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The following story has been written for a monthly SimLit competition over on The Sims 4 Forums, the original thread can be found here

The rules for this month are as follows:

My entry comprises of 1,625 words give or take a couple and 13 screenshots.

So, without further ado, here’s my entry.


04-29-17_5-21-42 PM copy

The biting wind whipped her hair wildly around her pale face.
Running through the trees, Violet MacColl fled for her life.
Stumbling carelessly with only the moon as her light and no plan as to where she was heading she daren’t turn around for fear of what she would see; her pursuers gaining on her.
With a short, sharp gasp Violet stumbled forward, reaching out in the darkness for something to hold onto before she fell downhill, rolling and tumbling through the undergrowth.
Scrambling but finding only loose rocks and dirt, she clawed helplessly and descended further and further down the slope.
Finally, after what felt like an eternity she reached the bottom with a surprisingly soft thump.
Only when she heard a grunt and felt movement beneath her did she realise she had landed on another being.
Scuttling away quickly, eyes wide with fear, Violet watched as the figure before her stood up, at least 6 feet tall he rubbed his back and winced.

04-29-17_5-23-11 PM

“Wow, that was some fall,” he said, turning to her, “Are you OK?”
Saying nothing, Violet eyed the man suspiciously.
“I’m Jack,” he smiled, stepping towards her with his hand outstretched, Violet shrank back.
“It’s OK,” he murmured, his voice deep and smooth as chocolate, his hair was a dark brown, wild and unkempt, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

04-29-17_5-23-47 PM copy

Still, Violet was silent but she was slowly coming to the realisation that she was on the run and this man was the friendliest face she’d seen in a while.
Swallowing, Violet tucked her ash blonde hair behind her ear and without looking at Jack, she took his hand.

04-29-17_5-30-54 PM

His touch was warm, despite the coolness of the night and he tugged her gently to her feet before removing his shirt and placing it on her shoulders; it smelt of the woods and fire.
“How long have you been out here?” he asked, adjusting the shirt around her shoulders, “You’re freezing- and bleeding.” He gestured to her cheek which she touched and winced as the sting hit her.
“It’s OK, come with me, we’ll get you cleaned up. Can you walk?”
Nodding, Violet stepped forward and followed Jack further into the woods.


04-29-17_5-33-08 PM

Stretching luxuriously in the tub, Violet sighed; she felt better already.
Jack Harper had taken her into his cabin and instructed her to warm up in his tub whilst he set about making some dinner. He was a gentleman, she’d give him that – she just hoped she hadn’t bruised him too much when she fell on him. What were the chances, that he’d be passing on the lower path just as she came hurtling through the trees?
It was meant to be.
Violet thought of her pursuers, chasing her and attempting to catch her;  they’d never think to look for her here.
Smiling, she lifted her arm and watched the water drip from her fingertips, her skin was incredibly pale despite the warmth of her bath and underneath the water, she felt the rumble of her protesting stomach – hopefully, Jack could help with that.
“It’s almost ready!” came his voice through the locked door.
A few moments later dressed in her undergarments and a fluffy white robe, Violet stepped out of the bathroom and into the cosy living space.
The TV babbled ceaselessly in the corner, a warm fire roared enticingly and the smell of steak filled her senses; she closes her eyes and breathed deeply, taking it all in.

04-29-17_5-34-44 PM

“How do you like your steak?” Jack asked, the steak cracked and sizzled in the pan.
“Um,” Violet looked at her feet, unwilling to meet his gaze, “Medium rare,” she stated.
“Girl after my own heart,” Jack said as she looked up and he gave her a wink.
Violet’s stomach rumbled once more.
“It won’t be long,” Jack said with a deep throaty laugh, he swiped at his hair, brushing it out of his eyes, “Why don’t you sit down near the fire? You still look a little peaky there.”
Violet nodded, her legs were weak from a lack of sustenance and from all the running she’d done.

02-13-17_2-32-35 PM

No sooner had she sat down then there was a rapping on the front door, short and sharp – urgent.
“Hm, now who could that be this late?” Jack frowned, removing the pan from the hob and wiping his hands on a tea towel, he approached the door.
Fear caused Violet to duck down and out of sight, her heart hammering in her ears – her throat tight with anxiety; had they found her after all?
Jack opened the cabin door which groaned softly.
Two men stood on his porch, both dressed in hiking gear and with the emblem of the forest park appliquéd onto their hats.

04-29-17_7-48-23 PM copy.jpg

“Ralph? Bob? What are you doing here?” Jack inquired, perplexed.
“I’m sorry, Jack,” Ralph removed a hanky from his pocket, using it to wipe his face which was flushed from exertion, “I know it’s late but we have a slight problem on our hands.”
“Have you seen this woman?” Ralph gestured to Bob who pulled a small photograph from his jacket pocket, Jack took it from him.
The woman was beautiful, with large grey eyes, pale blonde hair and a beautiful smile; she looked happy and carefree – she looked like Violet.
Jack peered over his shoulder discreetly, content he couldn’t see the woman in question in his peripheral vision he studied the picture for a few moments, his mind racing.
“I- I don’t think so,” Jack shook his head, handing the photo back to Bob.
Ralph nodded slowly, “OK, well, her name is Violet MacColl, she’s missing. If you see her, give us a call, it’s imperative that we speak to her as soon as possible.”
“Is she in some kind of trouble?” Jack enquired.
Ralph shrugged, “That’s what we’d like to find out.”
“OK, well, if I see her, I’ll let you know.”
“Thanks, Jack, sorry to bother you so late.”
04-29-17_5-36-32 PM
Slowly closing the cabin door, Jack turned back to face the room as Violet peered over the top of the sofa, a weak smile on her lips.
“So, it would appear we have something we need to talk about,” Jack stated.


04-29-17_5-38-06 PM

The steak was good, not exactly what Violet was hoping for but it was enough to sate her hunger for the moment.
“So, let me get this right, you ran away because of domestic violence?”
Violet nodded, “it was too much,” she whispered sadly.
“So why are you wanted by the rangers?”
“I- I guess my friends must have phoned them… I don’t know.”
Jack was silent, did he believe her?
Violet’s eyes were drawn to the television as a newsreader wrapped up the day’s stories.

04-29-17_5-38-46 PM

“…In what’s been described as the worst case of poaching since 1991, park rangers in Granite Falls are perplexed as to what is happening to the flocks of wild deer which reside there… up to 4 bodies have been found over the last 4 days – cause of death unknown. The deer which live in Granite Falls are a protected species which makes this case even more disturbing. Anyone with any information should call the following number…”
“People are disgusting,” Jack shook his head, his brow furrowed with concern, “Why kill if you have no intention of using the meat?”
Violet said nothing.
The newsreader continued.
“The following woman is wanted in connection with this case.”
Violet stared at her own picture, now visible on the screen, she then took a sideway glance at Jack who was staring right at her.
“Did you…? What? Why do they want to speak to you about the deer?”
Violet’s throat felt dry.
“Tell me,” Jack insisted, “I’ve brought you somewhere safe, given you food, let you wash, I think you owe me an explanation.”
“I-” Violet started, “Y-You wouldn’t understand,” her heart pounded in her ears, her stomach turning.
Jack slowly put down his cutlery.
“Try me,” he said, his voice a low growl.
04-29-17_5-39-41 PM

Things weren’t going as expected; no one else was supposed to get hurt but there was no way Jack would understand if Violet were to divulge her story. It was a shame, really.
“I was hungry,” Violet met his gaze with indignation, a slow smile played on her full lips.
In a flash, Violet was up on her feet, her chair clattering to the floor behind her – in that moment she changed – she became almost feral in appearance, cat-like.
“Just like I am now.”
Jack Harper had no idea what hit him, the woman who appeared so small and frail was bearing down on him as though she weighed 200lbs or more, her sharp nails dug into his skin as she sat atop him and she laughed; right before she bit his neck and groaned with pleasure as the taste of blood hit her taste buds.
Every time she swallowed she felt revived and every time Jack twitched she felt more powerful. Violet wasn’t just hungry, she was ravenous.
It had been a shame about the deer, despite their size they’d done nothing to quench her thirst but she’d not seen another human for days – not until those interfering park rangers had spotted her feeding. Human blood was the only thing that could satiate her hunger it would seem.
It did seem a shame to kill him though, after all, he’d been so nice to her.
Violet wiped her mouth on her sleeve leaving a smear of crimson on her cuff.
Starring down at Jack’s limp form she realised he was incredibly handsome- such a waste.
Ah well, there’d always be more she decided and she plunged her canines into his neck once more.

04-29-17_5-41-19 PM


5 thoughts on “Hunted.

  1. Ah, I suspected it when she noted her “skin was incredibly pale” 😜 Found your story from that big index of sims stories – loved it! How did you edit your pictures? Especially loved the last one 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I use Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop for editing! I basically have no idea what I’m doing so press buttons until I think it looks ok 😂😂

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