The Sims 4: Bad Blood Challenge: PART FORTYNINE: In love with Bandit Corley! UH HUH!

Lastest part of The Bad Blood Challenge is up on my Youtube Channel!
Here’s a selection of screenshots taken in game from today’s episode 🙂



09-08-15_3-01 PM

Arsyn’s mind is still on her break up with ladies man, Taylor Lautner. Part of her wishes she’d never met him, considering the situation she finds herself in suddenly. Having said that, Arsyn’s most certainly NOT the type to let something go once she’s made a decision, and whilst she knows this feud with Catastrophe is going to end badly, she knows it needs to be done.

09-08-15_3-00 PM

Coco, the most recent crew member to join the household is feeling somewhat home sick this part. Having come from a relatively well-t0-do background, Coco should feel at home in Arsyn’s mansion, but currently she feels more like an outsider and the only reason she’s here is in order to escape her difficult past.

09-08-15_2-57 PM

Cooking up her grilled cheese on toast, Coco is missing home, perhaps she’ll feel better after something to eat?
09-08-15_2-55 PM


09-08-15_2-54 PM 09-08-15_2-48 PM

Bandit and Bullet take turns on the computer researching workout tips. The pair are extremely close and although Bullet tends to keep to herself, she simply can’t not like pretty brunette Bandit whose personality is addictive.

09-08-15_2-46 PM-3

Feeling utterly alone and depressed, poor Coco takes herself off to bed.

09-08-15_2-51 PM 09-08-15_2-46 PM

Meanwhile, best buddies Bullet and Bandit work out together.
It’s important the girls stay in shape for the end game!
09-08-15_2-45 PM

And… we finish with Arsyn reaching level 5 of the handiness skill. Way to go, girl!


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