Short Stories

Shut in.

Hi guys,

So it’s been forever.
I really lost my mojo this time, but I have a good excuse which I will explain in another post at some point soon.
Just recently I have had ZERO motivation to do pretty much anything other than watch chick flicks on Netflix. I think sometimes life it like that, you know? Sleep and rest heals everything, that’s what I figure anyway.
I’ve been super busy both physically and mentally just recently and because of that I’ve felt extremely drained – another reason for no writing.
Maya’s story is about half way to being finished but to be honest it’s taken a back seat in the proceedings and in order to get myself motivated and up off my fat butt I decided to try and find some writing prompts.
Anyhooow, I stumbled up the writers digest website and found some pretty good inspiration there – in the form of some 500 word stories.
I wrote my first today and felt extremely inspired – so after I finished I decided to head into the good ol’ sims and take some screenshots so I could share it here. I hope you like it 🙂

The idea is –

The department store elevator shuts down on the way to the fourth floor, with you and ten other people in it. You remain calm, but other people begin to panic. Write this scene and the dialogue between characters.
(500 words or less)
( I had to use less than 10 as the sims only allows 8 per household…)

Shut In


I feel a wave of relief as I realise my shopping is done.
I’m more of an online shopping sorta gal, not one of these who find any excuse for an excursion.

The elevator is hot and stuffy.
The scent of mint gum, sweat and warm bodies fill my nostrils but I tell myself I’ll be home in less than half an hour; feet up, a hot cup of tea and Breaking Bad to look forward to.


I find myself trapped in the left corner, close to the grimy mirrored wall and surrounded by 10 strangers when we hear an odd mechanical clunk and the elevator stops abruptly, tipping it’s passengers forward and causing me to collide with the man in front.



“Sorry,” I manage, swiping my bangs out of my eyes and smiling at him apologetically; he glances at me disapprovingly before turning away and I feel a sense of inadequacy wash over me.


The murmuring which ensues starts off as a low drone and gradually builds in volume until I feel as though I’m trapped and surrounded by a swarm of angry hornets.
“What’s going on mummy?” a young girl asks, blue eyes wide.

“Don’t worry honey,” her mother replies, “We’ll be out of here soon.” she’s trying to sound soothing but sounds worried.


“What the hell’s going on?” a guy who can’t be much older than myself protests, his trainers scuff the floor as he pushes his way through the complaining passengers and begins jabbing pointlessly at the keypad.


“I don’t think that’s helping,” I manage, determined not to panic.


“What the fuck would you know?” the guy turns to me and I regret having spoken.
“Please mind your language,” an elderly man gestures towards the little girl.


“Pfft,” trainer guy snorts and punches the keypad.
“Mummy, I’m scared,” the little girl whispers.


“Let us the fuck out!” trainer guy yells.
I glance at the elderly gentleman who sighs at his wife.
“I feel sick,” a teenage girl says to her friend.
“Don’t be such a wuss.”


“I’m supposed to be meeting Robbie…”
“I know,” her friend rolls her eyes, “You’ve told me, like, fifty times already.”


The air grows thick with tension, I can feel my blouse sticking to my skin with perspiration.


Trainer guy is now pummelling the doors – shouting, the little girl cries as her mother holds her close and the teenager is panting whilst her friend checks her phone.
“I have no signal,” she whines and her friend wails.
I try to take a deep breath but feel as though there’s no air.

It’s in that moment that the lift creaks to the left in a pendulous motion and I’m squashed into the corner.
As we steady ourselves and murmur our apologies I hear the noise – metal being shredded.


“They’re trying to get us out!” someone exclaims.
There’s an inhuman howl.
I daren’t say that I’m certain that it’s someone, something trying to get in.




10 thoughts on “Shut in.

  1. These writing prompts are such a cool idea when one’s out of inspiration! I loved the concept, even though getting trapped in an elevator is my one personal nightmare… *swallows hard and starts laughing hysterically*

    I hope you’re no longer feeling drained :D, it sucks :(. *hugs*

  2. I like this. I agree with Marta, and coincidentally I also fear the elevator, I try to not get on it if I’m alone.
    Hope you get back to the 6 degrees soon 😀
    Some times we just need a break from LIFE hahahaha… it happens.

  3. Whoopsie. Someone clawing his way in sounds… GREAT xD
    Looking forward to seeing more of this. Absolutely ^^

    Btw, if you want more than 8 sims in a household, it’s possible with a nraas mod. But if you try this, don’t forget to dl portrait panel, too- bc if you don’t, only the first 8 will be controllable :o)

  4. I have been wondering about you lately! I hope you start feeling better soon! <3. What a cute fun idea this story was. I enjoyed reading it. I'm glad it inspired you, and hope you end up doing another! 🙂 Good to see you back!

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