The Second Degree - Maya Hart

01 The Second Degree – Maya Hart


“Maya, you in tomorrow?”
I must have been starring into space, gawping at something and completely unaware of my surroundings because Rueben Lake’s voice shatters whatever thought I was lost in.

“Sheesh,” he smirks at me, his leg over the front of my desk – muscular arms crossed over his broad chest, “Where were you?”
I shake my head, scattering what little I remember of my Daydream. Daydream? Make that a waking nightmare. Maybe that’s a little melodramatic… I don’t know.

“Um, Sorry,” I manage, glancing at the clock on the lower right of my desktop, “I was miles away…”
“Don’t sweat it,” Rueben smiles at me kindly, “This is pretty damn taxing for me too.”
Rueben’s not wrong. I’ve been working at the local police station for over a year now – most of the cases I’ve been assigned to have been pretty mediocre – stolen garden gnomes, teenage vandalism, you know- the usual; petty crimes I guess- but this case; this is different. It’s top secret and it has to do with a little girl – a little girl who’s gone missing.
It’s sort of bizarre, I suppose. The whole secret part of it, I mean. You’d think that if a little girl were to go missing that everyone should know about it, right? That the more people that were alerted to this horrific abduction the more eyes would be on the look out – the greater the chance of us finding Isabella Grant… that’s where this gets weird. The abductor has sworn to kill anyone who breathes a word about Isabella’s disappearance. All talk… Right? Wrong. We thought that too – Until my partner, Michelle Choi was found dead in her own home, strangled by her bed sheets – a scrunched up note lodged in her mouth and forced half way down her throat written in her own scrawl – “You talk, you die.”
Rueben’s warm hand on my shoulder makes me jump, “Maybe you should take some time off?”
I shake my head and frown, “No,” I say, standing and reaching for my handbag, “I’m fine, really…”
“Are you sure?” Rueben’s eyes are filled with concern, he searches my face.
I readjust my handbag and manage a half smile. “Thank’s Rueben… but really, I’m OK…”

“See you tomorrow?”
I push in my chair and walk through the office.
“Hey, May May!” Rueben’s voice reaches me from across the room.
I turn.
“Keep smiling!” he points to his full lips and I roll my eyes, but I do as I’m bid and I feel better for it.



Wow I’m thirsty. I mean, really, I’m parched.
I open my eyes and realise Yves has his arms around me – pulling my body into his.

I find it hard to believe that I’ve been with Yves Black for 2 years tomorrow; it’s flown by. I love him more every day. Moving in together was the best thing we could have done, or so I thought – before this case. Now I spend every minute worrying for his safety, for his parent’s safety, for his little sister – Tori’s safety.
This past few weeks have been really hard, I’m so in love with him but he has no idea what’s going on with me and I wish I could tell him. The sex we used to have was… amazing. It always has been – but recently it’s become forced and I’m petrified he thinks I don’t love him; that I no longer wish to be his girlfriend. I’m scared he notices how I fake my orgasms, how I pretend to quiver under his touch.

This case is exhausting; I feel like it’s all I think about… in fact, it is all I think about, I haven’t felt even slightly aroused since it was assigned.
Rueben is the only person I feel I can talk to without the worry of the consequences, if anything were to happen to Yves, to Rebecca, Curtis… little Tori – I doubt I could live with myself.
I slowly move away from Yves, I listen as he murmurs in his sleep.

I slide out of the bed and make my way out of our bedroom and down the hall toward the kitchen.

Running the cold tap I reach for a glass tumbler off the draining board and fill it with cool refreshing water… that’s when I hear the noise. Glass – shattering.

I’m not aware of what I’m doing, but it appears I’ve run, down the hall and burst into Tori’s room.


The little girl whimpers, her eyes are wide, fear written all over her beautiful features – I see a damp patch spread slowly over the crotch of her pyjamas and her breath is caught in her throat, restricted by the clutch of her abductor.
The man stands over six feet tall, mountainous and brutish, his face is masked and he holds a large knife close to the 2-year-olds throat.

I want to shout, but my vocal chords are frozen, I want to leap at him – knock the little girl from his arms, but my feet are paralysed. I watch as the man turns in slow motion, huge white teeth gleaming in the moonlight – his face splits, pointed fangs of inhuman length smirk at me with some unseen humour, his eyes sparkle menacingly and he moves the knife closer to Tori… closer… closer…


Authors note:

So, I’m sorry for the state of the blog… I know it’s been forever but I do have a good excuse!
Yep, I’m expecting nugget Oct 2nd 2014. 🙂
So, although I’ve been the luckiest woman alive- no sickness to speak of… in fact no real symptoms at all except a growing belly, I’ve really spent a lot of time reassessing my priorities and obviously my sims 3 stories have taken a back seat.
So, now things are a little more settled I’ll be updating more often, hopefully back to my usual schedule but forgive me if I’m not always on time 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this chapter guys! I’m pleased to be back 😀




5 thoughts on “01 The Second Degree – Maya Hart

  1. Wow!!! So happy for you, congratulations on the pregnancy. 😀
    And glad to read you again!! I was wondering where you had gone to. Missed you around here. Welcome back!
    Oh and great start to the second degree. ^ ^

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