14 Mirror

Ok, this is the final installment of “Mirror” and I have to say I’m less than happy with it.
The ending is blunt and sort of anti-climatic… but this was meant to be for Halloween and I wrote the entire story in a weekend so I  guess it was never gonna be amazing. Anyway, it’s time to end this shizzle. Hope you like it 🙂


With his warm arms around her, Erica felt safe, secure – she’d slept through the night with no interruption, she stretched lazily.


“Morning,” Ewen smiled at her.
“Morning,” she returned his smile, rubbing her eyes and yawning, “I’m starved,” she smiled, and her stomach rumbled to confirm it.


“My head is killing,” Ewen groaned, and Erica reached forward to stroke his face.
Taking in his features she supposed he was quite handsome, all she could think about was how much she knew he wanted her- would it be such a big deal to sleep with him? It was obvious Kane didn’t feel the same way as she did, and she could do a lot worse than Ewen.


Leaning forward, Erica kissed him, rubbing her nose against his and leaning her body into him, he pulled away.
“What are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” Erica smiled shyly.


“Are you sure?”
Nodding Erica kissed him again.
“Wait,” he muttered, “I want this to be perfect…”


“I feel shit,” he laughed, “My hangover is the size of this country. I want to have you, I do, but I want to feel right when I do… and at the moment, I feel like fucking shite.”
Erica laughed at his bluntness, “OK,” she smiled, “I’m going to get up and sort some breakfast – I’ll go to the shop, any requests?”
“Surprise me,” Ewen smiled and she kissed his nose, then slide out of bed.
Pulling on her jeans and sweater, Erica made her way out of the room.
“Wait,” Ewen called, “Does this mean we’re a couple?”
Erica nodded, “Sure does.”




“I’m back!” Erica called, “Are you guys still in bed?! It’s 11:30!”
No answer.
Erica placed the croissants on the kitchen work top, kicking off her shoes and darting up the stairs.
“Hellooooo,” she called, “I’m back!”
As she opened the bedroom door she was surprised to find Ewen was not still laying in bed.


“Ewen? I brought chocolate croissants!”
As she made her way to the bathroom door she knocked twice. “Ewen?”


After a moment she tried the handle, the room was empty.
“Guys, this isn’t funny! I thought we’d have breakfast and then hit the road!”
A car went by on the street outside, splattering through the puddles – other than that, not a sound.
“Brett, Ettie?” as she approached the second bedroom door she took a deep breath, the last thing she needed to see was he brother naked – or worse, having sex.


“I’m coming in..” she called, knocking to be sure.
The bed was made, unslept in – her brothers clothes littered the floor, together with a push up bra and Ettie’s mini skirt. An opened condom wrapper lay torn on Brett’s jeans. “Gross.”
Erica froze.


She swallowed and turned, uncovered, the mirror stood before her and in it her wild-eyed reflection.
“Please,” she whispered, “If there’s someone in there, say something…”
“What do you want?”
Erica held her breath.
“Did you take Hollie?”
Scrrraaaaape. Yessss.
Erica closed her eyes, fear prickled at her neck.
“Oh my god…”
There’s no god here…
“Where’s Brett?”
Silence, and then laughter, sharp and piercing.
“Ettie, Ewen?”


More laughter.
“You fucking bastard!” she shrieked, “Give them back!” she ran to the mirror, pummelling it with her fists, “GIVE THEM BACK!”
It wasn’t until she felt the cold, heavy, liquid grip around her wrists that Erica Penwright realised what was happening, opening her eyes, she looked at her hands to see them fully immersed by the mirror.


“Oh my god!” she cried, pulling away, but the mirror stretched like elastic, imprisoning her hand and pulling her forward. “LET ME GO!” she yelled, starring around the room for something to throw, “LET ME GO!” The shadow which danced around her feet was impenetrable, it appeared like smoke but more dense, like a great black void – it scattered, swirling around her feet until it finally flooded together and met, condensing and merging until it formed a shadowy figure – featureless and genderless but clearly humanoid.
As it stood for a few moments, watching her struggle, it then pushed her, against the wall. Again and again, relentlessly until Erica’s entire arm was encapsulated with liquid glass.


“HELP!” she called, turning her face away from the mirror as much as was possible, the icy touch of glass spread up towards her shoulder. Screaming she pulled away, “HELP ME!” she squealed, petrified and hopeless. The dark figure continued to barge her, pushing her forward with inhuman strength and she stumbled. Another push and that would be her end.
“Erica!” a voice called from the hallway below, “Erica! Where are you?!”
“HELP!” Erica yelled! “HELP ME!” the liquid glass reached over her shoulder and began cling to her face, covering her right eye, coughing and spluttering as it migrated to her nose, Erica was almost without hope.
The shadow figure disappeared as a man appeared in the mirror behind Erica, in the room with her.


It was officer Soren. Starring at her for a few moments, he whispered. “I’m so sorry,” before taking out his gun. Erica shook her head, the right side of her face almost complete submerged, leaving her blind in her right eye, deaf and unable to breath, the fear she felt was overwhelming.
Soren leapt towards her, flipping his gun towards the mirror, and with an almighty crack he hit the glass.
The hold it had on Erica weakened, part of her face uncovered and she starred at Soren’s reflection who hit the glass again, and again, and again.
Grunting with exertion, Officer Soren continued to hit the glass, until finally it shattered – letting go of Erica and sending her sprawling to the floor.


“Oh my god,” Soren knelt beside her, holding her into his chest, “Are you alright?”
Erica sobbed, nodding quickly.
“You’re hurt,” Soren looked into her eyes, taking in her tearstained face and bruised fists.
“How did you know…?” Erica whispered.


“Your friend’s Aunt Mimi…” Soren said, holding her close, “she never went on her cruise, nobody saw her since she bought a mirror from the market…”
“..and you just assumed?”
“No,” Soren explained, “I know this mirror,” he gestured toward the broken glass and splintered wood, “It used to belong to my parents…”
“They disappeared when I was 7 years old. No-one believed me when I told them it was the mirror, put it down to the ramblings of a distressed young boy. “Looks like the mirror got put up for sale and wound up here all these years later.”


“It’s… it took my friends, my brother… my boyfriend,” Erica sobbed, “It almost took me..”
“I’m so sorry Erica, your friends, they’re all gone.”
Erica sobbed, “What am I going to do?”


Soren stood and shook his head. “You have to stay.”
“You have to stay in Midnight Hollow.”


“I can’t stay, are you serious?”
Soren nodded sombrely, “You think anyone will believe you if you return home?”
Erica let her tears fall, “no.”
“I’m sorry Erica. How do you think we all wound up here? We all have stories to tell, weird goings on that set us apart from the rest of the world. You think we choose to be this way? The majority of the townsfolk have had supernatural experiences of their own… once something like that touches you, you can never return to the real world.”
Erica nodded.
“So,” he held her hand, pulling her to her feet and starred into her red, tear filled eyes, “Welcome to Midnight Hollow, Erica Penwright.”



5 thoughts on “14 Mirror

  1. I didn’t think it was blunt and anti-climatic I thought it was a good story wow I can’t believe you wrote the entire story in one weekend. I actually like the ending, and glad Erica survived. I like the slightly ominous ending how she is stuck there forever. The beginning of the story when I first started reading it I was afraid that officer Soren was a bad character I’m glad that he wasn’t.

  2. I don’t know why you said it was anti-climatic. I really liked the ending :D. Hopeful and ominous at the same time! It made sense, given the rest of the story…

  3. Pfffft you have been underestimating, I should have known *lol*
    Like it. Only thing I can complain about is – imo- there could have been some more pictures of that final fight against the mirror. That would have been nice.
    But the way you wrote this, it´s like a classical 1980s Horror Movie to me. 😉

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