Happy Things

My Happy Things|April 2017 Favourites

Happy Things

I thought I’d share a few things that have made me happy this month.
The Turning Point – Freya North

I’m starting with a beautifully written and compelling novel by the extremely talented Freya North.
The Turning Point is essentially a love story – with a twist.
North’s ability to pull me into Frankie and Scott’s story blew my mind; I haven’t felt so connected to fictional people in a long time.
The story is smooth-paced and captivating, the characters relatable and likeable.
This book not only pulled on my heart strings, it took them, gave them a great big tug and possibly snapped a couple of them in the process.


Glow Time BB Cream – Jane Iredale

I’m pretty terrible with makeup, I don’t mind admitting that so it might seem a little strange that I have two beauty products in this month’s Happy Things.
The first is Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale.
It’s amazing. Honestly.
Not only are all Jane Iredale’s products cruelty-free which is always wonderful, Glow Time is full coverage,  non-greasy and easily blendable.
I literally use this cream and some blusher on my skin, that’s it. A little goes a long way and despite the price, I will definitely be buying this again.


Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain – Jane Iredale

Yep, here’s the second beauty product, Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain by – you guessed it – Jane Iredale.
I’ve actually had this item for a long time and never really bothered testing it or using it but this past two weeks I’ve worn it every day.
It’s easy to apply even for a makeup noob like myself and the colour is pretty and long lasting.
So far I’ve only tested  “Forever Pink” but I love the way the colour looks on me.
Again, it’s pricey but worth every penny.


Fantasy In Bloom Perfume – Britney Spears

I’ve been a fan of Britney Spears perfume for a long time and the most recent addition to the “Fantasy” collection hasn’t changed this. I love it.
Fantasy In Bloom is a floral, springtime scent with hints of cherry blossom, jasmine and vanilla.
The only downside to this product is that the scent isn’t long lasting; I usually have to re-spray at least once throughout the day however it smells so good I don’t mind!


The Travelling Vampire Show – Richard Laymon

Laymon’s not for everyone that’s for sure however I personally love his writing.
The Travelling Vampire Show is about 3 sixteen-year-olds who decide it’ll be a great idea to sneak out and visit a weird kind of circus which promises a glimpse of the beautiful vampire Valeria.
The novel is slow and builds suspense, it’s full of teenage angst and sexual tension as well as its fair share of gore and violence.
Not for the faint of heart but would certainly recommend to anyone who loves horror and Laymon in general.


Westworld – HBO

Finally, we have Westworld.
I really don’t know where to begin as to why I loved this series so much.
Westworld is the story of an artificial world themed on the Old American West.
Populated by “Hosts” robots programmed to look, sound and emote just like humans in a controlled environment who paying visitors can use in whatever way they wish.
The characters are beautifully portrayed, the story well written and the acting on point.
I was kept guessing, didn’t see the twists coming and I became invested in characters as their development escalated.
Beautiful to watch.

So that’s it for this month’s Happy Things.
May is almost upon us and with it comes my birthday, hurrah!
Speak to you soon, S xoxox


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