Surgery: COMPLETE!

So I’ve been a little absent – sorry about that!
Wanted to check in to say, I HAD MY SURGERY!
I am now gallbladder free!
You know what’s weird, though? Thinking that part of me is missing; sure, it was an irritating and pesky part of me, but it’s not there anymore. Someone physically removed it from my body. Hm.
Anyway, the hospital was honestly amazing and everything went so much better than I anticipated.
Following the birth of my daughter in 2014 and the worst medical experience of my life. (Something I may go into another time) I was really dreading my stay at Scarborough hospital.
I expected delays, rude, unsympathetic staff, and poor recovery conditions, I’m delighted to say that the opposite is true for all of those statements.
I arrived a little before 7:30, was admitted to the ward, met my nurses, my surgeon, and anaesthetists before adorning a hospital gown and attractive TED socks and being taken off for surgery.
Anesthetics a bit weird, though, right? I mean, I was laying on the trolley with some poor chap stood beside me trying his best to get my vein on my right hand (It’s like looking for a unicorn, I’m not kidding) making small talk and then suddenly I’m being hooked up to fluids, injected and breathing gas… then I literally lost 2 hours of my life. Like, I blinked and they were gone. I sort of expected some coherence of the passing of time – but I have literally none. Nada. Zip.
The next time I opened my eyes I was in recovery and a kindly nurse was offering me a sip of water.
The power of science both amazes and terrifies me.
So here I am, 5 days post op still sore and not really sleeping, unable to lift anything heavier than the kettle but on the mend.

Much love,
S xx


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