The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge PART TWENTYNINE!

09-08-15_3-19 PMPheebalicious is back for more baby making shinanigans!
Click the picture to watch the video…!
Here’s some screenshots with inappropriate captions from the latest part of this challenge!

“That’s it… just a little bit lower…”

09-08-15_3-12 PM

A face of shame. Pheebs is preggo with baby number 13!
09-08-15_3-13 PM


09-08-15_3-15 PM

I suppose we should show willing and phone Charles up for a date. (He’s our boyfriend, in case you didn’t know…)

09-08-15_3-16 PM

“Yep, that’s right, I’m really just a glorified ho…!”
Charles does not look impressed.

09-08-15_3-18 PM

But Pheebs can work her charm. She’s like a really bad superhero. Or villain. Or something.

09-08-15_3-19 PM

Can it be that the infamous Don Lothario is actually UPSET over a woman? The tables have turned, my friend!

09-08-15_3-19 PM-2

Orlando Bloom has heard about Phoebe, the local bike. He’s contemplating whether or not he wants to get in on the action…

09-08-15_3-20 PM

Old lady scowls with disapproval.
Orlando sneaks a peek down her top.

09-08-15_3-20 PM-2

Phoebe: “Sure I’ll sleep with you, Orlando!” laughs manically.

09-08-15_3-21 PM

Makeover time!

09-08-15_3-31 PM

09-08-15_3-31 PM-2

That’s all I have.


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