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My Happy Things|June 2017 Favourites

Happy Things

June 2017

It’s that time again, yep! Time to share this month’s happy things.
I appreciate I skipped a month, I’ll share a few reasons why in another post so stay tuned.
Without further ado, June’s happy things!

I appreciate I shared a Britney Spears fragrance last month, but this one is the fragrance to trump all other fragrances.
I have never smelt anything quite so divine, yes, that includes the scent of chocolate brownies, fresh from the oven. (I know, right?)
Maui Fantasy, by Britney Spears, is an intoxicating mix of coconut, vanilla and the essence of any tropical beach holiday ever. Just the smell of this gorgeous scent whisks me away to Hawaii. It’s bloody beautiful and I’m waiting for my other perfume to run out so I can wear it every day for the rest of my life! (I’m serious)


I have a new best friend.
His name is Fitbit Alta, and I love him.
OK, so it might be a little sad to call an electronic tracking device your best friend, but he comes everywhere with me; we’re joined at the hip -or should I say the wrist.
I’m so late to this party and I have to say I was incredibly sceptical when the craze hit and suddenly everyone and their mother was wearing these bulky looking straps and needed to “get their steps in”. I judged. I rolled my eyes. I’d never been one of those “fitness types” I like wine and my sofa too much. However, in June of 2017, all that changed.
Currently, my little Fitbit is showing a lovely 10,032 steps on his screen, 2k calories burned and he also shared with me that last night I slept really well, a solid 8 hrs 33 minutes. Thanks, Fitty.
There’s something about having this device which makes me feel in control. In control of my sleep, my exercise and not only that, it syncs up with a handy app so I can log all my exercise.
I might not be a gym junkie, but I’m loving the encouragement and control I get from my new BFF!


I am ashamed of myself.
I have to admit, June has been a month of change, I have been living with blinkers on and by that, I mean I’ve always been an Android girl.
Android and Apple, the perpetual war of phones.
Ask an Android user what they think of Apple and they’ll list a million different reasons why they prefer individuality, custom ringtones, the ability to organise their phone and make it unique to them. Then you have the Apple users and their comments about security, safety, simplicity.
I was an Android girl, my other half, he was Mr Apple.
When I think about it, it was always me bad mouthing Apple and never the other way around. I’d had one Apple product previously, it was the iPhone 3 and I hated it. It was clunky, I wanted Muse as my ringtone, I wanted Salad Fingers to shout “Oh Bubbletrumps!” whenever I got a message and my paperweight of an iPhone wouldn’t do these things. It was slow. It was frustrating. No, no, no.
When my contract was eventually over and I was able to move onto my Samsung I was so happy and I decided to never look back, except, I looked back.
To stop my waffling and get to the point, I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 6s. I know, not the latest model but I love it! I actually love it! It’s rose gold, the camera is fantastic and I’ve customised it! It’s so neat and organised! Enough said. I’m also a hypocrite and a traitor.


I love a good Marvel series.
We’ve watched Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and lastly Ironfist.
I love Ironfist.
My opinion is this, it’s not as strong a series as the others. Ironfist himself is mildly irritating and a bit of an impulsive man-child but I absolutely adored it nonetheless.
I appreciate that it got a lot of stick, fans weren’t as engaged with Ironfist, they didn’t enjoy it as much and claimed it was slow going and dull.
I have to disagree.
It took me around 2 weeks to watch the entire series, that’s pretty quick considering the amount of time I get to spend with my other half is minimal and we wanted to watch it together; add a rambunctious 2 and a half year old into the mix and you see why it’s tricky to watch anything that’s not Ryan’s Toy Review or Blippi when she’s up and about.
I fell head over heels for Ward. Initially, he was a jackass, but about halfway through he turns into a lovable, relatable jackass and I loved the character progression.
I can see why it wasn’t popular, but I for one, certainly hope there’s a season two.


Normally, it’s about now I’d share a book with you but in all honestly, I haven’t read a book in June that I enjoyed enough for it to warrant a place in my “Happy Things” Sad face.
Instead, I’m going to share another TV show – 13 Reasons Why.
It’s ironic that I should label this series a “Happy Thing” when actually it’s a teen drama about depression, heartbreak and suicide but I loved it.
I won’t include spoilers because I’m not a horrendous human being but basically, it’s about Hannah Baker, a young woman who kills herself and leaves 13 tapes with 13 reasons as to why she took her own life.
Enter Clay, our narrator, who talks us through his feelings and his perception of Hannah and the others who affected her decision so deeply.
I cried. Not gonna lie. I was adamant I wouldn’t but I did. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, that’s for sure but I related and I empathised.

That’s it for this month’s happy things!
Onward, to July!

S x

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