The Second Degree - Maya Hart

06 – The Second Degree – Maya Hart

Please note –
This chapter contains naughties! If you’re not into rumpy pumpy then I suggest you skip this… 🙂


I suppose, yes, it was deliberate.
I needed to deflect and… well, sex is the perfect way.

Part of me feels utterly ridiculous over the entire non-proposal, how was I supposed to know that the box which Yves was offering me contained a car key and not an engagement ring?

I feel exasperated with myself and so confused at the feelings the lack of proposal have brought to the fore, however for now I’m happy to attempt to fix our relationship by refusing to acknowledge that we may have a very large problem on our hands.


I drag my hands through his thick black hair and moan softly into his ear as he kisses my neck.
My leg is wrapped around his buttocks, pulling him into me and I feel his hard erection on my upper thigh.


Yves hands are all over my body and despite my distinct lack of libido previously, I feel myself warming up to him even though I feel this will end in yet another fake orgasm.
Expertly, he pulls at my jeans, unbuttoning them and tugging at the zipper so they fall around my ankles and I step out of them.
I attempt to do the same to him but he bats my hand away and stands back, smiling at me mischievously.


My shirt has come loose with his fondling, exposing the lacy cups of my crimson bra, he drinks in my appearance before giving a little moan of frustration.
“Take off your top,” he growls.


I smile and do as I’m bid – standing before him in my underwear and he stares at me in his usual way – as though I’m the most beautiful woman on earth.


Wordlessly, he approaches me and slips his hands into my red thong; groaning as he finds my wetness – which surprises even me.
A small whimper of pleasure escapes my lips as his slips two fingers inside of me, I back up – holding onto the kitchen counter for support.


As he works his magic I feel my legs beginning to wobble – I can barely stand as he pops my right breast from its place in my bra and begins caressing my hard nipple, rubbing it between his index finger and his thumb – driving me wild – all the while his other hand methodically thrusts in my panties.
“Is that good, baby?” he whispers in my ear, his breath tickling and causing another surge of delight coursing through my veins.


I can’t speak, I simply gasp as he takes away his fingers and I’m left with a desperate ache in their place.
“Spread your legs,” he commands and again, I do as I’m told – anything to feel him down there again.
Yves tugs at my thong, pulling it down my legs and I quickly discard my bra – standing naked before him.
Kneeling on the floor he glances up at me, and his mischievous smile returns before he buries his head in between my thighs and I almost lose my balance with surprise as he laps away, drinking me in and sending me high in waves of euphoria in less than 60 seconds.




My eyes sting with hot tiredness and my muscles ache from another restless night – it’s now Wednesday and I haven’t seen or heard from Yves since our rendezvous at the weekend.


I suppose he’s giving me space, we didn’t exactly talk about anything important and he probably thinks that given time I’ll feel better.
I slump into my office chair and no sooner have I switched on my computer does Rueben appear with a coffee carton and his usual cheery smile.


“Hey May May,” he winks and places the coffee carton upon my desk, I can smell it’s enticing, rich aroma.
“Oh my god Ru,” I take a small sip and savour the delicious taste, closing my eyes and sighing, this is just what I needed.
When I open them I find Rueben smiling down at me and I take in his form – he is tall and broad shouldered – every ounce of him screams masculinity. His hair is messy and dishevelled. The strands which fall loosely over his forehead are tinged with copper and although he looks exhausted he does so in an extremely sexy, appealing sort of way which makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.


There’s no denying that Rueben Lake is something of an Adonis and I feel guilty just thinking it – especially after that earth shaking sex with Yves.
“You like?” he asks as I stare up at him. At first I’m not sure what he means and then it occurs to me that he’s enquiring about the coffee.


“Oh, yeah,” I smile, “It’s perfect.”
“Good, because we have work to do,” he gives me a small smile and I sigh.
“Anything new?”
Rueben shakes his head, “Not as such, Serg seems to think we ought to be questioning Barney again – he seems to think his alibi doesn’t add up.”


I shake my head, “Unsurprising,” I murmur.
Barney Dunks is the local tramp, he can usually be found loitering around the park, drinking a bottle of whisky and babbling random jibberish. The guy is practically a celebrity in Maybury; everyone knows him. He’s really nothing but a local nuisance but his constant hovering around the playground coupled with his love of talking to children has unfortunately made him a prime suspect in the case.
That being said, we have hardly anything to go on and my money is still on Lucas.
“Shall we,” Rueben winks at me as I stand and he moves to the side so I can pass.


“Why thank you, kind sir,” I smirk and Rueben is about to retort when –
The voice silences the room as every one of my colleagues turns to look at the door.
Cassie points in my direction, her eyes wild and her blonde hair frizzy and unkempt, she staggers toward me, ungainly and clumsy – tripping over her own feet.


Rueben is by my side in a flash and I feel the warmth of his flesh against mine, “I’ll handle her,” he hisses in my ear and steps in front of me, shielding me from the drunken wreck before us.
“Stop right there,” he commands, his voice is cool and calm, his broad back acting like a barrier between me and Cassie.


Cassie is attempting to peer around him but Rueben sidesteps, covering me from view.
“SHE FUCKING LIED!” Cassie slurs, her voice is loud and dripping with venom, my head is spinning as the blood rushes around my skull, the alcohol fumes omitting her frail body make me want to vomit.
“I need you to calm down,” Rueben steps forward and attempts to take Cassie’s arm.
“Get your fucking paws off me!” Cassie spits and her eyes turn to me, now in plain sight.


“You said you’d find my little girl!” she hisses.
“We will,” I murmur, “I promise…”
Rueben turns to look at me and I know I’ve said the wrong thing.
The entire room has their eyes upon me, I wish someone would do something, take her away. This woman is not my friend, she’s an apparition – a mere shadow of what she once was.
“You said I could work on the case!”
I close my eyes, “I’m sorry Cassie, it’s not my choice…”
“You little bitch!” Cassie lunges forward, striking my cheek and clawing at it with her broken nails.
“That’s enough!” Rueben pulls her away, holding her hands tight behind her back.
I cover my bruised cheek, hardly able to believe what’s happened, I feel faint, the blood rushes around my brain like swarming wasps.


“Cassie Grant you are under arrest for assaulting a police officer…” I zone out as I hear Rueben continue, as he arrests my friend for striking me.
Slowly, I sink into my chair, my hand on my cheek but it’s the pain in my heart which hurts more.
“You better fucking find her!” Cassie yells as she’s is lead from the room, “MAYA! YOU BETTER FUCKING FIND HER!”
I close my eyes.
“Well, well, well… I see some things never change…”
A voice I fail to recognise reaches my ears and I open my eyes.


The man stood at the far end of the office is tall, his blue eyes sparkle at some unseen joke and his hair is the colour of sand, to his left stands a lithe yet muscular gentleman of oriental descent who leans against the wall, his expression unreadable. To his right, a blonde woman, petite she may be but the attitude she exudes speaks for her.
“Hrmph,” Wilkes approaches the group from his office, his face is flushed and his forehead shiny with beads of sweat.


“Passmore,” he splutters, “What in the blazes are you doing here?”
“Ah, as healthy as ever I see,” Passmore regards Wilkes who coughs into a hanky.
“It’s my bloody heart!” he booms, “this place will be the death of me!”
Passmore stares around the office, taking in my colleagues as they go about their work, the drama over with, his blue eyes fall on mine and I look away.


“It’s probably a good thing we’re here then,” Passmore turns back to Wilkes who wipes his mouth on his hanky, “I hear you’re having difficulties tracking down this child abductor…”
I peer over my computer monitor at Wilkes whose face has turned a disturbing shade of puce.
“Difficulties?” Wilkes attempts a small laugh which turns into a cough, “We’re coping just fine…”
As if on cue I hear shouts from the hall, Cassie screaming at Rueben as he attempts to calm her down.
“I see,” Passmore smirks, “Well, as the case may be we’ve still been sent to relieve you.”


Wilkes gapes at Passmore and I feel my stomach sink, Cassie wants me to find Isabella, not a bunch of hard nut strangers. Not just that, I need to find the little girl, I can’t have gone through all this for no good reason.
“I don’t see any need for your, interference…” Wilkes flusters.


“You insult me, my friend,” Passmore pats the older gentleman’s arm gently, “We’re here to assist, to make your job easier.”
Passmore’s eyes flick over to me, “Officer Hart?”
I swallow and give him a small nod.


“Please, fill Officers Ji-han and Starmer in on your progress so far…”
I watch as the Korean gentleman peels himself from the wall on which he’s been leaning, meanwhile the petite blonde – Starmer, I suppose – crosses the room with a confident stride, her head held high in an assertive, yet arrogant manner.


“So whatcha got?” she pulls the chair from the desk in front of my own and steps over it so her body faces the back, she blows a bubble with her gum so large I’m almost afraid it’s going to pop in my face. Ji-han leans against the desk, he peers around the room nonchalantly.
“Well, we’ve been trying to hunt down Lucas Vale,” I manage, unable to help the feelings of uneasiness which are rising to the fore.


“…and he is…?” Starmer chews her gum with ferocious speed, it’s extremely distracting.
“Cassie’s ex partner,” I manage, I attempt to make eye contact but my eyes wander to her mouth, her gaze makes me uncomfortable, this woman is like a pixie, but the confidence in her gaze is un-nerving.
Starmer scrowls at me, almost a sneer passes over her lips as she stops chewing.
“Who the fuck is Cassie?”
I’m about to open my mouth to speak when –
“The lunatic they hauled out of here,” Ji-han’s voice reflects his bored expression, he drawls -almost sighs – his verdict and I feel my face flush at the thought of them speaking this way about my friend. Then I remember my bruised cheek.


“From what I hear this Vale dude hasn’t been on the scene for months…” Starmer begins chewing again, “I think it’s bullshit.”
I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to respond so I shrug. I feel like a high schooler again, being interrogated by the popular kids.
“I say we need to be focusing on this tramp,” Starmer states, glancing over to Ji-han who shrugs, “He seems like a paedo to me…” Starmer continues.


“We have no evidence to back that up,” I say.
“You have no evidence full stop,” Starmer smirks and Ji-han coughs in amusement.
I feel a rush of anger.
“Who are you anyway?” I enquire, unable to take the sharp edge from my tone.


The pair turn to look at me, and Starmer cocks an eyebrow.
“We’re the S.I.U – Special Investigation Unit, we’re the cleanup crew for your pathetic mistakes.”



Author’s note –

I appreciate the police station has changed – I decided to make one from scratch as I wasn’t happy with the one I downloaded! 😀


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