jumped.


Breath caught in her throat, heart hammering in her ears Erica pulled at the bed clothes, pulling the throw from the end of the bed and with her eyes closed she tucked it around the mirror, covering her reflection and that of the room.


Don’t be such a fucking pussy, Erica… was all she could think as she felt hot tears spring into her eyes, I hate this fucking mirror…
Happy she had covered her reflection enough she opened her eyes to see Brett stood in the doorway- “What the hell are you doing?” he asked, eyebrows raised.


“Oh… I.. um..the mirror – sort of freaks me out..”
You’re freaking me out, what the hell has gotten into you?”
“Just my dream… it was the mirror.. I dunno..”


Brett sighed, Erica could tell he thought she was off her head. “OK, well, this room is nicer than the other one, what do you say we swap? You and Ewen stay in the other room and I’ll stay here with Ettie?”
“I dunno…”
“C’mon, you’ve had a night in here, this is obviously the nicer room.”


Erica tucked a stranded of hair behind her ear, “OK,” she said after a few moments, “But keep the mirror covered…”
“Why? It’s a fucking mirror.”
“Please Brett…”
“You’re such a little weirdo,” he smirked, approaching her and messing up her hair, “I love you little sis…”



Later that night the foursome sat in the living room and ate their Chinese food.
“This looks funky…” Ettie pulled some of her noodles with her chopsticks and promptly dropped them back into their container.


“The whole town is fucking funky,” Brett said, “I’ll eat em if you don’t want them?”
“Aren’t you full?” Ewen chuckled, eying the three empty containers which littered the floor.
Brett belched loudly. “Always room for more.” he smirked as Ettie pushed him. “Gross,” she chuckled.


“Guys, I don’t think we should be making such a mess,” Erica gathered up some of their litter, “When Ewen’s aunt gets back she won’t be impressed if we’ve messed up her house…”
“Don’t worry about it, Scrappy, we’ll tidy before we leave tomorrow…” Ewen offered as Erica slumped into the arm chair beside him.


“Erica, chill the fuck out,” Brett chided, “You’re never this much of a buzz kill…”
“I’m sorry,” Erica frowned, “I Just don’t like it here, I only came to help you guys out – I could have finished my assignment by now – and aren’t you guys at all worried about where Kane and Hollie have got to…?”
Brett shrugged and Ewen cocked his head to the side, “Is that what’s bugging you, Hollie and Kane? Hollie is a lesbian, Scrappy… Kane’s just arsy because he thought he was going to get him some poonani…they’re probably together talking or something.”


“Where though?” Erica starred her three companions, “I mean, they’re clearly not in the house…”
“Hollie did mention trying the hotel again yesterday,” Ettie explained, “Maybe they went together?”
“See, stop worrying,” Ewen touched Erica’s arm. “Now get some more beer woman, let’s scare the shit out of each other.”



As she pushed her body into him he pulled at her top, pulling it over her head and exposing her small, pert breasts – he cupped them in his hand and squeezed lightly as she writhed against him.
“Way-to-go swapping rooms,” Ettie gasped, pushing Brett through the bedroom doorway and kicking the door shut behind them with a slam.


“Oops,” she giggled, unclipping his belt and tugging at his fly – she pulled at his pants and his cock sprung free, hard and ready.
Groaning as she moved her hand down the length of him, he grabbed her small waist and picked her up, pushing her against the wall.


The fabric covering the grand mirror fell slowly to the floor, displaying the reflection of their naked bodies.
“Look how beautiful you are,” Brett whispered into her ear, spinning her around and Ettie turned to see her reflection as Brett fondled her breasts, deliberately rubbing his shaft in between her thighs.


Ettie murmured in pleasure as he reached down the front of her pants, slowly and expertly rubbing her – she pushed herself up against his hand with wanting.
After a few moments, he pulled her knickers to one side and she bent forward, watching him in the mirror as he slid on a condom, she parted her legs and he filled her. As he pumped into her she watched her reflection, her breasts bouncing and swaying with each thrust.


It hadn’t seen this in… a long time.
Taking a few moments, it watched the copulating couple as they gave into each other, their hot sweaty bodies growing tired, almost ready to give in. They grunted and groaned like a pair of wild animals as the male pushed into the female, harder and faster with every stroke. The others had made it stronger – the last one had put up a fight, but not enough of one.
How it wanted to stretch, how it wanted the freedom to move.



11 thoughts on “13 Mirror

  1. Now, that was *ahem*…, hot!

    And, those “people” inside the mirror are rather… hmmm… on the pervy side… or something…. LOL!

    I really liked this chapter, sexy and creepy at the same time ;).

  2. I just binge read this entiiiire thing, and I really like it. I like Ewen, hes cute. I hope his aunt idn’t get eaten, and I hope he isn’t a bad un…I also hope he doesn’t get eaten.
    Kane was a poo-head anyway

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